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"With its unique technology and broad range of product offering, the Company is well positioned to boost its top line and bottom line in the coming years"

Dear Reader/Viewer,

Watching this urgent presentation today puts you smack in the middle of a "bleeding edge" tech story that very few people in the world know about…

If you have the courage to act on what you’ll discover here today, you could grow rich in the process.

Shares of this leading tech firm trade for just 15 cents each. That means you could pick up more than 2,700 shares for as little as just $405.

So unlike investing in the big blue chips, this breakout doesn’t take a fortune to get started.

If their technology works out, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a starting stake triple. Or even rise 10-fold.

And here’s the thing…

The share price could begin moving up starting as early as this February 19th. That’s when I expect major news out of this tiny company.

I’ll explain what I expect to happen in a moment.

For now, know this — Their technology is a scientific breakthrough. Its accuracy was audited by the Department of Defense in late 2012.

The DOD’s findings?

According to the government’s own report:

This technology worked 100% of the time.

Indeed, the word that first came to mind when I saw this technology in action was "unbelievable." Now, however, I think it’s brilliant.

And it’s not just me making that claim…

The Defense Logistics Agency just mandated that all supplies provided to the Department of Defense use this small firm’s technology.

Not 25% of supplies. Not even half. It’s an important point, so I’ll repeat…

All items coming into the defense industry supply chain must have this company’s technology applied.

Said a different way, this tiny firm… with just 47 employees… has been granted a rare monopoly status by the United States government.

And since then, they have had forty-two companies jump in line waiting to use their breakthrough technology.

As an intelligent reader, I think you can imagine what a government mandate like that could do for a tiny, 15-cent firm.

Not to mention as much as 600% in new contracts waiting to be finalized.

Their share price could triple, and I think it would still be undervalued.

In fact, in mid-September of 2012 the company’s share price more than doubled in just a two-week period!

But the big gains… the life changing gains… should be yet to come.

On February 19th, my research leads me to believe the next big announcement will be made about this tiny company.

That’s fast-approaching right around the corner.

If I’m right, the announcement will be made during a small meeting being held in Los Angeles, California .

Similar conferences go for as much as $5,000 just to attend… They’re reserved for the heavy hitters in the industry.

But you have a chance to be among those “in-the-know” as news from this company breaks…

And have the opportunity to buy into this tiny company (should you choose to do so) before a possible stampede of money.

That means with your swift action today you could have the information you need to get in well before the share price could “go vertical.”

I’ll show you how it all works in a moment.

But first, don’t bother trying to look up the meeting -- it may be extremely difficult to find.

In fact, in scanning the major newspaper rags, I’ve yet to see one mention of this story.

After this meeting, we could see this tiny firm among the “highest intra-day gainers list.

Now, given everything I’ve just told you, I need you to answer a serious question.

Are you ready for the chance to buy into a tiny 15 cent company, and watch it go to $3… $4… even $10 a share?

Are you prepared to potentially see thousands upon thousands in gains very quickly?

The question seems silly, I know. But I’m completely serious.

Most people wouldn’t know what to do if their actions quickly lead to a small fortune. They’d freak out when they see their brokerage account multiply in value.

They wouldn’t know whether to buy more… sell… or hold. Their emotions would overwhelm them.

And they surely wouldn’t know how to respond to friends and distant family members who hears about this new wealth… and begin begging for handouts.

Being rich comes with responsibility. So before you go any further, ask yourself… are you prepared to handle being rich?

I hope so…

Because that’s the potential you have in front of you today.

You’re about to discover one of the smallest, most explosive stock opportunities I’ve found in my extensive career as an Economist and market analyst.

Right now, this company has just 47 employees. But the recent Defense Logistics Agency monopoly changes all that -- they’re now on a wild hiring spree, trying to keep up with demand for their technology.

That’s right -- in a world full of missed earnings and corporate layoffs -- this company is defying all odds.

In 2012, their sales increased 91% -- and that was BEFORE the Department of Defense’s mandate.

I’m fully aware that the promises I’m making today may seem unbelievable right now.

But if you know me… or are familiar with my research… you know that I have a proven track record for uncovering seemingly unbelievable science fiction… that turns into proven science fact.

