The Oil Super-Boom
of 2014!

Here's how the next phase of the great American oil boom could spin off red-hot
extraordinary gains of 178%, 238%, even 598%
within the next 12 months
(while helping you lock down a lifetime of steady income, to boot!)

Dear Fellow Market Watcher,

Unbeknownst to most investors, America's oil boom has lit the fuse on a second, even more massive opportunity to make even more money, safely, than you could've made during the entire rush to drilling and exploration.

Let's be clear: This opportunity exists only because of the American oil boom... but it has nothing to do with oil drilling stocks.

When North Dakota oil production went parabolic, leaping 700% in five years and doubling between 2011–13...


This select group of 'sleeping' stocks came to life.

When Texas oil production hit a 22-year high...


...They began to surge like never before.

Take a look at how just THREE of the stocks in this industry have performed over the last six months.

One company has seen its stock jump 40%.


Another is up 33.58%


And a third has popped 35.19%!


These “next boom” stocks are already moving. But these are tiny moves considering what I think could happen soon. Plays like:

I think we'll very soon see these moves snowball into true life-altering profits

As oil production continues to pick up in places like Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, California and many other places across the nation...

You can bet your bottom dollar this opportunity will continue to build like a speeding train... potentially delivering gains of 178%, 238%, even 598% or more.

In Fact, It Could Rain
Prosperity Across the Country
... Regardless of Where or How
the Drillers Drill a Single New Well

Just ask the folks near Gardendale, Texas.

They don't pump any oil... yet this second boom has caused the local economy to explode.

After having been one of the poorest counties in Texas as long as anyone could remember... the local economy is buzzing with life now.

In just three years, real estate prices in Gardendale have had monumental leaps — with some property soaring from $2,300 an acre to $15,000 an acre.

Some as high as $30,000, just for being at the center of this second boom!

Real estate holders have made up to 12 times their money. And here’s the thing…

You don’t have to live in Gardendale to potentially profit from this boom too. You don’t have to live in Texas… or any other oil-producing states.


I’ll show you how to grab your share of the wealth in just a moment.

But know this — this is an opportunity that gets better and better with every drop of oil that comes out of the ground…

But it’s a plan that’s actually immune to fluctuations in the price of oil!

That means you could be in position to grow rich whether oil tops $110 per barrel or falls to $60 per barrel.

That’s why I’m convinced what you’re about to see is the single greatest opportunity to grow rich in America right now.

However, I must urge you to pay close attention to the critical facts I'm going to share with you.

Just like the window of opportunity opened for a short time to make windfall gains from the explosion in oil drilling…

The opportunity to secure your jackpot as this next industry booms will only be available for a short time.

You have to strike while the iron is hot. If you do, you could see how just a handful of properly placed investments could change everything about your life:

How easy it becomes to pay your bills…

The exotic places where you’ll take vacations…

The make and model of the premium car you’ll be able to drive…

The Ivy League colleges you’ll be able to send your children to... and the huge safety net you’ll leave behind for your heirs when the time comes.

The Next Step for Oil

Hello, my name is Byron King.


As a Harvard-trained geologist, I got my start manning oil rigs and discovering new deposits for Gulf Oil Co., now a part of Chevron.

As a U.S. Navy flight officer, I racked up 1,200 hours of flight time in tactical jets… made 127 carrier landings… and served as aide to the U.S. chief of naval operations.

After my naval career, I joined forces with Agora Financial, one of the leading financial research firms. Our firm has predicted — with precision — several major wealth events of the past decade.

We called the dot-com crisis. We nailed the housing bust more than five years early. We’re on record predicting the rise of gold when it was just $254 per ounce.

And more recently, we told everyone we could to buy into the American oil boom well before the mainstream news covered the story… subsequently helping readers book 11 winning plays as the oil boom took off.

Along the way, we showed readers how to make substantial gains during each event, oftentimes with as much safety as possible.

Working for Agora Financial, my job is as the editor of Outstanding Investments. I’ve been a guest speaker on MSN Money, CNBC’s Squawk Box and Fox Business News

I’ve discussed U.S. and global energy trends with Larry Kudlow and Glenn Beck…

And I’ve had the honor and privilege of helping my readers empower and enrich their lives in a way few other newsletters can.

