Urgent American Energy Update:

Closed to New Investors 11 Years Ago...

The "Chaffee Royalty Program"
That Turned Every $1 Into $50

In 2002, the royalty "paycheck program" that paid out
$50 for every $1 invested... decided to shut the door to new "members."

Now, a new door has opened... and it just got easier than ever to
"make money while you sleep"...

But there's no telling when it could close again...So you'd better
collect your own “Chaffee Royalties” right NOW!

Dear Reader,

Doing nothing while collecting royalties has to be one of the best — and easiest — ways to get rich.

For instance, David Sengstack does nothing and collects royalty paychecks of $2 million per year... just because his dad was smart enough to buy the commercial rights to a song you've sung a hundred times, "Happy Birthday to You."

Michael Jackson did nothing and his estate still collects royalties every time a Beatles song played on the radio (he bought the rights years ago). But Paul McCartney does nothing and collects even more on the 3,000 song rights from other artists that he owns.

Paul Newman made plenty acting. But licensing his name still piles up even more donations for charities — over $380 million so far — from royalties on the Newman's Own food line.

Even boxer George Foreman does better doing nothing than he did fighting in the ring, thanks to the $137 million royalty checks he gets for lending his name to a grill.

No wonder the world's richest investor calls collecting royalties the best business in the world. It's literally one of the easiest ways to do nothing and "make money while you sleep."

What might shock you is that there actually IS a way for anybody to tap into a pool of growing royalties... wealth that piles up by itself... that, ultimately, could be worth more than the entire Beatles catalog, all the commercial rights to "Happy Birthday," and the total value of the top 25 most expensive works of art in the world... combined.

And you can set it up in less than five minutes.

It’s called the "Chaffee Royalty" program, after a former schoolteacher and wealthy American millionaire, Jerome B. Chaffee. Just like people who make a living collecting royalty checks, you don't need to do anything once you've tapped into the program.

You just sit back and watch the money pile up.

8 Americans Who Cashed in on
"Chaffee Royalties"

Even though I'm almost positive you've never heard of "Chaffee Royalties," some of America's wealthiest families have — though by another name. In fact, it's a secret that's made more than a few Americans exceedingly rich.

In fact, now that these "Chaffee Royalty" programs trade directly on the stock exchange, you can get in anytime you like. And with the right timing, you can get in at a very good price.

And then start seeing gains from "Chaffee Royalties" immediately.

This is the situation we're in right now.

Which is why I'm writing you today.

See, in 2002, one of the most impressive "Chaffee Royalty" opportunities of all time closed its doors to new funds, just after delivering a 50-to-1 payoff for its earliest "members."

Today, “Chaffee Royalties” are back.

And for reasons I'll share, the timing now is better than ever.

What's more, today, there's more than one way to lock into these lucrative natural resource
income streams.

And one of those options, according to research that took me nine months to pull together, could pay out even better than what was once the most profitable "Chaffee Royalty" opportunity of all time.

We'll get to those details.

But first, let's start at the beginning...

The "Chaffee Royalty Program"
That Changed America

Jerome B. Chaffee didn't make enough as a schoolteacher. So he took a job as a sales clerk in a dry goods store. Then he took that money and started a dry goods store of his own.

When that wasn't enough, he packed his bags and went to Colorado in 1860.

See, Colorado then — as right now — was resource rich. And even though Chaffee knew next to nothing about mining, he saw the possibilities. And started snapping up the "royalty rights" on as many gold and silver claims as he could afford.

Every time one started to pay off, he bought more. Until he had a business making between $300,000–500,000 per year — or as much as $17.3 million today.

Suddenly the ex-schoolteacher was very rich. And powerful.

Chaffee took up politics, pushing for laws that would lock in the same kinds of opportunities for everybody. He even went to Washington and became a senator — and a friend of the president, Ulysses S. Grant.

Chaffee's own daughter even married the president's son, Ulysses S. Grant Jr.!

In 1872, Grant expanded on protecting the resource rights that Chaffee championed by signing the General Mining Act, a law that still safeguards resource rights today... has already created countless American millionaires... and helped blow open the gateway to the American West.

"Chaffee Royalties" let you tap into rich natural resource rights more easily than so many others did years ago. You don't need a lot to get started. In fact, you do practically nothing. Even as the rich wealth from natural gas, oil, precious metals and other resources piles up.

We've done all the legwork already. It's written up in our newest research report, Chaffee Royalties: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep.

You cannot buy this report anywhere.

However, at the end of this letter, I can show you how to download your own copy very easily. Inside, you'll find details on why now is easily the best time in history to make money tapping into
"Chaffee Royalties."

You’ll also find the top 3 favorite ways to get started – including the No. 1 "Chaffee Royalty" opportunity available today.

