Jim Rickards, The Gov't's Trusted Financial
Warfare Advisor Comes Clean:

“...Doug Casey and I Know
A BIG Secret About Gold...”


Dear reader,

Jim Rickards here.

And there are a lot of things Doug Casey and I have in common…

We’re both best-selling authors…

Doug with his #1 best-selling financial book of 1980, Crisis Investing… and his even bigger follow up hit, Strategic Investing.

Me with my Currency Wars, Death of Money, and NEW Case For Gold.

We’ve both believe Americans should immediately convert a portion of their liquid assets into gold…

Doug’s on record saying you should put 10-20% of your assets into gold…

And I’ve pounded the table on that 10% figure, too.

But here’s the thing…

Doug and I know a BIG SECRET about gold.

During rare windows of time, Doug’s made a personal fortune NOT by buying gold itself… but simply by “tweaking” the way he rode the gold bull…

That's why, right now I’m pounding the table…

** Urging you NOT to buy another oz. of gold
until you read this message in full

Because a rare window in the gold markets has just opened up…

Giving you and me the chance to grow much richer… much faster… than simply buying bullion.

In fact, what you’re about to see could have given us the chance to collect $192 for every $1 rise in the price of gold.

Said a different way…

If I’m right and gold marches to $10,000…

Then every $10,000 invested in what you’re about to see could grow to $1,680,384.

Even if I’m wrong, and gold only hits $1,500 in the years ahead…

Then what you’re about to see could still hand you more than $38,500.

I couldn’t be more serious about this opportunity.

And I’m going to prove it to you in two important ways.

First, my publisher and I just staked a total of $1,000,000 on a new project to help you profit from this rare gold window.

Second, I’ve dropped everything to find a partner that’s dedicated to helping you find the biggest opportunities in the coming gold bull market.

The man that I found is a true legend in the mining industry…

He’s a Harvard trained geologist that just personally used this same rare gold window to make exactly $101,953 in just 7 short weeks… without buying or selling a single oz. of gold.

In a moment, I’ll show you his actual brokerage statements…

And because of an exclusive deal I’ve just signed with this man, he’s going to let me reveal everything -- every single step of how he made six figures in seven weeks.

So, please…

Do NOT buy a single ounce of anything until you read what I have to say in this briefing.

There’s no time to waste.

There’s no telling how long this window will remain open.

So let’s get started…

4 Decades

4 Gold Windows

1 Serious Way to Make Money

When this window opens up in the gold markets…

Just a single investment can turn micro movements in gold into MASSIVE money making opportunities.

I’m talking about wealth-maximizing gains of 1,039%, 4,194%, or even 32,933%...

Now, before we go on, let me make something absolutely clear…

The secret I’ll show you today is not some rare “MS-70” coin or historic collectable
(in fact, I openly say that most people have no business investing in collectible coins)...

It has nothing to do with options
(unless you’re a pro, options are too difficult for most people)…

It’s not about buying the stock of a big gold producer like Goldcorp or Barrick Gold
(they’re too slow to make a lot of money quickly).

And it’s not forex trading or risky commodity futures
(they’re the easiest way to simply hand over your hard earned money to a broker)…

Instead, what I’m going to show you is a much easier and faster way to make a fortune.

You see, we’re in the midst of a very valuable and very rare “Golden Window.”

You won’t hear this window talked about on TV.

Most pundits don’t know about it.

But as the government's trusted currency advisor, I can tell you this for certain:

This window has opened at least FOUR times
in the past FOUR decades.

  • Once from 1976-1980...
  • Once from 1993-1996...
  • Once from 2000-2007...
  • And right now, today’s current gold window..

Said a different way…

Once about every 10 years,you have the rare chance to make a fortune simply by tweaking the way you buy gold.


And the very best way to show you how this works is through an example…

So maybe you remember the run-up in gold from 2000- 2007.

Over a seven year period, Greenspan and Bernanke warmed up their printing presses…

Sending gold up from $275 up to nearly $750 per ounce - a 170% gain.

By simply holding gold, you’d have turned every $10,000 into $27,072.

Not bad.

However, take a look at this:

24 Times Better Than Gold...

While this “golden window” opened up, the gold investment I’ll share with you in a moment made 24 times the gain of gold bullion itself.

That means the same $10,000 invested would have turned into $429,400.

This was not an isolated event.

