Florida-based Technology Expert (and Patriotic American) Says:

“The Time is Now to Declare
Your Independence From….”

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Dear Patriotic American:

My name is Ray… and my story might sound a little familiar.

While I was born in the United States, the rest of my family was not.

In the 1960s, my family was forced to flee from Castro's Marxist Cuba.

After they settled in Florida, I was born. But you'd better believe I grew up hearing about the horrors of Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution of 1959.

As you know, communist tyranny won in Cuba that day.

And maybe you won't be surprised if I see a few parallels to what’s happing right now – in the horrible new socialist revolution that we’re seeing taking place in America.

But you know what? This time around, me and my family are NOT running away.

We’re taking a stand, right here in the USA… and declaring our independence…

We are no longer going to let ourselves be pushed around by gun-grabbing politicians, or their crony-corporate buddies.

But I want to make one thing very clear from the start:

We are NOT going to answer these socialists with violence.

The fact is, I don’t’ consider myself an political extremist. I’m just a regular patriotic American who still believes in the Founding values and God-given liberties of this great nation.

That’s why, even though things are looking bad right now, I truly believe armed revolt is NOT the answer at this time (you might agree or disagree with me on this…)

But the thing is… what I’m about to show you in a moment… there probably won’t be any need for violence…

Because what I’m here to tell you about today is a technological revolution…

Something I’ve been waiting for after spending 25 years working and researching in the world of technology.

It’s also something I’ve specifically been tracking in the markets for technology investing for the last 24 months.

And what I’m seeing right now – and what I'd like to tell you more about – is powerful new potential for a breakthrough that could soon free us yet again.

Free us from corrupt governments, both at the Federal and State levels. Free us from the crooks on Wall Street. And free us from money-grubbing corporations that outsource our jobs to China.

In short, what I see is a technology that could single-handedly redirect America back into prosperity – with nothing but our natural entrepreneurial spirit and innovation to make it so.

I also want to share with you today a simple SECRET to using this technology to potentially make enough money that you never have to worry about government bungling... or whipsawing markets on Wall Street... ever again.

Sounds pretty good, right?

But what exactly am I talking about…

Well, take a look at this 15-second video clip:

What you saw in this clip was someone firing a very unusual firearm…

But thing is, this wasn’t like any other gun you’ve ever seen. What's incredible is that this gun was never sold in any store. Neither was it made by any government, as equipment for any member of law enforcement or the military. Nor was it made in a factory.

Instead, it was one made using a technology called “3D printing” – a brand new breakthrough that lets you "print" all kinds of real things.

Maybe you’ve heard of this new technology already?

Then you already know the amazing thing is, for the first time in history, you could make a gun just like this in your basement. You could even make as many of them as you want, without anybody being the wiser.

In fact, at this very moment, a few Americans across the country are using it to grab back their 2nd Amendment rights…

For instance...

If you’ve never seen this technology before, you may be a bit skeptical. But it’s true, and in a few moments, I’ll prove it to you, in way you might not believe is possible…

But first, let me tell you a quick story:

When we first heard about 3-D printed guns, we were so amazed we bought a personal 3-D printer for our research office.

Let me show what the 3-D printer in our office looks like...


It might not look like much. From this very printer, I too was able to print out a gun…


Now, the gun I printed was a non-functioning replica. But I was able to create it EXACTLY the same as the real firing gun you saw in the video clip.

This is cutting-edge stuff – that’s only now starting to show up in the press. Talk show host Glenn Beck recently used a 3D printer to manufacture a gun – live on his radio show He used it to make exactly the same point I hope I'm making clear to you now. .

As Beck told his audience, “You can make weapons with this. You can make anything with this. This changes everything….”

Beck is absolutely correct…


This could change your money, your family, your health, your freedoms, and everything about your daily life.

How exactly?

It all starts by joining me and declaring your own independence… using what I’m calling the “Freedom Convergence” of new technologies.

It’s going to work like this:

First I’m going show you today how this new technological progress is more than just exciting... it can be liberating. Not just from totalitarian government. But also financially liberating.

In fact, as I’ll show you in a moment, you can use this phenomenon in a way you and your family may never have to worry about money ever again.

