Not since World War II has it been possible for individual investors to grab triple-digit, quadruple-digit … and YES even quintuple-digit gains.

In fact, the last time the Pentagon doled out this kind of cash, one small group of stocks surged as much as 12,428%… 20,381%… AND EVEN 55,000%!

And now history may repeat itself yet again as new Plan X companies will be showered with a minimum of $16.1 billion in government contracts — kicking off the largest explosion of profits in more than SIX decades.

And today, I’m ready to share the names of SEVEN companies that could deliver you astronomical military guided gains that haven’t been seen in 60 years.

Dear Reader,

On Sept. 1, I believe America will go full steam ahead into the newest dimension of warfare — the "fifth domain of war."

While the U.S. military has always protected Americans in the four domains of land, air, sea and space… this new fifth domain could launch America deep into a war like none other in history…

It’s an epic new battlefield for America — it’s one where your fast action could have you riding an absolute tidal wave of government spending that may just be about to begin.

And in a moment, I’ll show you why Plan X… and the coming “fifth domain of war”… could unleash the largest explosion of wealth in over six decades.

I’ll also share with you a specific blueprint for how you can position yourself to take advantage of it.

In fact, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development claims this "fifth domain" of war is the “single greatest growth market in the defense and security sector."

And now based on my long history with the military, particularly the navy, I will make an even bolder claim.

And I’ll stake my two-decade-long, top-secret military career on an even bolder claim.

Using history as a guide, investors could see nothing short of 55,000% gains in this wealth explosion.

That’s because this new “fifth domain of war” changes everything.

It’s a war…

For now, know this — your quick and decisive action today puts you early in line to claim access to the next round of Pentagon spending as it dishes out wave… after wave… after wave… of multimillion-dollar contracts.

Today, I’ll share with you the details behind seven companies that should absolutely skyrocket as they each sign contracts with the Department of Defense.

I’ll also introduce you to something we’ve come to rely on that we call the “MI Wealth Secret” — leveraging military intelligence and research to establish a hugely successful private industry.

As you’ll see, the “MI Wealth Secret” is a proven, 50-year strategy for skimming profits from waves of military spending.

Just as World War II gave rise to a massive military spending spree — turning once small companies into large Fortune 500 type behemoths with names like Boeing, Lockheed and Raytheon — spending on this “fifth domain of war” will be even larger…

And now these virtually unheard-of stocks you’ll see today could easily turn into the Fortune 500 companies of tomorrow.

But time is short. This isn't some far-off war in the future.

The “fifth domain” of war has already begun!

Already, one small company I’ve been tracking jumped 163% when the Pentagon spent just a few million dollars on their technology.

And each time the government bought more and more technology—the stock jumped with triple-digit gains… every time!

But this small company received only a tiny fraction of what the Pentagon, the NSA, the CIA and Homeland Security are about to spend this new “fifth domain of war.”

And onSept. 1, the spending… and the potential profits… could break wide open.

That's when the pentagon is scheduled to award $110 million in the first phase of its most aggressive initiative ever — Plan X.

Already, the big banks, big insiders and big investors are positioning themselves to profit.

T. Rowe Price and Wells Fargo each own massive positions — more than 15 million shares each! — in two of the companies you’ll see today.

In a third company, insiders and big investors own nearly one-third of the entire company. And there’s normally only one reason insiders load up on their own stock — that’s because they know from the inside out their company is going to make them a fortune.

Even President Obama and former United States secretary of defense Leon Penetta held “fifth domain” companies in their personal accounts.

You could have even bought shares in my favorite “fifth domain of war” company a few years ago, seeing every $5,000 invested turn into $51,050.

Listen, my point is that time is short. This war has begun, and the stocks are already building wealth for insiders.

That’s why it’s critical to act right now. And it’s also why I’m standing by to blow the doors wide open on all seven companies I believe could make you a fortune.

So what is this new “fifth domain of war”? And how could you position yourself to turn every $10 invested into $550,000 or more?