Take a look at this…

34 Times Better Than Gold

This time, the secret returned 34 times more than gold.

And that’s not even the best example to show you...

Take a look at one more example from the same 2000 run-up…

192 Times Better Than Gold...

This is a whopping 192 times more profits than simply buying gold…

Turning every $1,000 into $330,000…

Every $5,000 into $1,650,000...

Every $10,000 into over 3.3 million dollars...

I could go on and on, of course. But to recap…

Here’s a chart showing you how much more you’d have made by using this secret gold investment strategy instead of buying gold directly.

Listen, here’s the bottom line:

While I believe every portfolio should hold gold in the form of bullion as a life-saving option…

There’s a way to play this “golden window” for the chance at a life-changing lump-sum of money.

You’re probably wondering what this secret is… how to use it to multiply your money… and how to get started.

I’m going to answer all those pressing questions right now.

Introducing: "Penny Gold"

Put simply, I call this secret “Penny Gold.”

And every time gold soars…

“Penny Gold” rockets up farther and faster.

Take a look at how Penny Gold’s performed each time the gold window’s opened up…

In the late 70’s/early 80s...

This gold window gaped open.

Gold jumped 267%.

Impressive, right?

But “Penny Gold” shot up even faster, including…

2,087% on Sands Mines…

2,400% on Wharf Resources….

Or a fantastic 3,858% on Hercon Resources!

In the mid-90s the gold window opened again...

The price of gold only shot up 20% this time…

But by tweaking the way you buy gold…

You could have seen MASSIVE profits on “Penny Gold” plays, including…

1,450% on High River Gold...

4,150% on Ryan Gold Corp...

And 4,207% on International Taurus Resources.

In the early 2000s

The gold window opened once again…

Gold rocketed 170% higher.

And you guessed it…

A handful of “Penny Gold” plays took off, including…

4,194% on Seabridge Gold…

5,900% on Aquiline Resources...

And a life-changing gain of 32,933% on NovaGold.

That brings us to the most recent gold window opening…

Already we’ve seen…

More than NINE TIMES your money on Giyani Gold...

5,800% on Gold Canyon Resources...

And a huge 8,500% on Trelawney Mining.

So if this is so great, why haven’t you heard me mention it before? And why haven’t I spoke of this secret on my many media appearances?

The #1 Reason I Haven’t Told
You About This Before

To put it bluntly, investing in Penny Gold companies is NOT an area for novices.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, Penny Gold is my name for the junior gold and silver mining companies.

These are companies that literally trade for as little as pennies during the start of a gold bull market…

But can go up to 10x… 20x… even 100x as gold marches higher.

In my recently published book The New Case For Gold, I had this to say:

The key word there is “unique.”

So, yes… The gains can be fantastic.

Even life changing.


If you don’t understand the unique characteristics of each mining play, you can just as easily lose your shirt. Fact is, nothing is guaranteed with investing and you may not see gains as high as these.

That’s why the #1 reason I haven’t told you about this “Penny Gold” opportunity before is because you simply MUST have an expert to help you navigate this field.

Someone that knows how to kick rocks at a mine site and judge the quality of ore deposits…

Someone who knows how to separate real opportunities from management’s tall tales…

Someone who knows exactly when to get in…

And the precise moments to take your profits on Penny Gold opportunities.

That’s why I just made one of the BIGGEST decisions of my financial research career…

I’ve personally given the “green light” on a $1 million dollar project… to make sure YOU have the best information on this HUGE moneymaker.

More on that in a moment…

First, just so we’re clear, let me show you just how fast your wealth could pile up…

Imagine Making Seven Figures
…In Just Seven Months

Consider this extraordinary example…

On September 29, 2015, a “Penny Gold” company by the name of Gold Lakes Corp was primed for big profits.

Shares traded for just 15 cents each.

And by January 5, 2016 – a little over 3 months latter – shares skyrocketed to $1.25 each.

Any initial stake took off…

Had you put $5,000 in this “Penny Gold” play you would have been sitting on $41,600.

A gain of 733%.

For demonstration purposes only, let’s say you put all that money into another little-known “Penny Gold” company named Rusoro Mining.

On January 15, 2016, less than 45 days later you could have tripled your money.

Now you’d be sitting on $125,000…

A total gain of 2,400%.

Now let’s say you make one final perfectly timed move…

Had you put your money into a company by the name of Rupert Resources -- trading for just pennies on the dollar -- you’d have made another 750% gain in short order.