No matter how much we've seen our retirement system thrashed by Wall Street and their political cronies, thanks to these new technologies, you may never again worry about the future of the economy, the U.S. dollar or about Social Security going bankrupt.

Second, to PROVE to you how real this technology is, I want to send you a free gun.

Before you ask, we've made sure sending you this free gun is perfectly legal. Because what you’ll receive in your mailbox is a non-functioning replica firearm.

And though the gun we’re sending you won’t shoot real bullets – we did manufacture it for you EXACTLY the same way as the working gun you saw in the video.

This way you can see a real physical product of the “Freedom Convergence” for yourself – and even hold it in your hands .

In fact, I’ve already arranged to have your free gun shipped directly and immediately to your home.

You just tell me you're ready, and it will ship. Naturally, I'll cover the postage.

Soon after, your free gun will arrive in a nondescript package.

Once you get your hands on it, I want you to hold it in your hand. Point it at a target. Practice aiming it. Putting your finger on the trigger.

I also want you imagine what it would be like to fabricate a real, functioning firearm just like this one – in your home, office or another secure location. Whenever you want. Without the Feds or anybody else being any the wiser.

Then consider what else you could do with this technology… and what a convergence of technologies like this means for liberty-minded Americans like yourself… including how you can use this to financially protect your family.

You can also consider your replica gun a symbol of the new freedoms you and I and millions of other Americans could soon enjoy….

Put on your desk next or on top of a bookshelf – as a physical reminder of the wealth and independence this technological revolution represents…

However, I do need to warn you -- I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep making this offer. Even though everything seems legal on our end, you never know when some busybody bureaucrat will intervene.

So to claim your free gun, you need to give me the okay, today.

And it’s also possible – at this point – a few might consider me some sort of “Tea Party Anti-Government Wacko.”

And the truth is… if you’re feeling this is all too extreme… if this is too much for you… then leave this page right now. This isn’t for you.

But if you’re still with me, I hope you’ll accept the free gun I want to send… and give me your full attention as I show reveal to you today a precise “road map” to declare your independence....

And it all starts with is remarkable new technology.

Let me show you what I mean.

Freedom Convergence #1:
The 3-D Printing Revolution —
Like Getting Into Computers in 1978

I’d like you to imagine a world where you can produce anything — from firearms… to a new cellphone… to food and medicine — in your home workshop or basement.

Literally, with a click of a button, you could manufacture virtually whatever you might want or need.

Like the free replica novelty gun I'd like to send you today.

Controversy be damned, you could have this gun now — without registering with the local police department. And without a lengthy or costly background check.

But like I said, it’s just the beginning. There's so much more.

Because this new technology offers you something even greater:

Total self-reliance — helping you become the “go-to guy” for your family and friends — while giving you a shot at building an impenetrable financial fortress…

Financial security strong enough to weather whatever crap our elected officials throw at us.

The fact is, the 3-D printing revolution is already changing the world…

Think back to the late 1970s. Computing power dominated by giant corporations like IBM. The Internet was a tightly controlled military program.

Suddenly, the personal computer was born. Then the Internet was unlocked for regular people with email and the World Wide Web.

Can you even conceive of daily life without these tools of individual freedom?

Flash-forward to today. I’m here to tell you that 3-D printing will be a technology BIGGER than personal computers and bigger even than the Internet as we know it now.

Dead serious. Don’t believe me? Check this out…


The End of the Builder? The Giant 3-D Printer That Could Create a HOUSE in 24 Hours… Using a giant 3-D printer, it’s possible to print out a HOUSE. Yes, I’m talking about an actual dwelling you can live in. Or any other kind of building you can imagine…

A professor at the University of Southern California claims he can use 3-D printing to build an entire 2,500-square-foot house with customized fixtures and fittings in approximately 20 hours. With the U.S. housing market heating up again, I think commercialization of printed buildings could be just around the corner…


3-D Printed Car Is as Strong as Steel, Half the Weight and Nearing Production … What about printing a car — yes, a fully functional automobile. It’s true — a few months ago, Canadian engineer Jim Kor built at three-wheel, fully-drivable two-passenger vehicle at an on-demand 3-D printing facility. It remains to be seen if Jim Kor will be the “Henry Ford” of this century… but I have no doubt this development will transform the automotive industry over the next five years...