In fact, in both 2010 and 2011, Outstanding Investments was ranked No. 1 for average annual return on Hulbert Financial Digest's Honor Roll List — the renowned independent authority on investment newsletter performance.

In other words, I’ve spent over three decades working around big resources, big systems, big technology, big policy, big predictions and big money.

Yet throughout all 38 years of my experience, the transformation I see happening today is the
most remarkable.

As someone who grew up in America when “Made in America” was a powerful statement of quality… of independence… I can't stress how thrilled I am with our oil boom and the wealth it has generated.

But if you stay focused on the oil we’re pumping out of the ground… on the magic it's working… you're not even seeing half the picture.

That’s Because the “Easy” Profit Era of the American Oil Boom Has Ended.

I know that's quite a statement, but it comes down to basic facts.

All the easiest drill sites have already been explored — places like the Bakken from North Dakota to Canada, the Niobrara in Colorado, the Texas Eagle Ford Shale formation and more are already teeming with drillers…

And each of them already knows how much their drill site is worth.

The quantum leap in profits has happened — and if you plan to make your money only from the drilling companies, you're going to be waiting for some time while other, more controversial wells come online.

However, I haven't assembled this presentation just to say “the party's over,” either.

You could capitalize on the oil boom — and potentially make even more profit — by plugging yourself into what’s coming next…

For example, although the tiny town of Barnhart, Texas, isn’t pumping oil of its own, it’s bustling with life again after almost 100 years…

All because of the explosion in this next boom. (I'll show you why.)

In Hannibal, Ohio, this next boom has brought a business back from the dead… and created 200 jobs virtually overnight.

And those are just two examples.

Since 2009, job payrolls in companies in this second wave of the oil boom have grown at nearly twice the rate of the national average.

If the past is any indicator, this new boom could produce some of the best gains of our lifetime.

And I'm not alone in thinking so…

Let me show you exactly what I'm talking about… by letting you see the very first time this industry boomed thanks to oil.

See if you can guess what industry I’m so excited about — and has the potential to sprout new riches — right now.

A Rock-Solid, Proven History of
Wealth Building

In 1859, Colonel Edwin L. Drake successfully drilled America's first commercial oil well.

He did it by inventing a new method of drilling — by placing a pipe in the ground first, to keep the drilled hole from collapsing.

It was a revolutionary technology that permanently changed the U.S. economic landscape.

But one of the most dramatic changes it wrought — aside from the massive oil wells which would soon be drilled across the country in states like Texas — was in a place you'd least expect.

With barrel after barrel of oil coming out of the ground at a good clip, the well operators now had to ship more oil than ever before.

Almost overnight, there were 6,000 teamsters — the original “truck drivers” — on the roads hauling oil in horse-drawn wagons.

The little borough of Corry, Pa. — possessing the only rail junction for 27 miles — soon blossomed into a full-blown industrial city in just three years.

Soon, more and more rail lines were added — and Corry would become the oil benchmark of the world — all thanks to its rail line.

Have you guessed what I’m talking about when I refer to this next boom?

Put simply, every time there’s an oil boom in America… a transportation boom shortly follows. Catch the wave and you could make a fortune. I’ll show you the type of gains you could expect in a moment…

For now, know this — a massive leap in American oil production is now… right before our eyes… causing a massive build-out in oil transportation.

According to The U.S. Department of Energy, production in crude has had its biggest leap since the first commercial well was drilled in 1859 at Oil Creek, Pa.

Simply put, it means America has had the biggest jump in oil production since we went from producing zero barrels to 6,700 per day.

Understanding this simple dynamic — that transportation booms shortly after new oil discoveries — has been the key to unlocking some of the greatest riches of the last century.

Act on today’s transportation boom and I believe you’ll be set up to make huge gains.

How can I be so confident?

Because this isn’t a recent phenomenon. It’s an economic event that’s happened before — producing some of America’s most famous fortunes.

For example, here's how transportation was essential in building the largest oil empire the world’s
ever seen…

Rockefeller's Secret (and It Wasn't Oil)

Most people don’t remember this from history class, but in 1868, Cornelius Vanderbilt and John D. Rockefeller held a secret meeting.

Rockefeller had oil.

Cornelius had a way to transport that oil.

During the meeting with executives from Vanderbilt's Lake Shore railroad, Rockefeller agreed to ship 60 carloads of crude a day on Vanderbilt’s railroads.