That’s enough to turn your initial stake of $5,000 into a whopping landslide lump sum over a million dollars. ($1,062,500 to be exact.)

That means just a 10.3% move in the price of physical gold metal itself…

Has turned into a total gain of 21,150% using three timed penny gold plays.

Three buys.

Three sells.

And a starting stake of just $5,000 would have turned into more than $1 million.

Of course, I’m not saying you should expect to do this. It’s obviously an extreme example.

But the example above is 100% genuine. I’m showing it to you to fully paint the picture of the life-changing money that you could have with “Penny Gold” plays.

And that’s exactly why...


I’ve Given The Green Light On $1 Million To Secure The World’s Top “Penny Gold” Geologist and Fund this Project


You know I’m on major media outlets like CNBC, Bloomberg, Fox Business, and others on the regular.


You know that my career as the world’s leading currency wars expert takes me all over the world...

London, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, the Middle East, France, Brazil, Uruguay, Canada… just to name a few destinations.

I’ve met many important people along the way…

Here’s me with Ben Bernanke...with Ron Paul, and at the Pentagon for a “closed door” meeting…

And my work on gold has recently been featured in…


I’m not showing you this to brag…

But you simply MUST know that I’m well connected to the world’s most powerful people.

That means I could have had my pick of the litter to head up this new Penny Gold project.

But after years of searching…

Waiting for the perfect time for this gold window to open up…

I’ve finally found the right man for the job.

As far as I’m concerned, he’s the world’s leading “Penny Gold” Geologist.

Sure, he’s Harvard trained.

And yes, he’s got more than three decades of experience talking with top management with mines across the world -- from South Africa to Vancouver, BC.

For instance…

In the U.S. he’s “kicked rocks” at mines and gold sites in Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, California, South Dakota, and Alaska.

He’s seen exploration sites and mining operations in Canada, Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, South Africa, Brazil, Europe, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Sweden and more…

He’s on first name basis with the who’s-who in the mining industry.

He sat on a board of directors for mining operations.

He has dinner on multiple occasions with the founder of one of America’s largest gold royalty companies...

He’s been deep underground in highly-guarded gold and silver vaults -- including one site near Zurich where it’s possible the Pope himself stores gold.

But I didn’t want just an academic and connected insider to head up this project.

After all, there are a lot of academics and insiders I’ve met that are TERRIBLE at making money.

Instead, I wanted someone proven to have both the academic background AND the investing acumen to find you the biggest winners in this new gold bull market…

So here’s the bottom line:


To give you an idea of what I mean, let me share a quick, very personal… and very sad… but completely true story about my geologist.

$101,953 In Pure Profit…
In Only 47 Days

My geologist’s story starts on a sad note...

After the passing of his mother, my geologist was sitting on a large pile of cash.

But this wasn’t just any money…

This was, as he told me, his “mother’s money.”

For that reason, he made sure not to squander it away on what he calls “dumb” investment ideas.

Fact is, he sat on this lump-sum inheritance for years

Then, earlier this year he personally saw the gold window open…

And finally had a reason to invest his mom’s money.

So he pounced on the opportunity.

Playing gold and “penny gold” plays, he made over $100,000 in pure profit.

I’ve even got the financial statements to prove it to you…

On January 20, 2016, here’s a look at the balance – right from my geologists personal brokerage statement:

Remember on January 20th the price of gold was right around $1,100.

Less than two months later gold was above $1,250.

That’s a tidy gain of nearly 15%.

But as I’ve been showing you, Penny Gold plays have the power to rally much higher and much faster than the price of gold.

So here’s another screenshot of my geologist’s account on March 07 -- exactly 47 days after the first screenshot I showed you.

See that account total?

His modest account ballooned to nearly $250,000.

That’s a handsome 74% gain (nearly 5-fold gains over gold bullion).

Or said another way…

My geologist made exactly $101,953
in pure profit in just 47 days.

Now here’s why that matters most to you…

You’ve seen what’s happening to the price of gold recently…

You know that I think it can go MUCH higher....

And I’ve shown you today that the profitable gold window is open, right now.

So now I’m going to show you something that the world’s never seen before…

After earmarking $1 million dollars…

And over the course of hundreds of emails and phone conversations (and more than a little bit of persuasion on my part)…

I finally have a binding agreement that secures this geologist’s expertise and time over the coming years.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve officially locked him in to my team.