Here’s how it works…

Many of these new royalty plays trade on the stock market. In fact, becoming a “member” is a simple as buying into any other stock.

But, truth is… these “Chaffee Royalty Programs” can pay off WAY better than traditional stocks – often times soaring 300-500% higher, with less risk.

And getting into the best royalty play right now won’t cost you more than about $3 per share.

Almost Nothing to Get Started. . .
Provided You Act on This Quickly

The better known these "Chaffee Royalty" opportunities become, the faster the entry price goes up. That's just the way they work. Simply because new capital lets them add even more rich royalty streams, increasing the value of the program for shareholders.

For instance, in your report, you’ll discover one royalty-collecting group that let in new "members" for just $3.50 per share as recently as three years ago. But as royalty assets grew, so did the cost of entry.

It could go still higher, but the longer you wait, the more of these gains you'll miss out on in the future.

In fact, one of the most famous "Chaffee Royalty" plays of all time — which I'll tell you about in detail in just a second — soared from just a few dollars per share to more than $180 per share before it
was through.

Anyone with the luck to get in early had the chance to make as much as $50 for every $1 invested — or $250,000 for every $5,000. And then, in 2002, this particular "Chaffee Royalty" miracle closed its doors to new investors.

But as you'll see, “Chaffee Royalties” like this are back again. And they are already piling up new royalty stream income for shareholders. You can easily move on this right now.

Again, it's all in my new report, Chaffee Royalties: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep.

So why haven't you heard of "Chaffee Royalties" before?

Because most mainstream headlines don't look deep enough into the deals to discover them.

At least, not until the early opportunities are long gone.

In fact, I only learned about this from an ex-commercial banker who used to handle $400 million contracts for breakfast. He discovered "Chaffee Royalties" after years of researching looking for unique new way for investors to get very rich.

And I’m convinced, along with some very smart and very rich investors, that this may be one of the best undiscovered ways to "make money while you sleep" available today.

But there's something else...

Because today, with the economy still in tatters with high unemployment and municipal bankruptcies… with uncertainties from ObamaCare… and with your dollar-denominated savings on the brink of systematic destruction… this is also the best market ever to start looking at these "Chaffee Royalty" programs as an easy, safe way to build wealth.

Why? You’ll find out in a brand new report, Chaffee Royalties: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep, which can act as a valuable "primer" on exactly how to tap into this new wave of royalty-backed riches.

Here's a glimpse of what you'll find inside...

Big Resource Gains Without
the Usual Big Risks

First off, all the value in "Chaffee Royalties" is backed by real resource wealth.

Oil. Gas. Gold and silver. Copper. Energy. Diamonds.

But the beauty of these royalty streams isn't just the hard asset value that's behind them.

Instead, it's the fact that... as you watch the wealth pile up... you do it with none of the major risks that most energy and hard asset investors face.

How so?

That's the unique opportunity with "Chaffee Royalties."

They're designed to deliver all the upside of the world's rich natural resource wealth. But without passing on any of the major exploration, management or environmental costs of mining or drilling to the end shareholders.

Imagine, for instance, if you could own a "piece" of Apple's iPhone sales... without paying a nickel toward the operating costs, research or advertising.

Imagine if you could collect Google's ad sales... or Exxon Mobil's oil revenue... without forking over for employee salaries, building and maintaining headquarters, or any of those other costs that typically energy-and-dime shareholders out of gains.

"Chaffee Royalties" let you do that, backed by pure gains on some of the most valuable energy and other raw resource deposits in the world.

No Better Time Than NOW to Take Advantage of "Chaffee Royalties"

Right now, resource companies are lining up to swap some of their gross profits for these royalty programs. Why would they do that?

It's simple.

As you know, fracking and other drilling techniques are transforming the energy landscape and creating an oil and gas boom in the United States. At the same time, the prices of aren’t plummeting. The numbers aren’t in for 2013 yet, but you’re still paying, on average, over $70 to fill up an SUV’s tank.

That's great for anyone who produces or sells those resources. In fact, the four Big Oil companies reported earnings of $145,000 in profit per minute — more than 88 percent of American households earn in an entire year. But that’s actually less than last year. Why?

Trouble is, as energy prices shoot up, so do the operating and production costs for the drillers. So if they want to expand to capitalize on the resource boom, the drillers need money. Lots of money.

Because developing new wells is not only expensive, but also risky. First, you need upfront money to locate the oil or gas in the ground. Then, provided you can find the resource, you still have to finance
the drilling.

And once you finally get it out of the ground, then you need to pay for storage, shipping
and transportation…

Meanwhile, you can’t spill a drop anywhere in the process. Because as you know, even a minor oil spill could lead to a huge environmental catastrophe. Of course, this means you have to spend millions on insurance. And I’m not even counting how you need to pay off Uncle Sam in the form of taxes, permits, etc.