Let me explain…

My Secret Double Life

My name is Byron King.

I went into the US Navy in 1981. And in between active duty and reserve service I stayed there for over 30 years.

As a naval flight officer, I racked up over 1,200 hours of flight time in tactical fighter jets with 127 aircraft carrier landings. Let me tell you there’s no feeling quite like trying to land a fighter jet on a carrier that’s bopping up and down in 30-foot waves.

But one other real rush of my career came when I served as aide to the U.S. chief of naval operations. That’s where I had unprecedented access to the true "top brass" of the U.S. military.

I was in the Pentagon and in another area called Crystal City, right next to it. That’s where I had just unprecedented access to the real top brass within the military. I mean, I ate lunch on occasion in the dining room of the secretary of defense. Part of it included touring facilities that produce advanced weapons, advanced fighter jets, advanced bombers, advanced ships, electronic systems.

And then later on, I toured things like the Oakridge National Laboratory and and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. I saw some of the most mind-blowing technology that the US government has ever created. I won’t get too far into it but I was privileged to visit all manner of very, very secure weapon development storage facilities and labs where I saw and heard and even smelled things that most Americans don’t even know exists.

Now I’m a lead researcher for Agora Financial — a cutting-edge financial forecasting firm with bull’s-eye accuracy for predicting big-picture events.

The editors predicted everything from the fall of the Berlin Wall to the housing and financial crises of 2008 and the rise of the new biotechnology revolution.

What are we predicting next?

Well, right now I’m hearing the chatter and seeing it turn into action on a whole new war.

And I can pinpoint a small set of public companies — seven in total — that could be showered with riches, courtesy of the Pentagon’s response to the new “fifth domain of war.”

After studying the military and the markets for more than three-decades, I know that investing alongside military technology is one of the greatest time-tested wealth-building secrets of all time.

I’ll show you specific examples in just a moment.

First, I’d like to show you how this new domain of war is already raging! Yet most Americans have no clue it exists.

Even Wired magazine calls it “the secret war.”

Yet according to Wired, our current NSA director, Keith Alexander, is on record when he “pledged to ‘dominate ’ just as ‘today, we dominate air and space.’”

If that’s not a direct statement — from the top brass at the NSA itself — that the spending is about to begin, then I don’t know what is.

The best way to show you what I mean by the “fifth domain” of war is through an example. So let me tell you one of the most amazing stories I’ve heard…

The Battle of Natanz

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably heard stories about how Iran is desperately trying to build a nuclear bomb.

But what you didn’t read in the paper is that we’ve already planned and carried out a successful “fifth domain” attack against Iran.

Without firing a single missile and without deploying a single soldier, we’ve set the Iranians back years in their quest for the bomb.

And we did it through “fifth domain” technology — the same technology that I believe will give you the greatest path toward massive wealth.

Let me explain…

A few years back… buried some 70 feet below ground with 8-foot-thick concrete walls all around… Iranian scientists realized they had a huge problem.

The centrifuges at their Natanz nuclear enrichment bunker were going haywire.

Without warning, the rotors would speed up and slow down, virtually at will.

If they spun too slowly… the molecules wouldn’t separate and the nuclear material would be useless. And if they spun too fast… the machines could self-destruct or even explode.

In just a few months, 1,000 centrifuges were completely destroyed. And no one had a clue how it happened.

Iran had no idea that the world’s most complex computer virus had been remotely planted in their network.

Developed by military hackers, this virus acted like a digital drone that flew into the network… mapped it out… and then secretly sent the data back to the attacker.

The attacker was able to listen and record conversations through computer microphones… and even tap into mobile phones within Bluetooth range of a compromised machine.

Once the critical data were analyzed for maximum impact… the attacker deployed an all-out cyber assault, destroying the centrifuges and setting Iran back years in trying to develop a nuclear warhead.

When the Iranians finally discovered the virus, it was too late. Their work was destroyed.