Here’s the agreement…

As soon as the legal business was out of the way…

We got to work.

And if you know me, you know that I believe that having the RIGHT models and systems are the keys to success.

The reason the Federal Reserve often gets things completely wrong is that they’re working with the exact wrong models.

Change the model, change the outcome.

The right model… or system… is key to making the right move.

So here’s another world-first to share with you…

Together, my hand-picked Geologist and I have worked to develop a BRAND NEW, proprietary model to target these impressive penny gold moves…

Introducing: The “MIDAS” System
(Your Chance At 24X, 34X Or Even 192X Gold)

It’s called the “MIDAS” System.

And it could be your key to untold riches.

This proprietary system is the only place in the world that harnesses my years of experience as a global macro analyst…

Combined with my Geologist’s three decades of grilling the management teams of Penny Gold companies.

This system is a true breakthrough for potentially pulling MAXIMUM profits in MINIMUM time frames from “Penny Gold” plays.

Here’s what it stands for…




Information To




Assets and


Secure Gold Production

Right now, our MIDAS system has locked onto three very distinct types of Penny Gold plays…

Let me share every single one of those with you now… for FREE.

MIDAS “Penny Gold” Target #1:
Gold Hounds

The first type of “Penny Gold” that MIDAS has targeted are rock-hound companies exploring for gold or silver.

These are companies NOT YET producing.

In most cases they have no intention of actually pulling gold out of the ground.

But they’re lottery tickets that can pay off big time as gold soars…

And MIDAS has locked on to SEVEN of these right now, including:

Gold Hound Company #1

Our “#1” company. A Hudson Bay start-up with a serially-successful CEO (in this business, the management is key!)

Gold Hound Company #2

An undervalued company with high grade gold in the ground

Gold Hound Company #3

The 50-cent company located in the “sweet spot” for Canadian gold!


Gold Hound Company #5

The “inside scoop” exploration play that my geologist knows well (he used to be on the board.)

Gold Hound Company #6

The small cap gold play with BIG NAME backers...
I can’t include the names here, but you’ve likely heard
of them…

Gold Hound Company #7

And, a $53M “little guy” with BIG partners... including AngloGold and Yamana

MIDAS “Penny Gold” Target #2:
Mine Makers

Next the MIDAS system has identified TWO companies that have already found WORLD CLASS assets, but they’re in the early stages of getting the gold and silver out of the ground.

These include…

Mine Maker Company #1

A South American mining company that’s moving swiftly towards production.

Mine Maker Company #2

A fully financed “High Arctic” play with production in its sites (and 3.5M ounces in the ground!)

MIDAS “Penny Gold” Target #3:

Finally, MIDAS has targeted SIX “Penny Gold” producers.

These companies are in production, with cash flow…

They’re the least risky of the bunch, and a perfect hedge against the lottery ticket explorers.

As production ramps up, alongside the price of gold, you could be looking at a hefty one-two punch of profits.

Producer Company #1

A “bottomless” North American deposit, with near-continuous operations since the 1500s.

Producer Company #2

A 24-cent South American producer that JUST poured their first gold in March, 2016.

Producer Company #3

A North American “gold recycler” that’s processing old tailings and increasing production!

Producer Company #4

The 10-cent “Miracle” miner from Sierra Madre, spitting out gold and silver!

Producer Company #5

A “hidden gold” play.
(Most folks see this as a copper miner, but there’s lots of gold in their future!)

Producer Company #6

A company that has three producing mines and trades
under $3.

Add it all up and we’re looking at exactly 15 14 Penny Gold plays you should act on right now.

But here’s the thing…

Most research firms would promise you a special report that contains all of these names...

Then they’d deliver that report to you…

And simply forget about you -- leaving you on your own to pick and choose from their report.

That’s NOT what I’m going to do for you.

Instead, I’m going to help you in a much deeper, better way.

To explain how I’m going to help, let me first cover the problem…

Going Above and Beyond Any
Service You’ve Seen Before

Fact is, when it comes to building substantial wealth what’s even more important than the stocks you pick, is how you allocate them.

“It's widely agreed that asset allocation is the largest determinant of long-term investment performance, much more so than picking stocks.”

— Craig B., Executive VP of Portfolio Management, Personal Capital

That’s why I’ve went a step further…

And worked with my geologist to create the world’s first “Penny Gold Allocated Portfolio.”

