In the next 24 hours, stock market scam artists will steal $16.5 million from wealthy and intelligent Americans...

Here’s how to protect your money from Russian computer hackers, silver-tongued brokers, organized crime and more...


In the wealthy New Jersey suburb of Colts Neck, penny stock analyst Alain Chalem is found dead.

He’s been shot in the eyes, ears and mouth.

All the evidence suggests an infamous crime family in New Jersey is responsible for the brutal slaying.

But why would anyone kill a penny stock analyst?

No one knows for sure as the case is still unsolved…

But it’s believed Chalem was going to expose a multi-million dollar penny stock scam run by the mob.

It cost him his life.

This story proves the criminals behind the scams I’m about to reveal are ruthless, and will do whatever it takes (including murder) to keep their illegal penny stock profits rolling in…

So why am I taking the risk to expose them to you now?

Frankly, as a family man, it wasn’t an easy decision to make…

But as a legitimate penny stock analyst, I simply can’t stand idly by as murderers and scumbags rip off investors and give my profession a bad name.

My name's Greg Guenthner and I am the Editor of a research service called Penny Stock Fortunes.

Truth is penny stocks are cheap, exciting and have amazing profit potential!

Although few people know it, penny stocks have also significantly outperformed blue chips over the last decade.

Take a look…


Since 2001, the S&P 600, a penny stock-tracking index, has returned over 129%…

But the S&P 500, a blue chip tracking index, is up only a messily 5%!

Over this period we’ve also seen TWO market crashes… So if you’re concerned about today’s volatile market, penny stocks are the answer!

They’re cheap so you don’t have to risk a lot, and they can rebound FAST!

Of course, you don’t ever hear about penny stocks’ great potential in the mainstream media.

Yet I think these hidden gems of Wall Street are the best and only way left for the little guy to get rich.

So you see, I am not trying to scare you away from penny stocks.

In fact the opposite is true…

My hope is by watching this video presentation, and learning how to shield your money from these scams, you will have more peace of mind to play penny stocks with 100% confidence… and benefit from their amazing profit potential.

With that in mind, let me share the six greatest penny stock scams of all time…

Why Organized Crime Loves Penny Stocks

Perhaps the most well known of all penny stock scams is the "pump and dump."

It's so lucrative, even the mafia is in on it.

Here's how the scam works…


Through misleading marketing, crooked brokers and analysts can artificially pump up the share price of a stock they own by persuading inexperienced investors to buy their stock too.

When the share price rises sufficiently, these crooks – while likely still promoting the stock — sell their shares for a profit.


This “insider” selling causes share price to fall back down, so innocent investors not in on the scam could now be holding a losing stock.

In the 1990's penny stocks were pumped and dumped over the phone by aggressive sales teams of young men earning huge commissions to rip people off.

The boss of one such sales team said this about MINIMUM earnings…

"A rookie stockbroker was expected to make $250,000 his first year. Anything less and he was suspect. By year two you were making $500,000 or you were considered weak and worthless. And by year three you'd better be making a million or more or you were a complete laughingstock."

This boss was personally making a million dollars a week!

Thing is, every dollar made was a dollar lost from the little guy’s wallet!

Yet with such high potential for reward, pump and dump scams are as popular as ever!

Today though, you're more likely to be lured into a pump and dump scam through email, as it's more cost effective than telephone.

You’ve probably received such an email. In fact, like me, you probably get several a week!

The solicitations are typically full of hype and urgency like:

"The next big thing…” “Phenomenal growth market… “A hidden gem you don't want to miss… etc"

What you won’t ever see is any real analysis on areas like revenue, cash flow, debt, management and more.


Of course there are many other red flags too, but I don't have time to go into every single one here. Instead I’ve prepared a FREE tool for you called “Penny Stock Scam Spotter”

My "Scam Spotter" tool lets you quickly and easily tell a penny stock scam like the pump and dump, from a legitimate opportunity.

So this FREE tool could save you time and money!

I’ll show you how to download it at no cost shortly.

But first, here’s…

"Pure Diarrhea" Penny Stocks

Market analyst Anthony Elgindy often sent his readers comical analysis of penny stocks, such as:


"Ariad Pharmaceuticals is pure diarrhea."

His unique style earned him a loyal following, and he was making as much as $1.5 million per year from subscribers to his "research."

He owned a Hummer, Ferrari, Jaguar and Benz… it was the dream penny stock lifestyle.

But today, he's serving nine years in prison.

Where did it all go wrong?


Elgindy and his subscribers were making money by "short-selling" penny stocks, a strategy that lets you profit as share price falls.

But short-selling is perfectly legal, so where's the scam?