Now, bear with me. I know this may sound like a weird story. But I’m telling you the details because they help illustrate… and prove… the wealth-building potential of the “fifth domain.”

Back to the story…

In analyzing the computer virus, they noticed it was incredibly complex.

It wasn’t from some garage-bound hacker. No, this code had all the signs of thousands of hours of professional development.

…But from where?

Little did anyone know at the time that this new cyberweapon — now known as Stuxnet — was allegedly created by the NSA and CIA in partnership with Israeli intelligence.

Of course, Washington has never openly acknowledged that the U.S. was behind the attack. But anonymous sources within the Obama administration did take credit for it in late 2012, according to The New York Times.

This, my friend, is the new “fifth domain of war.”

A war that could soon send the share price of private cybersecurity companies that are pioneering the virus technology into the stratosphere.

Just as past wartimes turned companies like Raytheon and General Dynamics from microcaps into the world’s largest defense contractors, this war could turn the companies I’ll share with you into the leaders of tomorrow…

Where every $1 invested could turn into $55,000 or more.

Every $10 into $550,000.

And every $1,000 into $5.5 million.

Already, government insiders and officials are positioning their own portfolio alongside the companies that will pave the way in “fifth domain” technology.

In his most recent financial disclosure filing, President Obama tipped his hand. Inside his portfolio lies a mutual fund with fifth domain companies.

I’ll share with you the specifics on one of the company Obama holds in a moment.

How can I be so sure you could make a fortune by investing in the coming “fifth domain of war”?

Consider this…

America’s #1 Threat:
The 5th Domain

For the first time in history, the U.S. director of National Intelligence declared the rising “fifth domain of war” as the greatest danger facing our nation.

Terrorism got dropped to No. 2!

That’s because America’s deployment of the Stuxnet virus I just told you about is just the start.

This “fifth domain of war” is already raging.

Already, Iran, China and Russia have all launched counter “fifth domain” attacks against each other.

And that’s precisely why the government is pumping billions of dollars into this new war.

Over the past decade, the NSA has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into “fifth domain” research and development. And the spending is only projected to grow larger and larger…

Check out this chart:


Now you can see why a new market research report from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says this "fifth domain" of war is the “single greatest growth market in the defense and security sector."

With the NSA being the largest employer of brainiac mathematicians in the country — you’d think they had all the brainpower they would ever need.

But that’s hardly the case.

In fact, the NSA and the intelligence community have become increasingly dependent on the private sector for new technology.

That means investors have been given a major gift…

The opportunity to buy into private-sector stocks… and position themselves with the specific companies paving the way with cutting-edge “fifth domain” technology.

Best of all, an opportunity to claim a piece of the $16.1 billion spending spree is about to be unleashed.

After more than 24 months of research, I’ve tracked down a total of seven companies that I recommend you play right away.

One’s jumped more than 1,000% in the past four years.

Another is up over 450% since 2008, beating the general market by more than 3 to 1!

I’ll show you all the rest in a moment.

And if you think sequestration could somehow slow this coming “fifth domain of war,” you’d better think again…

The NSA director’s recent Pentagon request for $4.7 billion in “fifth domain” spending was approved without question — even while the CIA and other intelligence agencies are seeing their budgets cut by $4.4 billion or more.

That’s why a government employee is on record saying “we jokingly refer to as Emperor Alexander, because whatever he wants, he gets.”

Point being each time the NSA comes to congress for more “fifth domain” money, they get it.

The Pentagon recently announced its new “fifth domain” budget calling for $23 billion in spending through 2018.

And that’s just the spending we know about. Black Ops budgets in this new “fifth domain” are likely much higher.

With 70% of the budget heading into the private sector … private technology firms will see at least $16.1 billion in new spending, if not more.

According to my research, the next phase of contracts could hit as early as Sept. 1, as the Pentagon goes full steam ahead into this war.