Hi, I’m Stephen Petranek.

For six years, I was the senior editor of Life magazine.

I spent another 13 years running the Sunday magazine for The Washington Post. And then did the same for a few more years, for The Miami Herald.

I helped Life score the first post-presidency interview with Jimmy Carter. And also helped land an early 1990s interview with tech billionaire and inventor Elon Musk.

Plus I’ve been a star speaker at the famous TED Talks.

I also spent eight years as senior editor for another famous science publication, the magazine Discover. I love science.

But I also love finance

In fact, I once won the John Hancock prize. In case you don't know, the Hancock Prize is like the Pulitzer, but for financial writing.

What's more, I was also once nominated for the actual Pulitzer. And in the past, I’ve actually turned down offers to run both Fortune and Money magazine

You may have heard of the company I work for, Agora Financial. Our job is to find unique opportunities for our readers to make gains in the financial markets.

On staff, we have a Harvard-trained geologist, an ex-hedge fund insider, two certified technical analysts, a three-time best selling macro economist, an ex-bank VP, and more.

Unlike the mainstream media, we’re completely independent in our research. We make our money not by selling advertising to big corporations, but by selling our research to people like you.

That means we’re incentivized only to tell you about the very best ideas we have…

We’re on record calling the rise in gold back when it was $254/ounce. We called the housing bust, showing readers how to make 450% gains by betting against the worst offenders. And we predicted the financial crisis with ample time for our readers to build a fortress around their wealth.

My point is… the only way we stay in business is by providing sound financial analysis that leads readers to easy, safe and healthy recommendations.

My role within the company is that of the technology specialist.

I scour the scientific journals. I talk to the world’s smartest CEOs and insiders.

All in hopes to help my readers grow the wealth by learning how to invest in tomorrow’s technology trends, today.

What industry buzz am I hearing right now?

Let’s return to the breaking situation at hand- the new bleeding edge technology I’ve found, and how you can use it to go for generations of wealth.

If you’re keeping track, you know that…

If you’re ready… and if you’re truly prepared for the chance turn a small $405 investment into a potential fortune, then let me pull back curtain and take you deep inside this bleeding edge tech firm…

The best way to illustrate the company’s technology is to start with a problem they’re looking to solve…

A problem that affects you as an American citizen…

A Worldly View

It’s no secret that the U.S. is a powerhouse when it comes to our military.

Let’s take a look at this chart to put it all in perspective.


It’s estimated that in 2013 we spent about $682 billion on our military.

Coming in at second, China spent only $166 billion on theirs… that’s almost a staggering 76% less than what we spend on our military.

But all of it would be worthless if it couldn’t function properly.

And this has been known to happen on more than one occasion.

The threat of counterfeit parts in the military is a very real concern.

Specifically, there have been reports of sub-par parts in the Air Force’s cargo planes, as well as drones and helicopters.

The Senate Armed Services Committee found one million counts of suspicious counterfeit parts in their weapons systems.

That’s why the Center for Public Integrity recently ran an article called, "Counterfeit Chips Plague Pentagon Weapons Systems."

More specifically, some of these bad chips have been found in some of our most important assets.

The Navy’s SH-60B helicopter is used to go on patrols to intercept enemy submarines, while also assisting with surface warfare.

It was discovered that the helicopter’s night-vision system contained counterfeit parts.

Imagine the possible scenario…

Military pilots going on a patrol and seeing a suspicious object ominously moving below the ocean surface heading towards the U.S. shoreline.

They report it to the command center, which instructs them to follow the object and get an identification.

All of a sudden, the night vision cuts out, and they lose all sight of the object while being stranded in the dark…

Meanwhile, this enemy sub slips past our first line of defense and into civilian waters. This could put the whole country at risk.

All thanks to, you guessed it, counterfeit parts from, you guessed it, China.

In fact, a government committee identified more than a million counterfeit parts in their possession.

Senator John McCain clearly conveys how vulnerable we are to this growing concern, "… Our initial estimates are about 70% of these very important components come from China."

That’s why… last October… the Defense Logistics Agency went on a search to find the technology that ends the problems from counterfeit chips.

In late October of 2012, they issued a press release requiring contractors to provide items that have been marked with botanically-generated DNA marking material produced by the company I’ve been telling you about.