But then consider:


NASA’s 3-D-Printed Rocket Engine Injector… What about using 3-D printing to create a rocket engine? NASA’s doing it right now. According to the NASA press release, “3-D manufacturing offers opportunities to optimize the fit, form and delivery systems of materials that will enable our space missions while directly benefiting American businesses here on Earth.”

That’s quite an endorsement from NASA about the potential of this technology… But then look at this:


Using 3-D Printing to Create BODY PARTS?... It sounds wild… but a few U.S. companies are actually using 3-D printing to create replacement human body parts.

For example, the Daily Mail reports scientists can now build a flesh-and-blood human ear that looks and works just like the real thing — using cells from sheep and a 3-D bioprinter.

What does this mean? Are we close to doctors simply printing out a new liver or heart or leg if you need a replacement and then grafting it on your body? I think you’ll be blown away once you examine the science for yourself. But there are even more implications for your health…


In the Future, Your Pharmacist Will Be a Printer… According to scientists at the University of Glasgow, in the very near magazine future, you won’t be heading to your corner pharmacy if you need to fill a prescription.

Instead, as Reason magazine reports, we’re “poised for a revolution, as 3-D printing applies its high-tech charms to the business of creating chemical compounds, and turns the production of medicine into a DIY project.”

But it won’t just be about printing your own house, cars, body parts or medicines…

At this point, I can show you hundreds more ingenious examples of American entrepreneurs using this breakthrough technology.

But I think you get my point: We’re on the leading edge of a wave of new wealth creation like we haven’t seen since the personal computer boom more than 30 years ago…

The Ultimate “Do It Yourself” Technology

Is there any doubt 3-D printing will transform American manufacturing, health care, engineering and every other industry — creating thousands of new jobs?

But even better, it will let average Americans fabricate just about whatever 3-D objects they want in their homes or offices — as easily as printing things on paper right now.

Instead of relying upon a long supply chain from Asia for manufactured goods, you’ll be able to build goods yourself. Instead of waiting weeks for replacement parts for your home after a storm, print the replacement parts yourself.

If you could print your own guns, food, clothing, toys, equipment and medicine, you could live anywhere and reduce your dependence on the vast global corporate structures.

Make no mistake. This is going to help you and every other patriotic American take control of your own life and destiny and have the power to protect your family and keep them safe.

And this still being America, it means this technology is going to catch on in a big way…

Look, I’ve been an influential insider in the high-tech world since the 1980s. And I’ve never seen a wave coming as big as 3-D printing. Take a look at this chart…


Right now 3-D printing is already a $777 million market. Forbes expects it to grow to $3.1 billion by 2016. And Lux Research predicts $8.4 billion by 2025.

Do you see the potential? It’s enormous. In the next year alone, the growth of 3-D printers is projected to be 75% in the coming year and 200% in 2015.

In short, companies will soon be pouring millions into refining the technology. Like computers and smartphones, the entry price of this technology is already dropping like a stone. Soon most everyone in America will be able to afford one…

That’s why I’m going to make a not-so-bold prediction:

Soon, a 3-D printer will be on every desktop in the nation.

Every home. Every business.

Which means in a few years’ time, you’ll see a multibillion-dollar business erupt out of nowhere… with a $2,000 product that will find its way into almost every home and business in America.

This could be as big or bigger than personal computers were 30 years ago. And right now, it’s still in the basement. It hasn’t even reached the ground floor yet.

No wonder T. Rowe Price calls this, "one of the most exciting innovations of the last 20 years."

And just one company, headquartered in South Carolina, stands to make a ton of money from it…

First off, you need to know this company is relatively small. (That’s a good thing actually. I’ll tell you why in a minute.) It’s only $7.5 billion in market capitalization in size.

In comparison, Google is 45 times bigger. And Apple is 62 times larger.

What does this company produce? 3-D printers, of course. Hands down, the best printers in the industry….