And when even a little money hits these tech companies, their stocks skyrocket…

771% Gains in Just
Three Short Years

Just look what happened to a small company named TIBCO Software.


They developed a technology for the then-secret “Einstein” program.

In short, “Einstein” helps identify any incoming cyberthreat, and shuts down the virus before it can do any damage.

The Department of Homeland Security began its Einstein program using TIBCO technology in early 2004.

By the end of the year TIBCO had rocketed up 231%.

By 2008, the Einstein program was not only successful… it was no longer voluntary!

More than 600 federal agencies were now REQUIRED to install the Einstein software. And when they did… TIBCO shot up 771%!

Not bad, wouldn’t you agree?

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $7,710.

But stick with me — I’ve found seven companies that I think could do even better — possibly challenging the 55,000% gains others have seen in the past.

You’ll see the details of all seven companies in just a moment — stocks you need to get your hands on before Sept. 1, 2013.

Why Sept. 1? Before we get to the urgency, it’s important to know that this isn’t the first time investors could get rich by investing in military technology…

A Time-Tested Path to Profits:
The MI Wealth Secret

If you’re at all familiar with history, you know that the military has a proven track record of inventing technologies that change everyday life.

Not only does it change lives, it can also change fortunes.

For example...

In the 1950s and 1960s, the military needed to "one up" their enemies by being able to see in the dark. So they pioneered the way for thermal imaging, an imaging system that cuts through darkness and smoke to show heat sources.

The companies that were involved on the ground floor of helping the military develop thermal imaging — Honeywell and Texas Instruments — have now become household names.

And then, during the Gulf war, the U.S. Army needed a system to quickly communicate information from its global position systems to the battlefield, allowing them to make instant decisions on where to position the troops.

From this technology, the Internet began to explode into the private sector, paving the way for companies like Google to shoot up 900%…

Once again, in order to help track the movement of their troops, the U.S. Navy invented the modern-day global positioning system.

Now almost every car manufacturer includes a version of the technology as a standard feature. Shares of Garmin, the leading GPS company, went from $9.63 a share to over $100 per share—showing investors a 938% gain between 2000 and 2007.

The list goes on and on…

Military spending took a typewriter manufacturer named Remington Rand and transformed it into an industry giant that helped develop UNIVAC—the world’s first commercial computer and a vital tool for analyzing signal intelligence during WWII.

They also took a simple tire company like BFGoodrich and turned it into an aerospace behemoth—becoming one of the largest manufacturers of wheels, brakes and accessories for military and industrial aircraft.

A simple $1,000 investment in each of these two companies would have grown to a whopping $1,242,800 and $2,038,100!

That’s the power and promise of what I call the “MI Wealth Secret.”

The idea is to park a little bit of your money into the technology being pioneered by the military and watch it grow into a massive pile of wealth.

Just like it has time and time again… throughout history.

Remember, in my career in the military, I’ve watched a lot of this happen firsthand.

But these extraordinary returns were available only if you got in on the ground floor of the military spending… as it escalated in the decades before and after World War II.

And that’s exactly where we are right now with an escalating “fifth domain of war” — and the explosion of all new government spending.

In a moment, I’ll share with you the specifics of the seven companies I believe can make you an absolute fortune.

Potentially enough money to have complete financial freedom. To do what you want, when you want, for as long as you want!

And there’s still a little time left to position yourself for potentially massive profits from the new cybersecurity spending… but you have to act fast.

The Pentagon’s Plan X, Exposed

On Sept. 1, 2013… the Pentagon will launch Plan X—forever changing the fifth domain of war.

And this could be a game changer!

That’s when over $110 million in new private contracts will begin to be awarded to technology companies developing the “fifth domain” architecture… battle space analytics… mission planning… and much more.

Remember the company named TIBCO I told you about earlier?

It had gains of 231% and 771% when the government rolled out its technology—and that was just a few million dollars of “fifth domain” spending.

