This worldwide exclusive investigation digs beyond the headlines of The New York Times,
The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Fortune, and Fox News
to reveal…

How You’ll Have Dinner with
Shakespeare… Speak Any Language…
Know Everything… And Live Forever!

“[This] opens up a whole new universe of possibilities…”
— Expert Michael A. quoted in The Atlantic.

Dear Reader,

“I stood 15 feet away from a dinosaur.”

That sentence appeared in the New York Times on November 20, 2015.

It sounds nuts. I know. I didn’t believe it myself at first.

Today I’ll show you why it’s real.

I’ll prove every last detail.

It’ll blow your mind. It could also unlock huge new, life-changing wealth for you.

If you missed the biggest wealth stories of the past generation like smartphone technology or Internet companies, this could be your chance to rake in all those gains you “missed”… plus more.

But wait… this gets even crazier…

Time magazine said NASA scientists can’t wait to get their hands on what you’re about to see.

It could help them investigate the far reaches of space and look at stars like never before.

And the UPI reported surgeons recently used it to go inside a man’s heart and complete a difficult heart bypass procedure.

Now, surgeons can see what their instruments are doing inside a body in a whole new way.

“ promises entirely different experiences,” said expert Gordon W. to Fortune magazine.

Fortune also reports one company’s prediction that what you’re about to see will be a $30 billion business by 2020.

To put that $30 billion in context, in early 2015, Business Insider estimated this market at $37 million a year. That means this business could be on the verge of 81,000% growth!

Right now, not 1 in 10 of your friends and neighbors even knows what this is or that it exists… much less how to act on it and profit from it.

Today I’ll show you how to take your part of the wealth this story’s already creating.

Mega-giants like Samsung and Facebook, in fact, have already invested billions to try to get an edge in the race to break this story open for the public.

A Financial Times writer even said, after tracking this story for the past 8 months, “I may have rather under-exaggerated the situation.”

Today, you get a chance to put the earliest wealth from this story right in your pocket.

One expert even said to The Atlantic, “This opens up a whole new universe of possibilities.”

Two Years, Dozens of Meetings, and 11,000 Air Miles Later…
My Research Tells Me This Is the Biggest Story
Any of Us Have Ever Seen

My name is Ray Blanco. I’m the Chief Technology Officer for Agora Financial in Baltimore, MD.

Agora Financial’s one of the largest independent publishers of big new ideas in the world.

Over 1.8 million people just like you read our research every day, in fact. More people read Agora Financial each day, for example, than read the Washington Post.

What you’ll see here today first crossed my desk over two years ago. I didn’t believe it was real.

Then, after a trip to Las Vegas last January when I saw it up close, I became interested.

While in Vegas, I talked to every expert I could find. I logged thousands of air miles to get to the bottom of the story.

I read every book I could find on the subject – fiction and non-fiction – stretching back to the early 1960s. I scoured scientific papers from schools like CalTech and MIT.

I wanted every piece of evidence at my disposal before I broke this story wide-open for you. Now, I’m ready to spill all the beans and show you all my research.

Today I’m going to show you how you could have dinner with this man…

Dinner’s on me tonight.

That’s William Shakespeare.

He’s got a bag full of great stories to share with you during your dinner.

From writing Romeo & Juliet to what it was like performing at the Globe Theater in 1603.

If you’re not a big Shakespeare fan, it’s ok. He won’t be offended if you decline his invite.

How about dinner with Jackie Robinson or Teddy Roosevelt instead?

Eat well. Have fun. Then get some sleep.

After Dinner with Shakespeare,
You Could Go Back to 1922 And
Open King Tut’s Tomb

Hope you slept well! Because now you’re going to crack open this guy’s famous tomb…

How long have I been asleep?

That’s King Tut’s tomb.

Adventurers discovered it and opened it up in November 1922.

Now you get to go back and be the first one there, all over again.

Sound crazy yet? Of course it does.