That business helped Vanderbilt make a staggering amount of profit in just a few short years.

And the agreement helped cement Rockefeller's control of oil transportation — a move that proved valuable enough to propel him to the status as the richest man in HISTORY!

By executing a number of these deals, Rockefeller was able to bring his oil to market in a way no other company could.

It was arrangements like this that eventually gave Rockefeller an almost monopolistic control on railroads when Standard Oil became the dominating oil refinery in the country.

In short, it wasn’t just his oil refinery that made him rich. It was that he understood you win or you die based on your ability to move that product to market!

Understanding that simple idea — the transportation of oil — made Rockefeller the richest
man in history.

By controlling the movement of oil and the ability to move it cost-effectively… he controlled the oil industry itself!

And the wealth from the transportation boom spread like wildfire…

William Vanderbilt, who fortunately came into power when the oil boom in the U.S. was getting started, grew even wealthier than his father.

He managed to possess the largest rail network in the world when the need to ship oil in the United States was exploding.

That's how he was able to nearly double his father's $21 billion fortune to $41 billion in just six years — even though his father used to call him a “blockhead.”

Today, you have the same chance sitting in front of you.

Just like Rockefeller had oil, we’re flush with it here in America again.

By learning how to invest alongside the very best transportation companies, you could set yourself up for a fortune.

How much could you expect to see? Nothing short of DOUBLING your money. And maybe even quintupling it.

How You Could Ride the Profit Train

Think back on what are arguably the two of the biggest revolutions of our time — the Internet revolution and the digital revolution.

Both revolutions generated huge fortunes in… you guessed it — transportation. Let me explain…

Did know you that FedEx has nearly DOUBLED from its peak during the bubble years?



Why has this company flourished while tech superstars — like Microsoft and Cisco — still haven't regained their former glory… or worse, collapsed?

Because of the need to transport goods.

With the Internet came online shopping — and people's sudden desire to buy, more than ever, products they found online. Products they had to have shipped directly to their homes.

Books, clothes, CDS, even furniture and ANIMALS!

Internet companies come and go, but people are buying products online every day — so FedEx continues raking in transportation profits.

And that's just the Internet.

How about the digital age — people suddenly finding ways to broadcast movies, music and books directly over the Web?

E-books, digital albums, movies… and now they even have online DRESSING rooms, thanks to advances in technology!

One of the first companies to jump on this trend was Amazon, with Kindle books, instant-download MP3 albums and instant video streaming…

As a result, Amazon's stock has reached highs not often seen even during the peak of the tech bubble…


Because Amazon has profited from the key that makes the digital age possible — transporting products directly via the Internet.

Simply getting in on the “transportation” side of a boom is the real source of massive profit.

This principle has worked for Rockefeller, it worked for Vanderbilt and it has worked for UPS, FedEx and Amazon…

And it could work for you.

Just like we saw more than a century ago, America is seeing an oil boom — and once again, that oil needs to be moved.

Instead of moving furniture and other knickknacks, though, oil transportation companies are moving the lifeblood of the modern world!

The oil they transport impacts the gas we put in our cars and the electricity that powers our stoves, televisions, computers and the manufacturing plants that produce our cellphones, our paper,
our clothing…

And even the wealth opportunity we have in front of us today.

Transportation of oil is the big business.

And right now there's so much oil to be moved it's actually overwhelming the companies charged with moving it!

They’ve caught fire in the investing world…

Over the last six months, the surge in transportation has pushed the Dow Jones transportation average to all-time high, even beating the general market.

Take a look:


In a moment, I’ll show you the four specific things I’m recommending you do to potentially profit from this new oil transportation boom.

But first, let me give you a glimpse into how massive this new oil transportation could be, and why it could set you and your family up for generations of wealth.

Undoing Half a Century of Work

As you know, the world has changed a great deal since the first oil boom of the Rockefeller and Vanderbilt families.

At the time, we had no oil infrastructure, so it had to be built from the ground up.

Today, it's quite a different story.

America has spent the last 40 years building oil infrastructure around one central idea: We have to import oil.

Listen closely…

The key to that sentence is “import oil.”

This means pipelines have been designed to move oil from the Gulf Coast to Texas refineries.

Nobody ever anticipated oil booms happening in quiet North Dakota, where the Bakken Formation there stretches up to Canada.