Now imagine what happens when a company is hit with $50 million or $100 million in new cybersecurity spending.

We’re now talking about potentially explosive returns of 12,336% and 25,443%!

That’s enough to turn every $100 invested into as much as $2,544,300!

This is the kind of wealth-building power the military has at this stage in the game.

In fact, the president has virtually signed this new spending into law.

Earlier this year, on Feb. 19, 2013, President Obama issued Executive Order 13636, mandating the government to work with the private sector to defend the nation’s infrastructure and vital assets from these “fifth domain” attacks.

Prior to this, late last year, the President issued Presidential Policy Directive 20, calling on our national security agents to start compiling a list of specific targets for pre-emptive and offensive “fifth domain attacks.”

Listen, the point is simple: There is no turning back now… this “fifth domain of war” is racing ahead full steam!

The time to act is now!

Best of all, I’ve made it extremely easy for you to do so.

You see, I’ve already narrowed down the field to seven of the hottest “fifth domain” companies you need to know about. Here’s a bit about each one of them right now…

If you’re wondering if these companies are fakes or for real, I don’t blame you.

But remember, the president and the former secretary of defense have held these stocks in the past.

Big companies like T. Rowe Price and Wells Fargo have loaded up on more than 15 million shares, too!

And in total, the Pentagon has earmarked more than $16.1 billion on spending — much of which I expect to go to the companies I’ve just told you about.

And there’s more…

I’ve detailed every one of these exploding tech plays in a brand-new special report.

It’s called “The 5th Domain of War: Seven Hot Stocks to Profit From the Rise in Military Spending.

With your permission, I’ll gladly send you a copy free of charge. All I ask is that you take a trial subscription to my brand-new research service…

Introducing Byron’s King’s
Military-Technology Alert

As I’ve shown you, the military spending in the “5th domain of war” is exploding right now.

And fast-acting investors who stake their claims before the Sept. 1 spending spree on Plan X could be in a position to reap a robber-baron windfall!

That’s exactly why I’ve just launched a first of its kind research letter.

It’s called Military-Tech Alert.

As far as I know, it’s the only letter in the world that shows readers like you how to grab massive gains as America's Empire marches into the fifth domain of war.

It’s in this letter — and this letter only —I will leverage my military knowledge to show you what’s happening behind the scenes… what contracts are being awarded… and how to invest alongside the military for huge gains.

And frankly, this isn’t my first rodeo when it comes to investment newsletters.


As a matter of fact, my newsletter Outstanding Investments was ranked the No. 1 newsletter for 10-year returns by The Hulbert Financial Digest in 2011… the renowned independent authority on investment newsletter performance.

This research service, the Outstanding Investments, has been built on the biggest shift in global energy trends we’ve seen in decades—a true renaissance of U.S. energy so immense it’s beginning to change our nation in a way few people ever thought possible.

In their report, Hulbert Financial Digest confirmed that Outstanding Investments has shown its members an average annual return of 21.7% for the past 10 years running...

Imagine your life if your money grew at 21.7% a year for 10 years... That’s enough to turn $100,000 into $712,698.

And these returns are already changing people’s lives.

People like Zach T., who wrote in to say…

“Thank you so much for the outstanding work you are doing. Over the last few years, your ideas have changed my life!”

And Mario S., who said…

“In a little over a year, I’ve turned $60,000 into $330,000 with just ONE play!”

Not to mention Fred H., who wrote in to tell me…

“My stock portfolio is up 52% in just eight months as a result of your insights!”

And while I am honored to be serving up gains like these for my readers, these returns pale in comparison to the gains you could grab from the coming “fifth domain of war”

Just look at some of the companies poised to explode when the Pentagon unleashes Plan X and steps up their new cybersecurity spending spree on Sept. 1, 2013.

Companies much like TIBCO Software Inc., which jumped by 231% and even 771% when new cybertech spending kicked in.