It turns out Elgindy was paying crooked FBI agents to open investigations into penny stock companies he was short-selling.

It didn't matter if the company was breaking a law or not, when news of these FBI investigations were made public, share price would plummet.

And Elgindy and his followers would make a killing at the expense of innocent and clueless shareholders.

This penny stock scam is the opposite of a “pump and dump” and is known as a "short and distort."

You might not have heard of it before, but it's very common. Let me assure you.

So common in fact, that a loudmouth, well-known TV personality even implied that he used this scam when he was a hedge fund manager, claiming it's a "a very quick way to make money."

He then goes on to admit it's illegal, but "you do it anyway because the S.E.C. doesn't understand it."


But if the S.E.C. doesn't understand it, and the FBI’s on the take, what chance do you have?

Actually, there are a handful of ways you could eliminate the risk of becoming a short and distort victim, and I've detailed them all in your FREE “Penny Stock Scam Spotter” tool.

Remember, I’ll show you how to download this valuable tool FREE shortly.

Let's look at the next scam first…

Are Russian Hackers Trading
YOUR Money?

A twenty-one-year-old U.S. citizen banked $13,158 in just 104 minutes buying and selling penny stocks.

But he's no investing whizz kid.


This man is allegedly part of an Eastern European gang that combines computer hacking and identity theft to rip-off innocent investors.

Using his personal brokerage account, he bought 43,000 shares of a penny stock called Thomas Equipment.

According to an SEC complaint, in the hour and half following, he (or accomplices) then hacked other people's brokerage accounts and bought another 149,000 shares of Thomas Equipment!

This doubled the small stocks share price and allowed him to sell his position for a return of almost 100%.

The scam is called a "hack, pump and dump."

Here's how John Reed of the S.E.C. describes it…

"You wake up in the morning and all your blue chips are gone, and instead you own a microcap stock that is virtually worthless."

It's especially important you know how to avoid becoming a victim of this scam, as cybercrime is on the rise.

This year there have already been several notable cyber attacks on Google, Sony, Citibank and more.

In the Thomas Equipment case, brokerage accounts at TD Ameritrade, E-Trade and Charles Schwab were all hacked. Fortunately, each broker reimbursed the victims.


When choosing a broker, it's important to make sure they will do the same for you… If you were to open an account and it was ever hacked, are they insured against this type of scam?

Of course there are many other factors to look at too when choosing a broker… that’s why I've extensively researched 19 online brokers to help you start your search for a broker who can best help you.

My research summary is compiled in a FREE report called "How to Choose Online Brokers."

Just tell me where to send it, and it's yours at no cost. In addition with your "Penny Stock Scam Spotter" tool!

There are many more valuable tips like this in your FREE reports.

Including advice on how to save your money from…

China's Newest Export to America:
Penny Stock Scams!

The exploding Chinese economy has attracted a lot of investors over the years and the penny stock sector is especially popular.

Unfortunately, Chinese penny stock SCAMS are also very popular!

In May of this year, 15 of 19 companies halted on the NASDAQ were Chinese based!

Using a cheap short-cut known as a “reverse merger,” a Chinese based company can buy an American based company already trading on a U.S. exchange.

This allows the Chinese company to trade in the U.S. without going through regulatory review.

Coupled with gaps in international regulation, these Chinese based companies can now easily falsify earnings and rip-off honest Americans.

One investor, who made $1 million in one day short-selling a potentially fraudulent Chinese penny stock company, says:

“…a rational position for an investor to start with, [is] that every one of these Chinese reverse mergers is a fraud.”

But as this new type of Chinese penny stock fraud is relatively new, the S.E.C. is still playing catch-up and not adequately prepared to protect you from this scam.

You must educate and protect yourself.

But should you simply avoid ALL Chinese penny stocks that have used the "reverse merger" strategy?

It's not as simple as that, because some of these companies could be legitimate.

So how can you tell the difference?

The best way I know how to spot a real opportunity from a bogus one is with the CXS stock picking strategy.

What's the CXS stock picking strategy?

I'll reveal it to you shortly…

In 2012 alone, I’ve used CXS to help me pick stocks for possible gains of 46%, 76% and even 157%!

…So I’m sure you agree it will definitely be worth your time to stay tuned and discover my CXS strategy.

Before that though, here's…

Fool's Gold


In December 1993, a lone prospector travelled deep into the Borneo Jungle and discovered the world's biggest gold deposit.

Analysts estimated there could be as much as seventy-one million ounces, an astronomical find worth $130 billion at today’s gold price!

Shares of the small penny stock with claim to this find, Bre-X Minerals, soared, reaching a peak of nearly three hundred dollars.

Practically overnight, shareholders became millionaires.