But we’re just getting started. What could this amazing new thing be, you wonder?

It’s something you’ve never seen before… and it’s going to make everything better.

It could also lead to 81,000% growth
in the months ahead.

So what the heck is it? Here’s a few hints…

In September, FoxNews said the Los Angeles Philharmonic couldn’t wait to try it…

The Washington Post said colleges will use it to recruit the best new students…

And CNN Money quoted one of the visionaries behind a company that specializes in this who said, “We’re in for a big change…”

When you see what it is, you’ll agree it could make you richer than you ever imagined…

This is why Time magazine also called one version, “A very exciting glimpse into the future…”

How to Speak Any Language… Go Anywhere…
And Know Everything You Want

After you look through Tut’s tomb, you could learn to speak fluent Korean, Italian, and French… any language you want.

Want to take a trip?

Ciao !

That’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Now you can speak Italian, or any other language, like a native champ.

GizMag reported there’s a company in San Francisco working on making it possible right now.

Then, you can look at a car engine, from the inside.

Or swim with fish that live in darkness 5,000 feet under the sea. Like the lantern fish:

Someone turn on the lights!

Next, you can explain to your grandkids how all the U.S. state borders got exactly where they are today.

Watch it, Virginia . No funny business.

If you want to know it, in other words, you could.

Scary. Strange. Impossible. Go ahead. Think all those things.

Actually, add one more… richer than you ever imagined possible.

Because after you jump over the “strange” and “impossible” feelings…

… I’ll show you how everything I’ve just mentioned is coming true all around you right now.

And why it could be the biggest wealth story you’ve ever seen in your lifetime!

This Story Could Create More Wealth
Than Anything Else, Ever

What you’ll see here today could be MORE LUCRATIVE… AND MORE FUN…

… Than anything else that’s ever happened in human history.

WHOA! Hold on. That’s a whopper claim, I know.

Again, when you see all the details, I think you’ll agree with me.

And YOU have a chance to act on it, and potentially start profiting from it, before anyone else even knows what’s going on!

What you’ll see in the next 1 minute is like movies, live theater, libraries, concerts, the Internet, all the best teachers you ever knew, all the best vacations, and all the best family moments – past, present, and future – all rolled into one.

Say what?

It could also make for the biggest wealth bonanza any of us have ever seen.

And you’re going to get an early-in chance to put some of that wealth in your pocket.

In fact, you might need more pockets for all your new wealth. Here’s why…

How Much Will The World Pay…
To Travel to the Past and the Future

Imagine what people will pay to have experiences today that first took place hundreds of years ago…

Or to speak any language you wanted essentially on demand…

Or to make yourself, your wisdom, and your stories accessible to future generations of your family… 150, even 250 years from now?

I know this is fundamentally opposed to every law of the universe as you know it.

It’s also coming true quicker than you ever thought possible.

This isn’t science fiction.

This isn’t about a disease cure. This isn’t about robots.

As you’ll see, what I’ll disclose to you today is a story far, far bigger than anything like that.

Imagine being the first person in thousands of years to encounter the Anubis statue in King Tut’s tomb.


Hi there! Why didn’t you invite me to dinner with Shakespeare?

What I’m about to show you is the mind-trip of a lifetime…

That’s because what you’ll know 4 seconds from now could change how you think about your time here on earth… what it means… and what it’s really all about.

It could also make you richer than you ever imagined possible.

MIT Technology Review wrote on November 3, for example, that Google made a big bet to try to leapfrog in front of what I’m about to show you…

And Business Insider recently wrote about how Apple swooped in and bought a company making some of the biggest gains in one part of this story…

That’s good news for you. Because stiff competition and acquisitions means more exposure, more interest, and bigger potential market gains for you! Here we go… you ready?

The Grainy Photo That Changed Human History

The picture below is called View From the Window at Le Gras.

The most famous bad photo in history.

This is the oldest known photograph. It was taken in France in either 1826 or 1827.

A man named Nicephore Niepce took this photo out the window of his house.