This model portfolio answers the two most important questions in building wealth with Penny Gold…

First, it recommends WHAT TO BUY
(right now the Penny Gold Portfolio contains 14 hand-selected picks from the MIDAS system.)

Next, it recommends WHAT QUANTITY TO BUY of each and every stock.

It goes way beyond a typical special report…

And helps you with a true professional allocation model.

Whether you have an account worth $10,000 or $100,000, this allocated model makes getting started with “Penny Gold” easy.

With access to this penny gold model portfolio… and just a pen and paper… using simple math… you can know what to buy and exactly how much to buy to maximize your results.

There’s no guessing.

There’s no confusion.

And no room for error.

It's a comprehensive plan from start to finish.

Again, it’s called The “Penny Gold” Allocated Portfolio: How To Make Life-changing Wealth As Gold Goes To $10,000!

And I’d like to get you started immediately -- including all 14 of the recommended plays. I’ll show you exactly how to get your name on my “allocated” list in just a minute, but first…

Good News, Bad News

As I told you earlier, most people have no business trying to go at it alone with these penny gold plays…

They’re fast moving.

They’re volatile.

And like anything that can be so profitable, it also means they’re riskier.

The best analogy I have comes from the 1850’s gold rush…

Back then gold-seekers risked life and limb to secure a claim – all for the chance to strike it rich.

Sure, there’s a chance that some of our plays won’t pan out.

You need to know that upfront.

You should never bet your house on Penny Gold plays.

In fact, I’d recommend you putting aside just a small portion of your wealth (5-10%) to speculate on these ideas.

But – much like the 1850’s gold rush -- there’s the chance to make a life-altering fortune.

And if you’re willing to risk pennies on the dollar on picks that my geologist outlines – with the chance to strike it filthy rich -- than this opportunity may be right for you.

But I’m not kidding when I say you have to be ready to get VERY rich.

Fact is, even if a few of these “Penny Gold” plays work out, you won’t want people to know that you just struck gold.

By no stretch of the imagination could these gains rival “lotto-style” winnings.


You’ll be making money when it’s highly likely that the U.S. dollar is falling apart.

So in all honesty, if getting rich on gold’s move to $10,000 is too much for you, then this may not be for you.

Still here?


Here’s the best news of all…

If you’re ready for a shot to grab impressive, life-changing gold gains – in as little as a matter of weeks or months, then buckle up.

You’ve officially got what it takes to make “Penny Gold” riches.

And I want to get your started with my first “special gold briefing” immediately.


But I must warn you…

Your opportunity to find out how to cash in on “Penny Gold” today is extremely limited.

Here’s why…

Only The Top 1% Allowed

I’m allowing 1% of the total readership that this message was made available to today to join me for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

As I’ve told you, “Penny Gold” plays are very small.

They trade for mere pennies per share in most cases.

If 1,000s of readers were to buy in all the same time, the buying pressure would artificially shoot the stock higher… ruining the opportunity for everyone.

To make sure this doesn’t happen, I have to keep a strict limit on this brand-new research project today.

It’s called...

Jim Rickards' Gold Speculator

It’s YOUR key to turning “Penny Gold” opportunities into potential life-changing fortunes.

As long as you’re one of the first to respond today, you’ll receive full access to The “Penny Gold” Allocated Portfolio…

Giving you all 14 stocks that my 6-figure geologist and I vetted with our MIDAS system.

And, as I showed you earlier, this allocated model portfolio takes it a step further, too… recommending how much to allocate to each and every pick.

But that’s not all you’ll get with your Charter Membership…

Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator is your front row seat to the action in gold and “Penny Gold” plays. But, it’s also your forward-looking source for all-things gold...

Leveraging the power of the MIDAS system, my top geologist and I will be laser-focused on showing you how to turn gold’s next move higher into substantial profits.

You’ll also get monthly coverage on our best picks. Each month – as gold marches towards $10,000 or more – we’ll send you research on another “Penny Gold” pick.

Every case is unique of course…

That’s why my geologist and I are making this three-promise pledge to you…

And here’s something you won’t get anywhere else…

Through our long careers, my 6-figure geologist and I have developed a lot of impressive gold and gold mining contacts…

We’ve also been invited to operating mines, exploration sites, gold refiners and more!