So not only is it perfectly positioned to capitalize on the coming 3-D printing wave, but it also has barely any debt to speak of… it’s sitting pile of cash to fund R&D… and sales are skyrocketing: up 54% last year -- after years of double-digit growth.

I’ve been studying the stock market for the last 10 years — specifically, how to make money from transformational technologies. And for the last 12 months, I’ve been closely tracking this company and its market potential…

My bottom-line analysis is this: Even if you take two times revenue as the projected market value for this company and figure sales will double every year, it could easily be worth $104 billion by 2020. That’s about 17 times its current share price.

In other words, the potential to make money here is HUGE.

The thing is there’s so much more I need to tell you about investing in this company. That’s why I want give you all the exciting details — FREE — in a special report I’ve put together, called 3-D Printing, 10-Fold Gains and the "Maker Miracle."

In this exclusive and private report, I reveal my simple strategies for maximizing your gains in five different potentially millionaire-making stocks.

I don’t leave anything out: I give you all the juicy details on these exciting 3-D printing companies… I tell you exactly what to do now to get in on this trend… when to buy each of these stocks… what price you should pay… and precisely when you should expect to take your gains.

I’ll even tell you which “overhyped” and overpriced 3-D printing stocks to avoid!

Get into the right plays now and I’m confident you could wake up rich — with more freedom than you’d believe — three–five years from now. And if you’re like me, that sounds pretty sweet.

But believe it or not, that’s only the beginning of what I want to show you.

Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness…
Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Make no mistake: If you can understand the power that ordinary Americans may soon wield because of the convergence of 3-D printing with our daily life…

Then I’m certain you’ll agree with me that we’re on the cusp of the biggest wealth-creating opportunity in human history.

A time when we could soon be made invulnerable to major diseases. Set free from the medical establishment…

A time of new jobs and opportunities and abundance for all — driven purely by entrepreneurship and old-fashioned American know-how…

… a new golden age of freedom… where average Americans like you and me can gain control back over lives from the corrupt Washington establishment.

The revolutionary change is already well under way…

Very few know the whole story or the full implications. Perhaps only 23,900 people on the entire planet. (That’s less than 0.01% of the U.S. population.)

Dr. Eric Topol, a renowned cardiologist, geneticist, medical activist and author, is calling this phenomenon the “super-convergence of health care and technology.”

Though this technological convergence remains obscure, it’s already letting thousands of regular Americans reclaim their God-given liberties.

And more than that, this unstoppable technological trend could also herald the greatest creation of wealth in human history.

That’s why I’m calling this phenomenon the “Freedom Convergence.”

And 3-D printing is only part of this future. Let me show what else will be part of it…

Freedom Convergence #2:
Obamacare Be Damned

While everyone’s been worrying about Obamacare, inflation and the economy…

They’ve been missing the real story that will change our lives… and make a few of us filthy rich.

To understand it, try to imagine NOT going to your doctor if you’re not feeling well.

Because instead, you’ll have possession of your very own personalized genetic “blueprint” showing you your medical future.

Thanks to these amazing technologies, you probably won’t ever get sick again. But even if you do, you’ll soon have the capability to “reprogram” your body to cure itself — from common ailments to arthritis, heart disease or cancer.

And you’ll do it all from the comfort of our own home…

Without having to check in with fat cat health insurance plans or government agencies….

Without having to ask permission — of anyone.

Using this new technology, you’ll just make the pill yourself, swallow it… and switch “on” your body’s natural healing abilities.

New medicines that reverse the aging process. Cure baldness, acne, skin cancer and lung disease. It’s mind-boggling stuff, for sure. But as you're about to see, this technology isn't science fiction.


Right here in the good ole’ USA. American innovation… on scale like you’ve never seen before… on the brink of hitting the mainstream.

It’s all part of a broader trend of personalized medicine. And from a freedom-seeker’s perspective, it means the chance for you to take back control over your health care…

And from an investor perspective, the opportunity is enormous. According to my calculations, this trend could easily generate six-figure capital gains for early investors.

Here’s the story:

The days of going to your doctor and having him (or her) “guess” what’s wrong with you and then prescribing a drug that may or may not work and then waiting a week or two to see if you feel better — it could soon be over.