Chances are you and Mr. Niepce probably have the same reasons for taking photos.

He wanted to preserve the image of his barn outside his window.

You want to take pictures of holiday dinners, or your grandkids dressed up for their graduations or wedding days.

And it used to be you put those photos in albums.

Then, starting about 15 years ago, we began storing them on our computers.

A few years after that, we started emailing photos to each other moments after we took them.

Now, we use social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to essentially upload photos in real time…

Think about that. It’s nuts. How far we’ve come!

In 1980, you shook a Polaroid “instant” photo for a few seconds, and then everyone in the room got to see it.

Aunt Beatrice in Boston, however… well, she didn’t get to see your great photo. Unless you mailed her one.

Today, in less time than it would take to shake that old Polaroid, Aunt Beatrice can see your photo on Facebook, comment on it, and suggest the next photo.

See, social media isn’t all bad!

From Mr. Niepce in France in 1827, to your stack of Polaroids in 1980, to Aunt Beatrice’s photo direction from Boston today… the photo stops time.

Now what happens when every photo ever taken comes alive?

And what does this have to do with making you incredibly wealthy?

Here’s the answer…

Any Experience Ever… On Demand and
At Your Fingertips?

Now here’s what you’ve been waiting for…

It’s how you’re going to have dinner with Shakespeare… stand just feet away from a T-Rex… speak Italian… go to King Tut’s tomb… know everything and basically live forever.

Suppose you took a camera and went around a room snapping photos every few seconds.

Every object gets a photo snap – CLICK!


Now, you upload those photos to a program you can interact with…

… And you can experience any place on earth. At any time. No matter where you are.

That’s it. That’s what’s happening right now.

It’s going to make select fast-movers like you incredibly wealthy.

As you’ve probably guessed, I’m talking about what’s called Virtual Reality.

Now hold on!

What I’m going to show you ISN’T “virtual reality” like you’ve seen it before in movies and in sci-fi books. This isn’t like the movie The Matrix.

Virtual reality, as I’ll prove to you today, is actually the most profound and liberating advance to come along since flight, computers, cellphones, heck… even the car.

It’s also poised to kick off the biggest market boom any of us have ever seen.

Samsung and Facebook, for example, are both releasing devices regular people like you and me can use to do everything we’ve discussed so far…

And word from sites like Venture Beat is Sony has a device they’re also launching soon that’ll work in combination with their PlayStation gaming console.

Venture Beat also said mobile applications for virtual reality alone could be a $15.9 billion industry by 2019.

This is all part of that 81,000% total industry growth Business Insider wrote about… and it’s central to your big-picture gain opportunity if you take action today.

Now here’s what that means for your chance to rake in huge amounts of new wealth…

Sensors and Content – Remember Those Words…

Virtual reality as an immersive experience boils down to “content.”

Think of content as places, things, and times - like a bunch of photos put together to fill in all the details about what’s in a room.

Or the view from the top of the Empire State Building.

Or the inside of a human heart and how it beats.

After content, you need “sensors.” That’s the computing ability to make those places “real” and “alive” in real time…

Here’s an example of what I mean…

Recently, National Geographic published hundreds of colorized and cleaned up photos from the 1922 expedition that cracked open King Tut’s tomb.

Using a virtual reality device, those photos could be put together to make an “immersive experience” – a place you could interact with, and you could travel through Tut’s tomb as though you were the first person there.

Similarly, a virtual avatar of William Shakespeare could sit across the table from you while you share a virtual meal.

He could tell you all about his most famous stories, and you could ask him questions.

“Content” in the case of the dinner-with-Shakespeare scenario is all the information about everything he ever wrote and did. “Sensors” is the program that lets you interact with him.

That info gets loaded into an immersive device, and the virtual Shakespeare talks to you.

In the immersive, virtual experience, all that content will be part of the space you’re in… and will be available to use in your conversation.