Now please listen closely…

Because this is unlike anything ever promised in the newsletter industry…

If there’s ever a chance where we can bring a few loyal readers along for the ride (or set up a trip on your behalf), as a “Charter Member” of Jim Rickards’ Gold Speculator, we’ll try to get you on the invite list!

Look, I can’t make any promises...

But my geologist and I are doing everything we can to give you a one of a kind experience.

Imagine standing at the mouth of a gold mine… with your own pick and shovel.

Or imagine being up close and personal when a mining operation makes its FIRST gold pour.

You’ll watch as the unblemished gold appear from a cloud of steam and smoke.

Bottom line, I want to show you how serious I am about this opportunity by rolling out the golden carpet here.

How much does access to my new Rickards’ Gold Speculator newsletter cost?

Well, I’ll tell you right now -- it’s not cheap.

After all, my publisher had to commit $1 million to this project just to secure this Geologist's time and travel over the next two years…

And I’ve purposely priced access high to ensure that only the most serious readers claim access to these penny gold plays.

But before I show you what it takes to get started, let me try to anticipate a few questions you may be wondering… and give you some answers.

Question #1:
Is NOW Really the Time to Buy Penny Gold?

Answer #1:
Yes. And There Are TWO Reasons Why Now's The Time To Act

The first is called “retracement.”

This topic is so important that I actually made certain that it was a late addition to my book, The New Case For Gold.

I learned about retracement from legendary commodity investor Jim Rogers at a meeting in the Dominican Republic.

See, for a commodity like gold to go from a low base to a super-spike ($10,000) it’s only natural that it incurs a standard pull-back. Technical analysts call this retracement.

And the holy grail of retracement is a 50% retracement.

This is what we just encountered in gold.

Gold went from around $200 in the mid-90s to close to $1,900....

And when gold recently bottomed at $1,050, it was a classic 50% retracement.

Today the price of gold is marching higher. Truly, we could be watching the penultimate step to $10,000 per ounce gold.

That’s why I’m so excited about the timing of this presentation.

But there’s also a more urgent reason. And it’s something my 6-figure geologist showed me…

Take a look at this chart…

You’re looking at two lines.

The top “gold” line represents the physical supply of gold at the COMEX warehouse (this is where gold is stored for the commodities market.)

As you can see the amount of gold stored has dropped considerably in the past 12 months.

But more important is the “black” line. See that super spike to the right hand side of the chart?

That’s the “owners per ounce” of gold. Right now there are over 500 owners for each ounce of gold stored at the COMEX warehouse.


During a recent interview with Fortune, I talked about the physical gold market being leveraged 100 to 1….

We’ll, it’s even worse than I could have imagined.

The commodities exchange is leveraged over 500/1. That means if 500 folks show up at the COMEX to collect their physical gold, 499 of them will walk away with nothing.

Yes. This is exactly why you want to hold physical gold.

But, it’s also impressive proof that gold’s super-spike may be closer than anyone could imagine.

Physical gold is running out at a time when I believe investors are going to need it most.

And right now we can play this pending price spike for the opportunity for, MASSIVE gains like the extraordinary examples I’ve showed you of 4,194%... 4,207%... 5,900%... or even LIFE-CHANGING gains of 8,500% and 32,933% -- all by using the “Penny Gold” opportunities I want to share with you.

Question #2:
What Happens If The Economy Tanks Again?

Answer #2:
The Smart Crowd ALWAYS Makes Money.

Listen, there’s an important connection you need to make here…

Frankly, it’s so important I JUST wrote about in The New Case For Gold

You see, monetary collapses don’t mean the end of the world.

That’s something that most “gloom and doom” folks just don’t understand.

So while “preppers” and folks building doomsday bunkers may think they know where society is headed, I see it a different way.

Today’s international monetary system is largely based on the U.S. dollar. And yes, a new collapse could be triggered by a loss of confidence in the dollar and its role as a store of value.

But, here’s what most people DON’T know…

Based on the monetary history of the past century, collapses have NOT meant the end of the world. People don’t go into caves or start eating canned goods.

Instead, monetary collapse meant that the major financial and trading powers of the time sat down around the table and rewrote the rules of the game.

That’s VERY important for you and I today.

Yes, I advocate holding gold as a store of value.

But right now, before the “rules of the game” change (where we could see $10,000 gold) we have what could be a once in a lifetime opportunity to make a MASSIVE six or seven digit fortune over the long term.