Now the race is on to transport oil in the opposite direction. The prize to the company that figures out how to do it?

Nothing shy of $680.8 billion worth of oil.

Imagine taking action today and setting yourself — your family — up to skim a small percentage of all that money…

Imagine the security you could feel, knowing that everything from vacations to bills could be easily and effortlessly paid for, just by getting into this new transportation boom in the early stages.

That’s the promise right in front of you today. And, my friend, it’s just heating up…

Right now just the Bakken Formation — one of the first and largest formations, stretching from North Dakota to Canada — is pumping out 1,000,000 barrels of oil per day — supassing the legendary Texas Spindletop gusher at its peak!

A recent explosion of oil in Weld County, Colo., saw it hit records highs of oil production when the Niobrara came online.

Since 2010, oil production in Colorado has jumped 64% — mostly on the back of this shale
oil formation.

According to Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, last year was on pace to top its 2012 record with an 18 percent increase in production — levels not seen since 1960.

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, bone-dry pipelines were filled to the brim with crude.

For example…

Enbridge's North Dakota pipeline system can move about 210,000 barrels of oil a day.

As I said, last year the Bakken produced more than 1,000,000 barrels of oil per day.

That's nearly five times the pipeline's capacity!

That’s why demand for pipelines has been huge.

Oil giant ConocoPhillips was seeing such huge returns from its downstream pipeline business, it actually spun it off into its own company — Phillips 66. Since coming into existence 2 years ago, Phillips 66 has seen its share price jump 98% — enough to turn every $5,000 invested into $9,935

Plus, it has already jacked up its dividend by 95% — meaning it will likely continue to deliver excellent gains for years to come.

Over the last two years, Enterprise Products Partners has had its stock rise 36%.

And since 2008, when oil production first began, Plains All American Pipeline LP has delivered a mouthwatering 296.54% gain.

It’s also why pipelines have been able to pay out more than 2½ times more than traditional
dividend investments.

But now we’ve overwhelmed the pipeline capacity. That leaves America finding new ways to transport our oil… and a stretch of investment opportunities in front of us.

Consider this story that I guarantee you haven’t heard about on the evening news yet…

A Piping Problem

Cushing, Okla., has less than 8,000 residents, but is sitting on more than 35 MILLION barrels of oil.

Here's why:

As you may know, pipelines have very direct routes. Everything must go from point A to point B to point C before it can arrive at the refinery.

Remember: America’s pipelines have been built over the last 40 years to move oil from the coast
to the refineries.

But before getting the oil to refineries… the pipelines take the oil through Cushing, where many of the pipelines meet.

You can think of it as the American oil hub.

But Cushing was never ready for the current situation. It was never built to move this much domestic crude. The oil comes in… but there isn’t enough pipeline capacity to move it out.

That’s more than 4,536 barrels of oil per resident in Cushing — more than they could ever use!

It's also enough oil to power all of China for more than four days!

It also represents about $3.3 BILLION of revenue for well operators.

Think of all the money… all the wealth… that goes into the pockets of the companies that figure out how to move that oil to places that need it most.

And believe me, if there’s any law in economics, it’s this: Idle energy doesn’t sit for long. Someone will find a new way to move that oil. And there will be fortunes made by investing alongside
those companies.

Put simply, here's the situation:

  1. America's oil production is spiking — and it's continuing to go higher every single day… every year… as far as the eye can see…
  2. America's oil infrastructure was never built for a massive explosion in transporting this domestic oil production…
  3. The majority of this oil travels by pipeline and gets locked up in the “choke point” of Cushing, Okla. — until it leaves Cushing, this oil will never get to the refineries. As a result, it will never get to the market
  4. Every effort to increase the amount of oil LEAVING Cushing is offset by a jump in the oil flowing in!
  5. I’m certain that many could make a fortune by investing in the right oil transportation companies… and I’m positive that the time is now.

In truth, it's a wonderful fiasco: I prefer the problem of having TOO MUCH oil than too little!

So what’s my absolute favorite way to play this next stage of the oil boom — the transportation boom?

Perhaps it will come as a shock to some, but these hurdles are driving well operators back to old faithful: railroads.

“All that oil would be
stuck in the Midwest without trains,”

-National Geographic News

I can't stress how important rail has been to the oil boom better than National Geographic News when they said, "all that oil would be stuck in the Midwest without trains."