Sooner than you might believe, if you’re feeling sick, you could use a device in the comfort of your own home. With a pinprick, this device would take a sample of proteins from your body for analysis. It would run these through a database based on the Human Genome Project, the 25,000 genes that give us the “blueprint” of the human body

We’re not quite there yet. But thanks to a new science called genomic testing, devices like this will examine your proteins to see if there are any genetic problems — before anything becomes a major health problem for you.

Of course, with this information in hand, the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of many different diseases — including cancer — goes from a “guessing game” to getting a precise, scientific answer.

That’s why genomic testing might be the biggest game changer in health care we’ve ever seen…

And there’s a small company based in Redwood City, Calif., that’s putting genomic testing to work — right now — using a device that’s helping doctors detect prostate cancer, breast cancer and other possibly fatal diseases early.

It’s true this company is small. At a little over $1 billion in market capitalization, it’s practically still a startup.

As I said earlier, I’ve been tracking transformational technologies and how to make money off them for the last 10 years. This means I can say with confidence that this company truly has the potential to transform the world… and possibly your investment fortune.

Why? For one, their biggest competitive advantage — their patented technology — is protected by the U.S. legal system. To date, they’ve locked up 68 U.S. and international patents. That’s quite a moat for any future competitors to cross…

Second, this company is already profitable, and has been since 2010. Its tests have been used already by 375,000 patients in 70 countries around the globe. In short, it’s practically cornered the $3.5 billion global market for genomic testing of cancer — after only a few years of operation.

And if you want to jump into this mega-trend, this tiny U.S.-based company is one of my top recommendations. But there’s something even bigger happening within this convergence…

In the Very Near Future,
YOU Could Control Your Health Care —
Not Politicians or Greedy
Insurance Companies

Just think what could happen when once you have the capability to diagnose any diseases — years in advance — thanks to the super-accurate diagnostics of genomic testing…

Well, you’ll soon be able to use another new medical miracle to “switch off” diseases inside your cells.

It’s a Nobel Prize-winning science called RNA interference. Have you heard of it yet? You probably will soon, on the cover of every leading medical journal.

It works like this: As you know, inside every cell is your DNA. And using something called RNA, your DNA communicates with your cells to make different kinds of proteins. In a nutshell, that’s how your genes regulate and control your bodily functions.

Think of RNA as “telegraph lines” connecting your DNA to your body, letting our genes send out their instructions…

However, occasionally, our genes go haywire and start sending out “bad” messages. In fact, the probability of this happening somewhere in our body reaches close to 100% as we age.

The fact is as we get older, our genetic materials start to degrade. Which means our RNA “telegraph wires” will soon be transmitting problems, making the wrong kinds of proteins.

The result: We get sick. I’m talking everything from cancer to “old age.”

That’s where the new miracle of RNA interference comes in. Using these therapies, cells in your body can be tricked into cutting the "bad" telegraph lines — safely, using all-natural substances.

Cut the telegraph lines to the malfunctioning genes — and the health problem just goes away. Thanks to this “interference” of the harmful RNA messages, your body now has a chance to heal itself.

OK, I’m not a doctor, so I realize this might sound like a lot of mumbo jumbo. And if I explained it this way at a conference full of genetic scientists, I’d probably be laughed off the stage…

But regardless, I do know enough about the science to know it’s going to change the world… and potentially make early investors extremely wealthy.

Billions of dollars are on the line. Several RNA interference medicines from American companies are on the verge of federal Food and Drug Administration approval. Including potential cures for heart disease, diabetes, obesity, glaucoma, strokes and Alzheimer’s disease.

But that’s just the beginning. Just imagine once it’s possible to find all disease before they start using technologies like genomic testing. And then think about how we could use medical therapies based on RNA interference to turn these problems “off” using a single pill.

Chances are someday soon you could even be able to print out your “magic pills” like these with a 3-D printer. You would start by uploading your genomic testing to a database, downloading a file with the cure and then printing out your medicine…

Pop the pill and your body could instantly be on the mend.

The possibilities are almost endless. The profit potential is breathtaking.