Simply put, when the rules of the game change, “Penny Gold” plays could make you astonishing wealth.

Question #3:
Why Not Just Invest In Physical Gold, Isn’t That Enough?

Answer #3:
As I told Fox Business earlier this year, there’s a difference between making money and preserving wealth

In an economic collapse, gold will preserve your wealth.

So there’s no replacement for holding physical gold.

Gold is money.

End of story.


The profit potential of gold isn’t going to make you a life-changing amount of money.

And the HANDS DOWN best way to make money in the gold market today – with the “golden window” open – is with the profit potential of “Penny Gold.”

Question #4:
Why Don’t I Hear Anyone Else Talking About This Huge Story?

Answer #4:
If You’re Not First… You’re Last.

It’s that by the time a story hits the nightly news it’s too late.

That’s exactly what we’re seeing with gold today.

Think of it this way…

Let’s consider this $10,000 gold story as a tightly corked up like a bottle of champagne.

Today, with the “golden window” open, the cork just got popped…

Now, for a second think about a tower of champagne glasses. All stacked in a pyramid formation – with one single glass on top.

At first, this gold story will only flow to a very small group of folks at the top.

Then, over time, as the story unfolds the champagne cascades lower and lower, more people will learn about this opportunity.

At some point, even the glasses at the BOTTOM of the tower are filled.

Right now, I’m certain we’re at the tip-top of the champagne tower.

That’s great news for you!

You don’t hear anyone talking about “Currency Wars” that could lead to a destruction of the world monetary system on CNN do you?

Instead, they’re busy covering the next move for Hillary or Trump…

Meanwhile, you won’t hear anything on the nightly coverage about the destructive power that NEGATIVE interest rates will have on the American people.

But, trust me, it’s coming.


That’s the power of “Penny Gold.”

Okay, now that we’ve got a few questions out of the way, there’s one final thing I haven’t shared with you until now…

I’ve purposely held back what you’re about to see…

I needed to make sure you were dead serious about this opportunity.

And now that you’ve made it this far, I’m going to offer you something quite extreme…

Why I’d Like to (Discreetly) Send You Real,
Hold In Your Hand “G-Series Gold”

When this gold window opens up… like it has, right now…

There are actually TWO ways to make an absolute fortune in the gold market.

The first is the one I’ve shown you today -- “Penny Gold.”

The second is a rare type of physical gold that I call “G-series gold.”

Yes, it’s a type of coin.

But it’s not one you’ll find through any gold bullion dealer.

Instead, this type of coin has a history of drastically outperforming bullion...

Recently one of these “G-series” coins went up for auction.

Over a time period when gold went up 212%, this investment had the potential for a 1,475% gain.

That’s 6x better than gold!

Or how about this…

During another gold rally, when gold went up 246%, another one of “G-series” coins had the potential for a 6,192% move if you’d held onto it over the long term...

That’s 25x better than gold!

To make sure you understand the power behind this type of physical gold, let me share with you one more AMAZING example...

Over the past seven years, gold increased 29%.

But during that same period, one “G-series” coin went up 3,106%.

That’s 106x better than gold!

Here’s the thing…

Like “Penny Gold” you HAVE to have an expert on your side when you invest in “G-series gold.”

You simply MUST know what you’re doing, or you’ll be ripped off… potentially costing you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

That’s why I’ve personally just negotiated and secured a small stash of this “G-series gold” on your behalf.

When you accept my invitation to subscribe to Rickards Gold Speculator today, I’ll drop one of these “G-series gold” coins in the mail for you…

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Jim Rickards
May 2016

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P.S. You’re Still Here? Let Me Make This EVEN Easier…

Right now you’ve got THREE choices sitting in front of you…

First, you can take all of the information I’ve shared today – along with all of the cold hard facts in my book The New Case For Gold, and you can do NOTHING about it.

That’s a dangerous choice, considering if we see a monetary collapse or an extreme weakening of the U.S. dollar – the bank accounts and retirement funds of many Americans will be wiped out.

Second, you could take action and buy physical gold.

As you know I stand by my call to buy physical gold.

After all, gold is money.

And when the world powers re-engineer the “rules of the game” the folks holding gold will preserve their wealth.

Or third…

You can take all of the knowledge that I’ve given you today -- about the coming price spike in gold and the power of “Penny Gold” plays -- and you can take me up on my discounted “Charter Membership” offer.

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