The effects of resurrecting rail are appearing throughout the country.

Just ask the folks in Barnhart, Texas — a town of less than 200 people. In 1910, it was rail that brought this town into existence (it was named after stationmaster William F. Barnhart).

Now, a full century later, it’s the rail that's putting it back on the map.

The town is on the eastern edge of the Permian Basin oil field, with the South Orient Railroad cutting right through it.


This railroad went from being sold as scrap metal in the 1990s to hauling 10,000 rail cars of oil a year by 2012 — TRIPLE its capacity just five years earlier!

And that number was on pace to double in 2013.

Workers in the oil field and railroad have caused local businesses to boom, too.


According to The Wall Street Journal, the residents of this formerly sleepy little town are now
getting rich.

In three months, after the crude started rolling through, the town recorded a 61% jump in tax revenue…

Today, you could position yourself for riches too.

Because Barnhart, Texas, is just one example.

Remember the folks in Gardendale, Texas, that I mentioned earlier?

Since the resurrection of the Gardendale Railroad, the area has been booming… with falling unemployment, skyrocketing real estate values and rising income per capita.

The transportation boom has lit a fire under rail not seen in decades…

Let me show you:

In 2008, a total of 9,500 rail-car loads of crude were moved by rail.

According to the American Association of Railroads, each carload represents about 714 barrels of oil.

That means during the whole year, oil companies moved just 6.7 million barrels.

As of 2012, a total of 64,000 carloads of crude were moved…

That’s a 25-fold increase in just four years!


But the trend didn’t stop there! As of November 2013, U.S. railroads had moved 606,892 carloads of petroleum — up more than 33 percent over the same time the year before.

Could getting in early be enough to multiply a stake by 25-fold? It could. But you must decide to stake your claim now.

That’s because some of the world’s smartest investors are already on the move…

For example, demand is so high to move oil by rail there is a historically high backlog of orders for the oil tank cars.

Carl Icahn's American Railcar is backlogged 40,050 cars, of which 6,500 are tank-cars.

Icahn sees such opportunity in the industry that he staged an unsuccessful bid to buy out competitor Greenbrier Cos. For $543 million.

And industrywide, there's a backlog of 71,700 — more than 75% of total unfulfilled orders in the rail-car manufacturing industry.

It's a shortage as rail car makers work day and night to manufacture new cars.

“People who want to ship oil can't get them,” says Toby Kolstad of Rail Theory Forecasts LLC.

The tank car makers have even begun the process of leasing the tank cars only, instead of selling them — and seen the rates increase 500 percent in the last three years… with customers gladly piling in anyway.

It's simple supply and demand: There is a ton of oil that needs to be moved, and the rail companies are acting quickly and decisively to get it moved.

The trend in rail transportation stocks has already been confirmed. Take a look…

Last Year, CSX Corp. saw its stock pop more than 36%.

Union Pacific Corp. has also enjoyed a quick burst of growth already… with its shares zooming up 35.2%.

And Norfolk Southern Corp. has done very well for itself — since November of 2012, the stock has jumped 52.65%.

As I prepare this, these stocks have all seen these big jumps in just one year.

And in general, the big rail stocks are already clobbering the market.

Just take a look at this chart to see how they've beaten the S&P 500:


This means one thing: You have a very safe opportunity to invest in the right rail transportation companies… and potentially see outstanding gains, with minimum risk.

I’ve discovered five companies I believe should be added to any account.

I’ll give you some details about all five in just a moment. But first, it’s important to understand how large an opportunity this is for America…

The resurgence of rail has helped the USA in another way….

"…May be destined to become an even more essential part of our economic foundation…"

Just like rail was the key driver of economic growth in the 19th century, so too is it now causing giant ripples across the economy.

American manufacturing — once thought to be a relic of the past — is coming back in full force.

In 2011, U.S. manufacturers created more jobs than they eliminated for the first time in a decade!

Yossi Sheffi, professor of engineering systems at MIT and director of its Center for Transportation and Logistics, attributes this feat to the boom in rail.

According to him, without rail, “We wouldn't have as many companies considering moving back to the U.S. or near-shoring.”

Because of the cheap cost (the lowest it has been in 30 years) and speed of rail, it is once again financially sane to move items via rail.

The manufacturers are coming back in droves with good, high-paying jobs.