And I’ll tell you my favorite investment opportunities in genomic testing, RNA interference and the other medical advances. It’s all in a report I want to send you today, titled Custom Cures of the Future: How to Profit From Personalized Medicine.

Knowing about this personalized medical revolution is the first step to taking back your health from the government and the corrupt medical establishment.

And knowing about it could make you very rich as well. You’ll find out how to claim this report in a few minutes…

But first, do you have any doubt every household in America will be using these technologies? The revenues could be in the billions of dollars. The stakes are high. Yet relatively few people know about them, including most investors. Ever stop and wonder why?

Why Wall Street Will Never Get This
(Until It’s Too Late)

Again, my name is Ray Blanco. I’m a lead researcher for Agora Financial. As one of the world’s most accurate financial forecasting firms, maybe you’ve heard of us?

We’ve predicted just about every major economic event of the past decade with bull’s-eye accuracy. From the fall of the Berlin Wall back in 1989 to the dot-com blow up of the early 2000s.

In one of our three New York Times best-selling books, we predicted the demise of the dollar and the explosion of public debt.

We’ve also correctly predicted the housing crisis of 2008 and the recent rise of America’s new oil revolution.

Not only did we predict these events, we showed the readers of our research how to see gains — sometimes to the tune of as much as 417% gains — by positioning themselves ahead of these trends.

So why do we see these trends in advance… while your broker, mutual fund manager and the mainstream media are consistently late to the party?

I’m not surprised. Investment professionals are always looking the wrong direction…

After all, Wall Street is filled with bailed-out government-sponsored corporations.

If anything, it’s the “banksters” and their cronies (as well as clueless individual investors who trusted these clowns with their hard-earned savings) who are most threatened by the Freedom Convergence.

Look at the history of Wall Street over the last 100 years. What’s the most common thing you’ll notice? It’s this: All these big banks are all about the BIG. Big business. Big government.

Until the 1990s, the “Age of Big” all seemed to work. Americans, regardless of income level, would all get rich by investing in huge factories with giant smokestacks churning out consumer products — all backed by the global strength of the U.S. dollar.

At least that’s what we were told by our brokers and the government.

Well, we’ve seen how that worked out. The dollar is getting crushed, and the factories all moved to China.

Meanwhile, look at the greatest inventions of the last 25 years… they’ve all been SMALL.

The microchip. Taking a desktop computer and putting it into your cellphone. The Human Genome Project that unlocked the microscopic DNA molecules inside every cell in your body...

This brings me to the simple secret I told you about earlier…

The secret to potentially getting as much wealth as you need and declaring your financial independence.

Ready for the secret? Here it is: Look for the SMALL.

And not just tiny technologies operating at the molecular level…

But the tiny companies that have learned how to harness them…

Joseph Schumpeter is one of the most important economists you can read. He coined the term “creative destruction.” It’s as good a way as any to describe the kind of innovation I’m taking about. Out with the old and in with the new. Consumers benefit from better products — while the financial backers of the new innovation get rich.

That’s what the heart of capitalism is supposed to be about. And that’s what I’m about too.

I’m looking for investment opportunities that overthrow the old through innovation — and have the potential to make early investors a bloody fortune. And almost always, you’ll find these opportunities by looking small…

Technologies that are microscopic in scale…

The convergence of these technologies, operating at the molecular level, will change our world for the better — and make us more free than ever from intrusive governments and corporations.

But best of all, find the small companies who are taking these technologies into the mainstream — and you could see the opportunity to make more money than you ever believed possible.

That’s why I started writing for a publication tracking these tiny companies and their innovations.

I call my investment newsletter Technology Profits Confidential.

And as far as I know, you won't find anything like it. Anywhere.

I track the biggest breakthrough discoveries — including those in the Freedom Convergence that I’ve shown you today.

I also track companies just small enough to still be off the radar… and to have money-multiplying potential… but solid enough to have the cash, revenue, well-tested technology and even lucrative partnerships already in place that they'll need to get these breakthroughs to market immediately — and independently.

But here’s something else you need to know: Right now, I'd like to invite you to test our Technology Profits Confidential research for up to a year — absolutely free.

And you’ll get immediate online access to two special reports I’ve just written:

You might wonder how can I give away my best work for next to nothing?