Sensors. Content. Virtual reality and the fortunes it’ll build are SENSORS and CONTENT.

Got it? Good. But wait… its gets better…

Portugal from Home… Goodbye Business Trips!

Imagine you have to attend a business meeting in Portugal - and the Portuguese colleagues you’re meeting don’t speak English.

Want to meet at the Sydney Opera House? No problem.

Want to meet at Carnegie Hall – on stage? You can do that.

Make no mistake, virtual spaces, virtual worlds, and immersive experiences are going to take the world by storm…

Starting just days from now as the first wave of virtual reality devices begin to swarm into stores. And I still haven’t even shown you the best part…

This is how, two-hundred years from now, in other words, future generations of your family may be able to experience the great family vacation you took last year.

But that’s not all…

I’m certain after you see everything else I have to show you today, you’ll want to experience these new immersive worlds for yourself.

That virtual space could be your living room, it could be a sea side resort, or it could be any place you want.

I know a lot of what I’ve shown you so far might seem hard to believe. It seems like its way off in the distant future. I get that.

That’s why my own experience with this technology is helpful.

Like you, I’m a skeptic by nature – I don’t believe in a “next big thing” until I see it, use it, and experience it myself.

The First Encounter Goes Beyond Words…
I Saw It With My Own Eyes

Here’s a picture of me doing a demo on a virtual reality device at a tech conference in Las Vegas in January.

When you encounter real, cutting-edge virtual reality for the first time, something happens.

You lose track of time. You lose track of feeling good or feeling bad. You lose track of noises around you. Your senses don’t even know how to respond.

It’s strange, and mystifying, and kind of fantastic too!

It’s like your brain opens up to a new way of sensing, and you fully immerse yourself in the virtual world you’re experiencing.


There’s sensing the content advances all around us from big companies and from hidden, off the radar companies that are scooping up licensing and deals that will build fortunes for first-in investors. Here’s what I mean…

Facebook, as you know, has the Oculus virtual reality device ready to launch in early 2016.

And Samsung has the Gear device that’s ready to ship in time for the Christmas shopping season.

What I’m about to show you could make the growth of these two giants in the weeks and months ahead look like peanuts.

Forget Headsets.
This is A New World…

The virtual reality advances on the cusp of breaking into the mainstream aren’t just the headset-type devices you’ve probably seen in the past.

What’s coming is a truly immersive world of never-before-seen hardware… like gloves that allow you to touch, turn pages, pick up objects, and point in virtual spaces.

MIT Technology Review, for example, recently wrote about researchers in Germany who are making devices to allow you to “feel” real things in virtual worlds.

I’m talking about next-generation movement sensors that can give you the sensation of walking, running, driving, swimming or flying.

I told you this was going to be a mind-trip!

And Bloomberg recently wrote about how Amazon filed a patent application on technology for what’s called Augmented Reality.

That’s when your living room becomes the virtual environment, and you can hike the top of the Great Wall of China without ever leaving your home!

Weird, right? We’ll get to that in a minute.

How much do you think that’s going to be worth for the hooked-in tech-set who spend like crazy every time a new smartphone comes out or a new gadget hits the market?

We’re talking billions. On top of billions.

So don’t worry… you don’t have to actually USE any of these virtual reality devices to make lots and lots of money from them.

That’s because I’ve figured out how you can get your hands on three companies almost no one knows about that are in the driver’s seat for the virtual reality boom.

And make no mistake… there’s two HUGE opportunities on the horizon too in virtual reality we haven’t even discussed yet:

As you read this, there’s not much time for you to spring into action and secure the earliest waves of wealth for yourself.

Soon, everything I’m showing you here today will break out into wide, mainstream awareness.

Then it’ll be too late to secure the earliest wealth for yourself. So time is critical here.

Here’s point-by-point details, for example, on each of the three companies I’ve identified that are set to drive the virtual reality boom forward by leaps and bounds…

Keep in mind as your read the following that almost no one knows the names of these companies.