Geologist Michael De Guzman who made the discovery became a multi-millionaire and a celebrity in the industry.

However his fame and fortune would be short-lived…

Because what no one knew was, there was no gold. Not one ounce.

By sprinkling gold, allegedly shaved from his wedding ring, into rock samples from the site, De Guzman fooled everyone.

But in 1998, when U.S. miner Freeport McMoRan partnered with Bre-X and began their own exploration of the site…They found "insignificant" amounts of gold.

De Guzman was summoned back to Borneo to explain himself… but he never made it.

Somewhere over the jungle, he threw himself (or was pushed as some claim) from a helicopter.

Days after De Guzman's death, news of the massive fraud hit the market and the share price of Bre-X collapsed.


The fallout was catastrophic…

One shareholder, an experienced stock broker, George Diekmeyer lost his life savings of $800,000.

His friend who gave him the Bre-X recommendation committed suicide.

In total, investors lost more than $6 billion!

All this from what started as a single penny stock scam.

So, how can you make sure it never happens to you?

The #1 lesson here would be to never invest on hype.

Like most junior miners and exploration companies, Bre-X was never actively mining gold, yet its share price soared to nearly three hundred dollars.

Sure, I understand the appeal of these "lottery ticket" stocks. But the truth is only a tiny, tiny handful ever pay out.

And unlike a lottery ticket, you don’t even get the fun of scratching it off…

That's why, when making recommendations for readers of my Penny Stock Fortunes newsletter I search for companies with established and growing revenue.

While this strategy may never deliver a 10,000% gain, it has racked up significant winners like…

I'll take these over a pipe dream penny stock that may never pay out any day of the week!

Before I show you exactly how I find winners like these, there's one last scam to expose…

The "Small Print" Penny Stock Scam

This isn't illegal, but it is still a scam. At least that's what I think…

Let me tell you more, and then you can decide for yourself.

Imagine you're brand new to penny stock investing, and you search online to learn more about penny stocks before risking your hard-earned cash.

Your online search will probably bring up results like this…


When you click one of these links, you'll likely land on a website that offers you "FREE email alerts on the HOTTEST Stock Picks!"

The website will have testimonials and a track-record of recent picks too!

You might think to yourself, "FREE penny stock recommendations from such proven source, what could be more appealing for a beginner like me?"

Hundreds and thousands of people are suckered in by such an offer…

But there's no such thing as a free lunch. If anyone tells you otherwise, hold onto your wallet and run!

Here's the rub…

Many of these supposed "newsletters" are actually paid penny stock promoters.

What that means is that penny stock companies who want to raise money pay these marketers to promote their stocks and pump up their share price.

So these newsletters exist to serve their paying clients, the penny stock companies, not their FREE subscribers.

Talk about a conflict of interest!

And fact is, after the hype wears off, the share price normally sinks back down to where it belongs…


So if you follow these "FREE" recommendations, you might pay for it by holding a loser stock.

But how is this different from an illegal pump and dump scam, and why isn't the anything done about it?

Simply because in very, very, very small print these stock promoters will say they "might" be receiving compensation (sometimes in shares) from the company they are urging you to buy right now.

And as long as they do that, it's perfectly legal… but like I said, I think it's a scam because they do everything they can to hide the fact.

Bottom-Line: ALWAYS read the small print.

Now compare this model to my newsletter Penny Stock Fortunes

I NEVER accept money (or shares) to recommend a company.

In fact I’m BANNED from doing so… this way you pay me based on the quality of my research and the profit opportunities it gives you.

No conflicts there!

Our ONLY source of revenue is through subscription fees, and at a measly $39 per year, it’s important we keep every single one of our subscribers.

To make sure we do so, we try our best to deliver winning recommendations, and with subscribers and growing, I think we're doing a good job.

It's my publisher's newsletter for a reason, I deliver results…

So what's my secret to avoiding penny stock scams and finding REAL opportunities?

Before Penny Stock Fortunes, I was a business and politics reporter.

It helped me master the most important skill of all when it comes to picking profitable stocks…


With thousands of stocks out there it’s difficult to pick a winner. So you need to sift and filter for weeks on end!

That’s work subscribers of Penny Stock Fortunes don't have to do.

I bring a reporter’s eye and skepticism to every company I look at. I won’t make a stock recommendation until I’m absolutely convinced I’d recommend it to my own mother!

Perhaps more importantly, my research is 100% independent.

In 11-years, Penny Stock Fortunes has only ever made recommendations the editor truly believes in.

Few in my industry can say the same.

My only goal is to deliver my readers results because that’s the only way I feed my family. So only the very best stocks get by me and into my readers inbox.

Picks I believe can realistically make you money.