Just in August, factory output hit its highest point since the start of the year… and has been climbing since 2011…

That may be why The Scientific American took the time to write that rail “may be destined to become an even more essential part of our economic foundation.”

Just Getting Started

If you walk down to a rail yard today, you'll see a snapshot of the Gilded Age.

Mile-long trains hauling hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil… when most people had almost watched the entire rail industry line up for bankruptcy court just a decade ago.


When you consider the numbers, it's clear that the trend is here to stay for a long, long time.

According to the U.S. Energy Department's Energy Outlook in January, oil production from the Williston Basin — aka the Bakken — will rise to 1.19 million barrels per day by next year — up from the
current 840,000.


In Colorado, production from the Niobrara Basin has been gradually rising, with estimates showing it could be sitting on a total of 500 billion barrels of oil — putting it on par with the Bakken.

Over in the Eagle Ford, where rail is seeing more and more use, output is expected to double to 900,000 barrels per day by 2016… and could even pop to 3.45 MILLION barrels per day by 2020 — levels not seen in the state since 1972!

Put simply, I see no signs of this industry slowing down. But for the biggest gains, you must decide to act now.

The potential gains are so great, even pipelines are diving into someone you'd think is their
natural competitor.

Billions on the Table…

Pipeline operator Plains All American Pipeline LP announced plans to spend $1 billion on rail projects.

That's why pipeline operator Enbridge went into a $68 million deal with Canopy Prospecting Inc. to create a new railroad to move oil to Philadelphia refineries — with expectations for it to be up and running early 2014… transporting 80,000 barrels of oil per day.

Stephen J. Wuori, the president of Enbridge Inc. subsidiary Liquids Pipelines, said, “Rail is the fastest way to provide increased export capacity out of the Bakken, creating a near-term solution to transportation bottlenecks and the resulting crude oil pricing differentials…”

Even better, this project is expected to create countless new jobs as these underutilized refineries roar to life… and new people must be hired to man the refineries… unload the crude… run the rail terminals… and much more.

Pipeline company Phillips 66 is also on a dealmaking rampage: They've locked down Enbridge Energy Partners, Targa Resources Partners and Magellan Midstream Partners in contracts for loading, unloading and transporting oil by rail.

There's also Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, one of the largest pipeline operators in the country, that entered a deal with Watco Cos. to “construct and operate several rail transload facilities in
key markets…”

This project is creating jobs in places like Dore, N.D., Stroud, Okla., and Houston, Texas.

“As companies like Watco and Kinder Morgan continue to invest in expanding transportation services for the oil and gas industry, they are also helping to boost the economies of these key markets,” says Denis Smith, the vice president of Burlington Northern Santa Fe's industrial products marketing.

In fact, they recently came out with the decision to build a crude-by-rail terminal in Houston, Texas — the first major facility of the Houston area.

In short, this is no small matter: The pipeline operators see the untold wealth waiting in railroads. So they're making their claim.

Right now, while pipeline operators are fighting legislators for approval, railroads companies are laying new track in just a couple of weeks for pennies by comparison.

But a crucial factor here — one that makes rail important even to places like Texas, where refineries and pipelines are abundant — is that they're not hauling only oil.

rail is fast becoming a dominant player in the nation's commercial transport system and a vital cog in its economic recovery.

The drilling companies are dependent on the railroads to quickly get them the sand, drill bits and other parts needed for pulling the oil out of the ground.

That's one of the reasons the Orient Rail in Barnhart, Texas, has been resurrected.

And over near Hannibal, Ohio, a rail line that had been out of commission for a decade is being brought back from the dead to haul supplies to the Utica and Marcellus formations — a development that created 200 jobs in the blink of an eye…

New jobs are being created at a rapid pace in rail.

An article in Bloomberg points out rail transport payrolls have climbed 9.1% since 2009 — outpacing total U.S. job growth by 2-to-1!

Even better, unlike the oil boom… rail's affects touch the entire country.

Everywhere rail travels, the lines need to be improved… terminals need to be built… people need to be hired to load and unload…

Factories have to be built to create NEW trains, and new workers have to be hired to build those trains.

From Florida to California… from Texas to New Hampshire.

Just consider the situation in Louisiana.

There is a project to ultimately pour $90 million into the economy to build a new rail terminal in the Port of New Orleans.