Precious few understand how important these companies are to virtual reality tech…

… And most investors are going to simply buy Facebook, Samsung, and a few other big companies and hope for the best.

The profits you could make, however, could far outpace the gains any of those folks make.

That’s because, according to forecasting firm Digi-Capital, virtual reality will be a $30 billion a year business by 2020… good for amazing 81,000%+ growth from today’s sales!

And here’s the company leading the way…

This Company Could Be Bigger Than Apple,
Google, or Microsoft… It’s the Future in a Nutshell

When Facebook’s Oculus virtual reality device comes out in the months ahead, one company I want you to know about today will be responsible for a big part of the guts of that device.

Even better, if the Oculus takes off and becomes a worldwide sensation, this company wins big.

If the Oculus gets surpassed, however, by a device from Google, Apple, or some other competitor, chances are good this company will make the guts of those devices too.

This company, in short, is the far-and-away worldwide leader in the visual technology that makes virtual reality devices work.

Put another way, if you don’t have this company, you don’t have first-class virtual reality!

Think of it like this… this company takes all the “content” we talked about and makes it look REAL.

We’re not going to see virtual reality turn into a $30 billion business by 2020, in other words, without this company’s technology.

And make no mistake… this company is a virtual reality dominator.

Science, education, safety… their technology makes all the big money virtual reality applications more useful and easier to use.

Fortune wrote in late November, for example, about how this company is getting into eSports – basically, how in-person gaming experiences can be beamed to anyone anywhere.

2.1 billion people played mobile games in September 2015, and some industry estimate say up to 3 billion people EVERY MONTH will play on mobile devices by the end of 2016.

Eventually, this tech could make any content – say, a football game – available as an immersive, in-person experience to anyone on earth.

No more sitting in bad seats at a cold, cramped, loud football stadium.

You might have a better “in-person” experience from the comfort of your own home!

This is just the beginning… because as virtual reality devices take flight all across America and the world, this company’s technology will give them the power to take a user’s breath away.

For example, the company recently posted a video of a virtual reality experience showing what it’s like to stand at the top of Mount Everest.

This isn’t pictures or grainy video. This is what it looks and feels like to stand at the top of Everest.

Granted, you and I aren’t going to the top of Mount Everest anytime soon.

But using virtual reality devices powered with this company’s “seeing” technology, we can go there anytime we want, over and over again…

That’s the future. That’s what’s coming. It’s going to change everything in ways most folks can’t even realize…

Virtual reality, as you now know, is more than just visuals. Taking the “content” and making it real is only part of the story.

A device also needs “sensors” to give accurate motion, depth, and texture… so the user has the sensation of really being in that place and not just in a “living photo album.”

This next company I want to show you has just the solution…

I’ll give you all the details on this second company just as soon as I show you why I’m so amped up today…

The Three Companies I Want You to Know About Today
Could Return Life-Changing Gains

I write a newsletter called Technology Profits Confidential. In monthly issues and weekly updates, 11,000 readers rely on my investigations and reports to help them make tech-investing decisions.

My readers have had the chance to book gains like 195% in 9 months, 101% in a little over a year, even 239% in just 4 months.

They’ve also written in with comments like this:

Hello Ray,
214%. I could use a few more like that! J. Farmer, CT

And this…

Thanks Ray for reminding us to take some profits on the way up!! The hardest thing for me is deciding when to sell a winner Keep up the good work. M. Michaels, AZ

I’m happy for my readers but the fact is their gains could be peanuts compared to what’s coming with virtual reality.

I cut through all the hard science and technical mumbo jumbo and show you what the best companies are and how you can benefit from owning them in your own portfolio.

All you have to do is read my to-the-point research and take action if you agree with my findings. And as I hope I’ve proven so far, I love research.

When I lock in on a story with big potential, I do whatever it takes to find out everything there is to know.

When I locked in on virtual reality… when the pieces started to line up… I knew this was the biggest thing I’ve ever researched.