I have one more ace up my sleeve to make sure this is absolutely always the case…

CXS Money Multiplier: I Scientifically
Select the Best Penny Stocks…

The CXS Money Multiplier is a scientific strategy for uncovering Wall Street’s most explosive stocks.

It’s been developed over 11 years by several stock market experts, and exclusive to Penny Stock Fortunes! As far as I know, no one else has a stock picking tool as powerful or as proven as the CXS Money Multiplier.

And proven, repeatable strategy is key for success in the stock market.

Here’s how it works…

First I use the CXS Money Multiplier to automatically analyze thousands of stocks, looking for tell tale signs of a potential penny stock profit explosion.

Out of many thousands of penny stocks, CXS locks onto a select few that show tremendous potential for profit.

Next, the Penny Stock Fortunes team and I painstakingly research each of these stocks the CXS Money Multiplier has highlighted, looking specifically at 5 crucial factors common with some of the most profitable penny stocks in history…


The first CXS metric is one of the most important things I look at in a potentially successful penny stock.

Great, undiscovered penny stocks might not be making steady profits yet, but they should still be growing revenues like wildfire.

The more a company grows in revenue, the closer I’ll watch it.

And when it comes to stocks that trade for less than $5 a share, it’s not uncommon to see 25%, 35% or even 50% revenue growth over the course of a year… with share price booming just as quickly.

One recent Penny Stock Fortunes recommendation that proves this filter’s power is Vishay Intertechnology (VSH).

Over 25 years the company has grown from a small start-up into a #1 seller of electronic components.

With this proven track-history of growth as a base, my readers had the opportunity to make an 85% gain on this recommendation!

SCIENTIFIC CXS FILTER #2: Profit Fortification

Any business that churns out an ordinary product will eventually lose out to a company that can do it better, faster and cheaper.

The most successful companies operate businesses that may have some type of government protection or products and services that aren’t easily duplicated.

Less competition makes it easier for the company to monopolize their market and explode sales, which is great news for early investors.

Another Penny Stock Fortunes recommendation General Moly returned 292% because it retains significant control of two of the biggest, highest-grade molybdenum mines in the world.

So businesses with smaller mines simply can’t compete. That’s the power of profit fortification!

SCIENTIFIC CXS FILTER #3: Hidden Valuation

In a nutshell, I'm looking for stocks selling for far less than their real market value here… in other words, stocks that are on sale.

Typically these stocks don't stay cheap for long, and revert to their "fair," higher price.

This is simple but potent and is basically the exact same core strategy Warren Buffet has been using successfully for decades.

SCIENTIFIC CXS FILTER #4: Business Catalyst

A business catalyst is a future event that will drive a company’s growth.

For example, when I was researching Dendreon (DNDN), their prostate cancer vaccine was within a year of taking the drug market by storm…

They just had to prove their vaccine worked.

After months of speculation and clinical trials Dendreon released data showing its revolutionary drug significantly improves patient survival.

Share price catapulted on the news!

Penny Stock Fortunes readers who bought Dendreon when I first recommended could have seen a very tidy 279% gain.

This is just another example of amazing gain opportunities I’ve delivered my readers over the years.

SCIENTIFIC CXS FILTER #5: Investor Sentiment

When to buy and when to sell are two of the most difficult aspects of investing — and also the most important.

A chart can tell us a lot about a stock’s potential, so this metric is designed to weed out the companies with down-trending shares that are falling out of favor with Wall Street and individual investors.

I also look at institutions and insiders buying as important sentiment indicators that will help boost a stock’s share price in the short term.

This technical analysis gives Penny Stock Fortunes readers an "insider's edge."

Here's a re-cap of these crucial five filters again:

  1. Top-line Growth
  2. Profit Fortification
  3. Hidden Valuation
  4. Business Catalyst
  5. Investor Sentiment

As you can see, I don’t make recommendations because of hype, or the potential for a quick buck.

I take my time and do the necessary research to find winning recommendations.

By using the five simple CXS filters I’ve just covered, you too can cut your risk of loss and reduce your risk of becoming a scam victim.

Don't worry if you’ve forgotten these filters already, I have a THIRD FREE report for you called "Winning With Penny Stocks" where I lay out the CXS Money Multiplier Strategy in full!

I'll tell you how to get your hands on it shortly…

After I filter stocks through these five crucial steps, I’m left with the very best, the top of the pile penny stocks!

That’s what I then share with my readers.

But how effective is the CXS Money Multiplier at helping me pick winning penny stocks?

See for yourself…

2,233% Gain!
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Bought a New Car!
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I hope you’ll write me a letter like that soon.

In fact, I’ve already used the CXS Money Multiplier to lock onto another promising new recommendation.

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