It’s easy. Because of the way my business works, I get paid only if my subscribers stay with me for the long term. So I have every incentive to work hard for my new readers. To prove myself to them, without costing them a lot of money upfront.

And believe me, you're going to want to jump on this deal…

Let me show you one more technology in the Freedom Convergence that I’ve been closely following…

Freedom Convergence #3:
The Return of 60-Cent Gasoline?

I’m sure you’ve heard about the ongoing American energy revolution…

In short, there are enough fossil fuels buried in our own backyard to make us the “new Saudi Arabia.”

But what I want to talk to you about today is NOT oil.

Instead, I want you to know about another homegrown fuel that could transform America — and make us truly energy independent.

No, it’s not solar or wind or any of those government-sponsored boondoggles.

Legendary oilman T. Boone Pickens calls this fuel a “game changer” and something that could “ help the U.S. become energy self-sufficient.

I’m calling this incredible, clean fuel “60-cent gasoline.”

This new fuel source is not based on gasoline as we know it. It’s not created from oil — or from ethanol. I’m also not talking about electric cars that run on batteries.

Instead, this new fuel is cheaper than regular gasoline to burn. It burns cleaner — with less pollution. Best of all, there is a ton of it buried across America, just waiting to be tapped.

In fact, according to Lord Browne, ex-head of BP, the future supply of this all-American fuel is “ effectively infinite . ”

What does this mean for you? For one, understand energy in general is about to become a lot cheaper. This is great news for U.S. manufacturing. Cheaper energy will make us more competitive — which means more manufacturing jobs.

But even better, this new “60-cent gasoline” will transform our transportation infrastructure.

This might sound crazy, but it’s already beginning. You might have driven next to a vehicle this morning that’s running on this new fuel source — and not even realized it.

The fact is a huge number of companies are replacing the fuel of their truck fleets from regular diesel and gasoline to “60-cent gasoline.”

As The New York Times reports, “ Sales of [these vehicles] could increase to 275,000 in 2035, equivalent to 34% of new vehicle sales. ”

Earlier this year, UPS said it would buy almost 1,000 trucks powered by this cheap “super-fuel” over the next two years…

UPS’ fleet will join those of other multinational companies, including FedEx, Waste Management, Ryder System, PepsiCo, AT&T, Procter & Gamble and Wal-Mart.

And as Bloomberg reports:

Companies including Freightliner Trucks and AT&T Inc. are investing hundreds of millions in vehicles powered by [“60-cent gasoline”]… to reap annual fuel savings of up to $40,000 a vehicle. Hundreds of new fueling stations are being constructed along the interstate highway system.

What’s this mean for you? Well, if there’s one thing that sticks in my craw as an American, it’s the rising price of gasoline.

And this new fuel promises to get us back to when anyone can afford to own and run an automobile, and everyone can again enjoy the freedom of the road... for perhaps as little as 60 cents a gallon.

Plus, this gives us an even greater chance to kick our dependence on oil from corrupt Middle East regimes (I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling DONE dealing with those people.)

But here’s the thing: To be able to tap this energy source, we need the technology to make it work in vehicles.

That’s where this company comes in…

It’s a small firm (based two hours away from Seattle) that has already invented a patented, one-of-its-kind “spark plug” to let engines fire this fuel.

In other words, this company’s product might be the “missing piece”… the thing we needed to potentially roll out “60-cent gasoline” to every car and fueling station in the nation…

To date, this company has chalked up big-name customers ranging from Caterpillar to Ford to Volvo. Further, it controls over 300 patents related to “60-cent gasoline”… more than GE, Toyota and Honda combined.

Here’s why I love this little company:

  1. It’s a small company, virtually unknown to most investors (at least for now).
  2. It has a breakthrough technology that could transform the energy business.
  3. It’s selling relatively cheaply (it has a market capitalization of only $1.4 billion — still a “small cap” in my book).
  4. And best of all, it has the potential to go through the roof…

This is not something you can sit back and ignore. In fact, it's already heating up a handful of radar screens among those who "know" on Wall Street (including a few big-name hedge fund managers).

Which means you still have a little time to make your move.

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