A project that will directly create 20 jobs at a salary of $62,000 a year, and indirectly create 118 MORE high-paying jobs!

Not Playing for Pennies…


With all of this happening, it's no wonder The Wall Street Journal says railroads plan to spend an estimated $14 billion fixing up old tracks… building new terminals… and much more.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe plans to spend $4.1 BILLION on locomotives, freight cars and a giant terminal southwest of Kansas City., plus a whole new track and equipment for the North Dakota and Montana area.

Union Pacific Corp. is spending $3.6 billion on a giant new terminal, $500 million designing a new bridge to replace one that was causing several-hour long delays… while doubling track in Louisiana and Texas — the locations of the Haynesville and Eagle Ford shale deposits, respectively

CSX Corp. will also be spending $2.3 billion to raise highway bridges, enlarge mountain tunnels and subsequently clear about 40 obstacles to containers moved between the Midwest and
mid-Atlantic ports.

And even smaller Kansas City Southern Railway Co. will spend $515 million to make sure its rail is in tip-top shape.

Even if you’re able to claim only a tenth of a percent of all this spending, you would still be in position to reap huge rewards as an investor.

That's only a sliver of the companies throwing hot money into the rail boom.

And it can only pick up.

They're building rail yards, refueling stations and new tracks.

Some are building massive new terminals the size of ship ports.

Betsy Morris, a writer for The Wall Street Journal, equated the new rail lanes being built to
“steel freeways.”

Can you imagine that?

Think of a fleet of trains hauling fresh, black crude, produced right here in America.

It's something most of us never even saw as children playing on railroad tracks.

It's something even the oil tycoons of Texas' prime never saw!

Can you see why I’m 100% confident that investing in the transportation boom could make you rich?

Why I've spent more than six months researching the situation and involving my team to cover all
the bases?

And why I've been doing my level best to find the cream of the crop ways for readers to make their fortunes as the rail boom speeds on?

With proper positioning in the right companies… you stand to make gains of 178%, 238%, even 598% or better… Of course, these gains are extraordinary, but I’ve seen how they’ve been possible in the past… and could be achievable again.

And I found five ways for you to do it. Let’s get to those now…

STEP #1: 5 Ways to Multiply Your Money
as the Rail Boom Rages

I'm about to show you how to go for truly remarkable gains in the months ahead.

Not “small potatoes.” But huge, life-defining moves.

This is a chance for you to potentially profit from the same types of investment opportunities that helped make John D. Rockefeller the richest man in history…

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That created dynasties of wealth never seen before.

In short, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

To really get the full benefit of profit from the rail boom, you have to be in at each and every level that will be affected.

That's why I've just put the finishing touches on a new intelligence document outlining the full scope of the rail boom… and five different ways to potentially profit from it…

Of the five different companies I've analyzed, all are up anywhere from 15–44% within the last six months… And that's before rail has really taken off. For example…

These aren't little plays meant to hand you tiny gains.

These are the true investment opportunities that lead to life-changing wealth.

John Rockefeller originally owned Union Tank Car to make even more profit from oil transportation (a company now owned by none other than Warren Buffett!).

Andrew Carnegie owned the steel company that provided the essential metal railroads needed to
lay tracks.

When you look at it that way, these are the investment opportunities designed to help you forge untold amounts of wealth.

Not just paying off your mortgage, but buying a second home.

Not just buying a nicer luxury sedan, but paying for a Rolls-Royce Ghost… in cash.

I've prepared full details on each and every one of these opportunities in my new report, The Rockefeller Secret: 5 Ways to Make You Riches as Rail Roars Ahead

No more stressing out about how you’ll pay the bills. No more worrying about covering the mortgage. And no more uncertainty about your retirement — or your financial future…

While rail could definitely hand you wealth-exploding returns over the next few years, it's also critical to lock down stable income.

And what better way than with rail's new generous partner in the booming oil industry?

STEP #2: Increase Your Income With These Hefty Pipeline Payouts

If there's one thing to say about pipelines, it's that they are very generous with their dividends.

With the right pipeline stocks, you can sit back and collect dividends with yields north of 3.6%… 4.3%… 5.4%… 7.1… even 8.7%.

That certainly beats the pants off the 2% or 3% you’ll get from Treasury bonds, wouldn’t you say?

And they could pay you a heck of a lot more often too!