See, during their 18-month study they marked 20,000 circuits with this small company’s anti-counterfeiting technology.

Blind samples were taken, and marked versus unmarked chips were distinguishable with 100% accuracy.

Not a single mistake.

That’s why the Defense Logistics Agency didn’t say that items need to be marked by any technology… they said this specific company’s technology.

For you and me… that means for the time being, the government has granted this “pip-squeak” of a company a monopoly over all the supplies being bought by the Department of Defense.

Not only that, the government is directly subsidizing the cost of marking all these parts.

With more than $600 billion worth of products needing marking, that could significantly move the needle on this tiny little company.

In fact, just marking 1% would be as significant as $100 million worth of items.

And their technology could be used for a lot more than military parts. It could be used to mark everything from designer handbags to fine wine… even medication.

More on that in a moment.

But imagine what a mandate like that could do to the company’s 15 cent share price?

Now double or triple whatever you’re thinking.

Again, according to the Center for Public Integrity, the Pentagon “is responsible for managing 4 million parts worth more than $94 billion.

Now all those computer chips must be marked with this small company’s technology.

Just marking 10% of these totals means that this small firm

Talk about leverage.

That’s why I believe their 15-cent share price could easily rise to $2… $3… even $10 per share.

That’s enough to turn every $1,000 invested into $10,000.

Or a larger $10,000 starting stake into $100,000.

All with just one move.

The full riches – the big gains – could come starting this February 19th, when the company hosts their latest meeting.

What they do is truly amazing…

A Profitable New Spin on
DNA Technology

This company’s unique anti- counterfeiting technology use DNA data to identify real products from fake ones.

As you may know, an individual’s DNA is as unique as a snowflake. That’s why DNA technology has successfully been used to identify murderers, and put them behind bars.

On the flip side, DNA based forensics has been use to free citizens that have been wrongly convicted of crimes.

And now… the small company I’ve been telling you about today… is using DNA based technology to stop counterfeiting. Here’s how it works…

Instead of using human DNA, like the ones in criminal cases, this company has found a way to use plant based DNA to mark and identify products.

Specifically, to battle the $600 billion counterfeiting industry -- from fraudulent computer chips, to knock off Gucci handbags, to fake Viagra.

Just as a person’s DNA cannot be matched, plant DNA is just as unique. And what they do with this DNA is nothing short of mind-blowing…

In short, the scientists at this company sequence plant DNA into a secret code. They then insert this sequence into a specific product…

The DNA can be inserted into fabric… on labels… even in liquid. Their technology can be build right into the manufacturing process directly.

For example, this company can work directly with a computer chip manufacturer to insert plant DNA into the chips. Or a pharmaceutical company to ensure authenticity of its medication.

Then the company gives the end-user a handheld scanner. When shipments arrive, the end-user simply scans the product for the specific DNA sequence.

If the sequence matches, the company knows the product is authentic. If it fails… the end-user is easily able to identify a fake item.

So far, the company’s technology has enjoyed a 100% authentication rate and a 100% conviction rate.

And like I said before: if you’re willing to risk a few hundred bucks to potentially score a family fortune or massive gains, than I invite you to pay close attention.

What we have on our hands is a monopoly in the industry, and I expect them to boom since

getting a contract with the government.

In fact, they already received $7.5 million in financing from an accredited investor.

Let me show you a small sample of how this technology can be used…

The Next Pill You Take Could Be Your Last

Medical and pharmaceutical experts from the UK, Sweden, and USA report that as much as 44% of Viagra available on the internet is counterfeit.

And it’s not just Viagra…

In total, it’s estimated that counterfeit medicine is responsible for approximately half a million deaths per year.

That’s right…

That’s more deaths per year than obesity, lung cancer, and prostate cancer.

I’ve even found news that suggests that Al-Qaeda may be looking into fake prescription meds as the new form of terrorism.

Dr. Graham J., a UK-based Consultant Cardiologist, said, "In one scheme, Americans buying fake Viagra on the internet were actually helping to fund Middle East terrorism, unknowingly jeopardizing the lives of men and women serving in their own armed forces."

There was even an instance where a cyanide-laced skin cream was linked to an al-Qaeda operation.