And the second company I want to share with you has the “sensors” for motion and depth perception technology so a virtual reality user can move seamlessly through a virtual space…

Virtual Reality Motion Sensing and Computing Power…
These Two Companies are Giants in the Making
– You Need to Own Them Today

The second virtual reality company I want you to know about today has best in class motion sensing technology that helps make moving through a virtual space smooth and lifelike.

If experiencing virtual reality was like watching a DVD that kept skipping, for example, no one would ever use virtual reality a second time.

That’s why Samsung and Facebook simply must rely on the first company I told you about for visual content rendering, and this second company for gyroscopic motion sensing.

This company, based in California, is the leader in what’s called “sensor on a chip” technology – small, lightweight, powerful sensors that can pick up motion, images, and sound.

Deloitte ranked this company as one of the fastest growing computing companies in the country…

And Investor’s Business Daily reported in September that if you tear apart an iPhone 6s, you’ll find guts from this company.

Right now, shares of this company trade for less than $14.00 each. That could be a distant memory when the virtual reality rocket really takes off in the weeks ahead.

Similarly, the third company I want you to know about today is the leader in what are known as “stacked 3D circuits.” That’s a tech-lingo way of saying circuits that can do a lot in a little space.

Also based in California, this company makes nano-precise, super-powerful circuits used in defense, medical, high-tech research, and advanced computing applications.

It’s also poised to become a go-to solution for growing virtual reality companies that need reliable, top-shelf components to guarantee that the first time a customer comes in contact with their virtual reality device, they love it.

Samsung and Facebook know just how important these “first experiences” are with their virtual reality devices. That’s why they’re not leaving anything to chance.

Barron’s, for example, wrote in October that three companies are key to Samsung’s future circuit needs… and this third company was the first one mentioned.

In a nutshell, what you need to know about the three companies I’ve mentioned is that they’re the hidden suppliers of what’s going to make virtual reality take flight.

While most of the crowd will buy Samsung, Facebook, and the other companies we’ve discussed, you could buy these three companies and make bigger gains as the rest of the mainstream catches on.

To prove it to you, I’ll send you a new report I just finished, The Three Hidden Companies Driving The Virtual Reality Revolution, which details the businesses of all three companies.

Even better, I’ll send you this report for free.

Before I show you how to claim your copy, however, we should go over just how much money you could make if virtual reality fulfills the ultimate promise I’ve shown you here today.

The short story is - as these three companies take their place as suppliers to the virtual reality wealth wave, you could rake in the kinds of gains the markets haven’t seen in decades.

That’s exactly what I do for my readers… research and break wide open the biggest stories with outsized profit potential.

Here’s An Inside Look at How Easily You Can
Get Your Piece of the Biggest Trends

Right now, for example, my readers could be tracking a total of 20 open recommendations in the model portfolio I publish at the Tech Profits Confidential members-only website.

You’re not going to get deeply researched but easy to understand access to huge new ideas like these from any broker or money manager who’s just after more and more of your money, that’s for sure.

To prove to you just how easy I make taking action on the plays I recommend, here’s an example of what my sell alert emails to you look like.

The sell alert you can see below was from this winter. I emailed my readers and recommended to take a 210% gain off the table! Here’s how easy it was…

That’s how easy it is for my Technology Profits Confidential readers.

Your alert emails show you what to do and why. If you want to take part, all you have to do is pull the trigger.

All Three Virtual Reality Companies I Want To Show You Today Could Return Gains Rivaling These
FIVE Classic Wealth-Makers…

As I hope I’ve proven, virtual reality could become the next mobile phones, the next internet boom, the next home computer…

… It’s the next major step forward for technology, for life, and for what we can do with unlimited potential and information at our fingertips.

These sorts of massive wealth movements have only appeared a few times in your lifetime.

Your report, The Three Hidden Companies Driving The Virtual Reality Revolution, shows you the three off-the-radar companies my research tells me are best positioned to deliver life-changing gains in the weeks and months ahead as the virtual reality story picks up steam.