Now, this isn't some junk bond nonsense where you go out on a limb for these returns.

As I said, pipelines are experiencing exponential growth (so much so, they can hardly keep up with it).

They are working with red-hot money flowing into their coffers.

And I think you'll agree… making money with high-potential, low-risk investments is great.

Add in the gains you could get from the stocks themselves and you’ll see why they make excellent power plays for any portfolio…

In fact, I've uncovered power-plays that pay, with some yields that pay…

I tell you all about them inside the second free report I’d like to give you — Pipeline Paychecks: Income Power Plays for the Energy Revolution.

You’ll find out…

Together, with the picks in these two reports… you have the perfect way to help ensure you know how to grab all of the rewards offered by the continuation of America's Oil Boom.

STEP #3: Continued Coverage on Beating the Dow for 13 Years Straight…

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Maybe 12.7% a year doesn't sound like much… but let me show you what that does to a standard $100,000 portfolio.

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The dot-com bubble… the housing bubble… the banking crisis… the sovereign debt crisis… It's unbelievable how disastrous the last 13 years have been.

And through it all, this publication has shown readers who chose to follow through with each of my recommendations the opportunity for profits.

But here's the thing…

I think, very soon, my readers and I are going to outdo ourselves.

I believe we're on the launchpad to see gains that could blow the last 13 years of returns out of the water… thanks to this next phase of the American oil boom.

After all, we have FIVE plays that could double or triple — maybe more — in the next year.

And we have FOUR more plays with the sole purpose of delivering… steady streams of large income.

And we have the potentially profit-producing plays already churning out gains in the Outstanding Investments model portfolio.

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But before I tell you how to get started with your trial of Outstanding Investments — and claim your free report — I want to tell you about the third way to make a mint during the boom in oil transportation…

It’s with a little-known — but MASSIVE — oil deposit that could be about to make early investors a ton
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Step #4: Bank a Bundle on the World's Most Valuable Piece of Real Estate!

I mentioned earlier that most of the easy money in drilling has been made.

That's absolutely true. But there are a handful of more “unconventional” oil plays across the country that could pan out to huge profits.

Most of them are duds to invest in… except one.

I'm talking about a mega formation — the largest single oil deposit in the country.

It has double the combined recoverable oil of the Bakken and the Texas Eagle Ford
formations combined.

Once this shale deposit is in production, it could bump America's total oil production by 25%…

All in all, this deposit accounts for 64% of the recoverable oil here in the United States… and it's concentrated in a plot of land of just 1,750 square miles.

Meanwhile, the Bakken has less than half the recoverable oil. And it's stretched across 200,000
square miles!

To add even more depth, chew on this: according to the Institute for Energy Research, the United States has three–four times the amount of recoverable oil as Saudi Arabia.

That means a formation less than 1/500th the size of Saudi Arabia… has double the value in oil of the ENTIRE country!

Think about it this way…

America's priciest zip code is 90210 — Beverly Hills.

Using numbers from Coldwell Banker Real Estate's annual Luxury Market Report, we can estimate that Beverly Hills is worth about $20 million per square mile.

This oil deposit I'm showing you today is valued at more than $21 billion per square mile…

Making it America’s most valuable piece of real estate.

Richer than anything from the Hamptons to Hollywood.

With all this wealth, you'd think drilling companies would be beating a path to this formation.

Unfortunately, it's in California. And as you can imagine, the state doesn’t look very kindly on drilling, due to its heavy environmentalist bent.

So while this has kept drillers at bay until now, I'm sure it's about to come to an end.

California legislators won't have a choice.

They’re in a tough spot.

State auditors recently announced that California is running a deficit of $127 billion. That's a 10th of the size of the national deficit.

When you include that it is currently the state with the fifth highest unemployment rate… and the highest in price of gasoline by the gallon…

There's no question: Desperation will likely force California's hand to give the green light for drilling.

And that will bring opportunity for profit from oil… AND from transportation, if you decide to get in early like John Rockefeller.

Just like the rest of the country, California is nowhere near ready for this level of oil production. And when it gets underway… well… you can imagine how quickly they'll need transportation companies to build up a solid infrastructure.

I've prepared a special report, The Secret Shale Jackpot: Bank a Bundle on The World's Most Valuable Real Estate, with a complete explanation of what's going on at the Monterey shale formation.


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Byron King
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November 2013

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