But unlike the TIBCO jump… on just a few million dollars in cyberwar spending… the government is locked and loaded to start spend billions on cybertechnology.

And the profit potential is absolutely astronomical.

And here’s the really great news.

When you agree to a risk-free trial of my new letter, you’ll claim a free copy of my latest report, The 5th Domain of War: Seven Hot Stocks to Profit From the Rise in Military Spending.

Inside, you’ll find all seven companies that could make you a fortune come Sept. 1, when the Pentagon launches into their next round of spending on Plan X.

But time is short.

You have to choose to act now if you want the potential to grab huge gains from this “fifth domain of war”… just like the early investors who acted on WWII spending and who saw out-of-this world gains of 12,428%… 20,381%… and even 55,000%…

Listen, if you’re looking to turn a small amount of money into the retirement of your dreams… I’m talking about TRUE financial freedom, to do what you want… when you want… with whom you want…

Then there’s no better (or easier!) way to do it than through what you’ve heard about today.

So how much does a trial subscription to Military-Tech Alert cost?

Well, unlike with my other newsletter, this research service isn’t cheap.

We’ll be dealing with some pretty small stocks — stocks that can go up thousands of percent — so we have to keep the subscriber base small and nimble, too.

For that reason, this isn’t one of those $49 research services.

But when you see the profits… the money… that could come rolling in by investing alongside the military, I think you’ll be surprised how affordable a subscription truly is.

Before we get to the offer, let me show you another opportunity that comes free with your trial.

I’ve just put the finishing touches on an explosive new report I’m calling…

Sky-High Profits From
the Coming Drone Wars

This report couldn’t be timelier.

Following impressive campaigns in both Iraq and Afghanistan, the U.S. military is now expanding its drone programs to hot spots all around the globe.

In fact, drones are already flying top-secret spy missions OUTSIDE of declared combat zones—and it’s absolutely revolutionizing our counterterrorism operations.

Now, instead of destroying hostile military assets, drones will be keeping an eye on

a whole slew of armed groups, drug runners, pirates and other targets that keep U.S. officials up at night.

And with drone hubs in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, our military can easily conduct reconnaissance anywhere in the Persian Gulf.

But the expansion hasn’t stopped there.

We now have drone bases throughout northern Africa in places like Somalia, Djibouti and Seychelles.

And this gives our military the ability to fly unmanned drones over places like the Sahara Desert, where we can keep the pressure on al-Qaida fighters and other hostile groups.

But here’s the best part.

While the Pentagon has over 400 Predators, Reapers, Hunters, Gray Eagles and other high-altitude drones, they are about to crank up the spending for even more drone technology.

In fact, the commander of U.S. forces in Africa just recently told Congress that they must have a 15-fold increase in surveillance, reconnaissance and intelligence-gathering assets on the continent.

And this is just the start. Drone technology is already radically transforming our military.

The U.S. Air Force recently shocked the military press when they said they were short over 200 fighter pilots—and that the shortage could rise as high as 700 in just a few short years.

And with only 3,000 fighter pilots, that’s a 21% decline in manpower. And it’s all because pilots don’t want to go from flying at Mach 2 with their hair on fire… to sitting in front of a computer screen playing air combat on an Xbox.

Simply said, pilots want to fly. And if they can’t, they leave for lucrative jobs in the airlines, where they can still fly.

And frankly, empty cockpits are not good for the military—especially when these empty seats could end up shutting down the world's most expensive military program, the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jet.

At nearly $400 billion… plus another $6 million to train each pilot… this program could easily be on the chopping block due to a shortage of pilots.

I mean why spend $103 million on a F-35 when you can pick up a drone like the Reaper for as little as $16 million.

And that’s precisely where the big money is headed—into highly accurate and cost-effective drone technology.

Best of all, you could get to profit from it!

And I lay it all out for you in this second bonus report where I tell you about the TWO stocks that are set to make money hand over fist as our military rapidly transforms from manned to unmanned aerial vehicles.

But wait, that’s not all.