The type of wealth you could quickly collect could rival the great tech fortunes you have seen in your lifetime. I’m talking about money-explosions like…

Honeywell (HON) is a diversified tech powerhouse that does aerospace, performance materials, even consumer products.

In January 1970, adjusted for splits and dividends, a share of HON could’ve been yours for about $0.83. In early December of this year, HON traded at $104.15.

That’s a 12,548% lifetime gain.

Or enough to turn $500 into $62,740.

Did you turn $500 into a down payment on a house… with enough left over to buy a car?

3M (MMM) is another classic case of the wealth potential you have at your fingertips right now.

3M’s technology reaches so far you don’t even notice all the ways the company is part of your life.

From electronics to auto applications, touchscreens, to paint… 3M is the definition of a tech conglomerate.

In April 1994, MMM was around $13.72 a share. As of February, it traded for $158.99.

That’s a 1,028% gain in just over 20 years.

Your gain on MMM would’ve turned $500 into $5,140. Or $1,000 into $10,280.

If you bought MMM when your kids were born, in other words, you’re helping send them to college today with your gains.

But what about the great tech stories you could’ve retired on?

What I mean is… what about the companies you could’ve snagged near the start of their epic runs, held onto through their first explosion, then cashed out and walked away to live in style?

Cisco (CSCO) is the perfect example. If it’s communications and networking, CSCO plays a part.

In August of 1990, you could get CSCO for $0.08 a share. In September 2007, it was $29.11.

That’s a 36,287% gain.

Or enough to turn $500 into $181,435.

Or $1,000 into $362,870.

And we haven’t even come to the kingmaker wealth stories yet…

What If These Three Companies
Make You Steve Jobs Rich?

Apple’s (AAPL) another example. You probably know this one well…

In June of 1982, a share of Apple set you back $0.19.

In February, Apple traded for $126.12

That’s a 66,742% gain.

66,742% gains are the ones you retire on.

66,742% gains turn $500 into $333,710.

Gains that massive turn $1,000 into $668,420.

Yes, Apple’s an extreme, history-making example. That’s the point. These kinds of gains are very rare and nothing is guaranteed in investing. However, even just a fraction of these could result in windfalls for savvy investors.

Today you have a chance to buy shares at bargain prices in three companies that could be to virtual reality what Apple was to the home computer.

That’s just how big your opportunity today is. It’s off the charts wealth potential.

I’ve done all the work. I’ve reviewed all the business plans and long-range financials.

When you claim your free copy of The Three Hidden Companies Driving The Virtual Reality Revolution, you’ll get full details, names, and ticker symbols on the three companies that could change your life as virtual reality changes the world.

Now of course, we can’t forget Intel (INTC) and the wealth this famous giant piled up too!

Intel basically invented the microprocessor and launched millions of tech fortunes.

In October 1985, INTC was just $0.37 a share.

By August of 2000, every share of INTC was worth $53.40.

That’s an approximately 14,559% gain in just under 15 years.

That massive gain would’ve turned just a $500 starting stake into $72,795.

Or $1,000 into $146,590.

If you were early in INTC, you’ve would’ve boosted your wealth almost 15,000-times over.

Did you catch INTC on the way up?

Even more impressive – what would your life be like today had you caught all 5 of the examples we just went over when they were off-the-radar?

What if… just what if… you knew the whole story behind the tech mega-trend ahead of time and got in position?

Remember… that’s the chance you have today when it comes to virtual reality.

What Beach Would You Be On Right Now
Had You Gone 5 For 5?

Let’s suppose you had $500 in each of these 5 companies for the times we discussed above.

In total, you would’ve been $2,500 out of pocket.

What would your total, all-in, bottom line gain have been?

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Your dinner with Shakespeare is just the start. Your ability to make your experiences in-person accessible to generations of your family not yet born is just the start.

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Ray Blanco
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February, 2016

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