Furthermore, these medications have been known to contain inactive "fillers" such as arsenic and boric acid. Even leaded road paint, shoe polish, and cement powder.

Avastin, a cancer-treating drug, was also discovered by the FDA to have been counterfeited. It is intended to treat cancers of the colon, brain, kidneys, and lungs.

But researchers are finding that sometimes prescriptions bought online do not contain any trace amounts of the cancer-fighting ingredient at all. Instead of getting better, patients slowly die… with no treatment.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

Fake meds are on the rise. And putting a stop to them is big business.

That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the tiny company I’ve uncovered…

The same technology that’s being used by the DoD to find fake computer chips can also be used by Big Pharma to stop the spread of fake medication.

Again, this company works with the Pfizers of the world to simply mark the real medication with their plant based DNA technology.

Then pharmacies and distributors scan the product… and can easily identify fake, harmful medication -- making sure it never makes it way into your hands.

Right now, shares of this company’s stock trade for just 15 cents each. That means you could load up on hundreds of shares for less than the price of your monthly cable bill.

Doing this, I believe you’d have the chance to make an absolute fortune as their technology is rolled out.

The chance at 1,000% -- 3,000% gains can’t be ruled out. This situation is that big. Their technology is that game-changing.

Remember, if you’re interested, you must act now.

And here’s why…

Come February 19th, the story could break wide open…

The Exclusive Conference

On February 19th at an exclusive conference in Los Angeles , some of the most advanced technologies will be discussed.

In fact, this conference is the premier event for engineering, design reliability, and application of electronic components in military and space systems.

And the CEO of the company I am telling you about will be presenting.

I think you get the picture… this conference is for the heavy hitters of the industry.

I believe this small company plans on making a big announcement. I can’t go into too much detail right now, but I am certain that the news will place them into the big leagues.

The announcement itself may be enough to skyrocket their stock, and that’s only the beginning.

As we venture into a new future filled with terrorist threats and high tech military weapons, this is the company they may come to rely on.

I am so sure of their continued success and imminent growth, I intend to limit distribution of my special report Harnessing DNA to Fight Counterfeiting and Build Lasting Wealth.

Inside this report you’ll find all the details. All the proof.

And… you’ll find out how to join the CEO and his executive team for this elite meeting.

Don’t worry – the meeting takes places over the phone. So all you need is access to a computer or cell phone.

As soon as you give me permission, I will gladly send you a copy this report…

But since the company is so small at the moment, I must limit distribution of this report to current subscribers and the first 500 new readers who take action today.

Again, this is one of the smallest companies I have discovered. And it’s the biggest growth potential in the arena.

And, as you may have guessed, there is a low trade volume on their stock at the moment.

If I made this opportunity to learn about this company open to a lot of people, it could drive shares through the roof. So this is why I must limit distribution to serious readers.

As soon as February 19th arrives – or 500 new readers take advantage of this message – you may never see this presentation again.

I will simply take it down from the internet.

How can you get started today?

Let me show you.

As I told you earlier, my name is Stephen Petranek. I'm the editor of a technology research service called Breakthrough Technology Alert.

I love helping my readers get ahead of stories on upcoming technologies with the potential to change the world.

And what really sets our research team apart is the length we go to learn the truth.

For example, a few years back we heard about a supplement – called anatabine citrate – that allegedly lowered C-reactive proteins.

Most people have no clue how bad these proteins can be for their health.

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Okay, one last thing…

Since this is such a small company, with such a big potential, you need to ask yourself a serious question…

Are you the type of person who favors safe investments and is uneasy when it comes to investing in stocks?

If so, then this play is probably not right for you.

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Again, this is not something you should bet your children’s college savings on.

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I’ve covered the story as best I can in this letter. All that’s left is for you to act and claim your chance at gains from the market stories of a lifetime…



Stephen Petranek,
Editor, Breakthrough Technology Alert

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P.S. I expect major news about this company’s future – news that may push their share prices 1,000%-3,000% more than what they are now – as soon as February 19th…

This special presentation will be taken down when I have heard from the first 500 serious market watchers, or when February 19th arrives. You may never see this again, as it will likely be terminated from the internet.

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