You’ll get a third cutting-edge report—with two more can’t-miss stock plays that I will tell you about in just a moment.

Every month, you will receive all the benefits of the painstaking research and analysis that I do every day.

I distill all the military research down to actionable information you could use to see gains right now.

Best of all, I weed out every stock pick that doesn’t make it past my analytical filters — leaving you with only the military plays that could make you a fortune now.

I tell you the best time to buy… and the ideal time to sell.

That way you aren’t caught off guard when the war headlines read one thing… but the underlying fundamentals of these companies read another.

Put simply, I dive deep into the technology, the military, the top-secret locations AND the numbers… so you don't have to.

This way you’re guaranteed to get all the hot opportunities without getting bogged down in the details.

Here’s a little bit about how my military-tech research system works...

I start with the military and defense contacts these help me connect the dots… and sort out the noise from the opportunities.

These contacts are a virtual “who’s who” of insiders that talk about the truth behind mainstream headlines and government actions.

If it’s happening, I try to find out about it pretty early in the process…

New cybersecurity technology… war in the Middle East… The embassy attack you DIDN’T hear about… Department of Defense spending… The Obama administration’s latest boondoggle in security leaks… new battleship armor… the Space Age material used for highflying drones… The latest congressional bailout blunders…

But even with an informed take on hot new military technology… I still follow a proven system for analyzing the right stocks for huge profits.

Of course, I always follow the money trail. And I do it for every technological trend I see where inevitable government spending could lead to hot profits.

Remember, defense spending went UP even in the face of the budget crisis in Washington.

So ask yourself…

Who’s making money from this increased spending?

Who benefits from the continued massive spending by the military?

The politician and their cronies, for sure. As I showed you earlier, they positioned their personal portfolios to gain from the coming “fifth domain of war.”

I also filter everything down to only the best possible opportunities — especially when they hit my sweet spot for breakthrough moneymaking technology.

I’m looking for companies with defense contract capabilities that can not only innovate but that can deploy quickly… on time… and on budget.

All the work is done for you, well before I send you a new issue of Military-Tech Alert. This way you have the opportunity to enjoy a long string of money-doubling and -tripling opportunities… if not more!

Up until now, my research on all these topics has been behind the scenes.

But as a subscriber to my Military-Tech Alert, you’ll get a front-row seat to these private conversations and private insights.

Insights I’ve used to put together your third special report, where I reveal the ...

TWO Must-Have Stocks for
the High-Tech Arms Race

And this arms race is like no other.

It does away with bullets, gunpowder and other expensive ammunition, while still giving our military deadly accuracy against hostile forces.

It can destroy incoming drones… planes… and missiles, and even disable larger surface ships.

I am talking about the Navy’s Laser Weapon System (LaWS). This laser is so powerful it can ignite an overhead drone in seconds and send it hurling to the ground.

It seems like something out of Star Wars, but this is not science fiction—it’s real.

In fact, the USS Dewey just shot down a surveillance drone with this powerful weapon, prompting the Navy to authorize the first full deployment of LaWS into the fleet next.

And given some of the private conversations I’ve had recently, now could be the time to pounce on the companies that will be raking in the cash from the deployment of this technology.

That’s why I’ve put together your third special report, called TWO Must-Have Stocks for the High-Tech Arms Race.

In this report, I’ll share the names of TWO more stock picks that could rocket skyward as the military moves away from fallible physical weapon systems to highly accurate photonic weapons—a fancy name for military “lasers.”

And again, this isn’t science fiction. I’m talking about tested and proven photonic weapons that can accurately destroy enemy aircraft… incoming missiles… and other hostiles… AT THE SPEED OF LIGHT!

When you agree to try my newsletter Military-Technology Alert, this third report, TWO Must-Have Stocks for the High-Tech Arms Race, is yours free, too.

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That’s a total of 11 hot stocks that you could use right now to go for double- and triple-digit gains… if not more.

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