I think you get my point. Drilling isn’t cheap.

So if you’re a small energy producer… or even a large one… where can you get the upfront cash to pay for all this?

Answer: From the royalty companies.

Here producers can trade big loans for future profits on the huge piles of resources they're drawing out of the ground.

As long as the oil, natural and other resources keep coming up... and the market keeps begging for more... these royalty companies and their program "members" get rich, without ever owning an inch of dirt or having the headaches of running the actual business.

It's that simple.

And right now may be the best time in history to be a part of the "Chaffee Royalty" trend…

As a top mining executive told Bloomberg, these kind of deals "…pay in advance for a percentage of output at a discounted fixed price. As the cost of building mines and developing petroleum deposits soars, are positioned as alternative sources of funding for natural resources companies. These deals involve high-quality resource projects… that will ultimately translate into out-sized profits.”

In other words, no work. No major worries. No management.

Just royalty riches.

Here's a great example...

Up to 50 Times Your Money. . .
Without Getting Your Hands Dirty

The Goldstrike mine — in northeastern Nevada — is one of the best producing and most profitable gold mines in the world.


Millions of dollars are spent pulling out and processing as much as 35,000 tons of rock per day. Year after year. More than 1,600 employees work the site.

That's nearly the same size as the whole population of nearby Carlin, Nev.

Anyone who owned a piece of Goldstrike made a fortune.

Pierre Lassonde was one of them. But Pierre never actually owned the mine. He never actually hired a mining team, either. Or spent every day on the mining site.

Instead, he had a better plan.

See, at the time, Pierre was one of the top gold analysts in Canada, with more than 25 years of mining experience. And, though he knew early about the potential at the Goldstrike site, what he also knew was that he could get rich without having to do the work.

Because he'd worked out a way to let someone else do it for him while he collected the

"Chaffee Royalties" we've just talked about. And he did. To the tune of many millions of dollars.

Not just for himself.

But for the shareholders who helped "back" Pierre on the deal...

The Laziest, Low-Risk
Road to Resource Riches

You might still remember Pierre's company. It was called Franco-Nevada, and at the start, it was pretty tiny. Some mining companies have as many as 30,000 or more employees worldwide.

Pierre's company started with just two — himself and a partner.

And his plan was not to own an actual piece of the rich Goldstrike property — but to dedicate Franco-Nevada's assets to buying only the "Chaffee Royalty" rights to Goldstrike instead.

And when Goldstrike hit big on gold, the royalty money started pouring into Franco-Nevada.

And all Pierre and his team had to do was rake it in.

In those early days, you could have picked up Franco-Nevada shares for just a few dollars... and then watched them soar 38% per year.

It was enough to let Pierre buy a $232,000 Ferrari, a new mansion in Toronto’s posh Forest Hills neighborhood, and still have millions in the bank.

And by the time Franco-Nevada got snapped up in 2002, it had ballooned from a tiny $2.3 million firm... to a company worth the $3.0 billion shelled out by Newmont Mining... which saw the writing on the wall and bought up Franco-Nevada's whole portfolio of royalty deals in one grab.

With the buyout, your chance to get in on the original Franco-Nevada pool of
"Chaffee Royalties" ended.

But that’s not the end of the story…

Because there’s another “Chaffee Royalty” opportunity opening up right now. It's still very small. Just as Franco-Nevada was at the beginning. Which means you can still get in at that early, easy entry stage.

Because it's so small, I can't possibly name it here. That wouldn't be fair to the small group of individuals who pay to follow this research on these specialized, lesser-known opportunities.

There is, however, a way I can share this with you.

Which I'd like to tell you about right now...

The Next Franco-Nevada

In our new report, Big Energy Money Without the Big Risks: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep, I give you everything we've found — after nine months of deep research — on the best of the "Chaffee Royalty" opportunities open to you right now.

But the one I recommend first to our readers and friends is one I can't resist telling you a little more about right now.


If you've ever flown cross-country, say from Los Angeles to New York (or vice versa), there's a good chance you've seen it. Looking down from your plane window, you might have missed
the significance…

Because it looks like miles of mountains and wasteland. But underneath the elephant-skinned outcroppings, there’s a "Chaffee Royalty Program" of unbelievable proportions…

It’s called Mancos Shale. And underneath it in the Rocky Mountains, you’ll find the equivalent of 59 billion barrels of oil.

However, I doubt many oil investors have even heard of this shale play — and for good reason. Because what’s mostly buried in the Mancos Shale is not oil. But natural gas.

And it's the natural gas that should make many more people very rich. Including anybody who holds a "Chaffee Royalty" deal on those same vast natural gas deposits.

Let me just show you why...

  1. Almost all natural gas consumed by Americans is made right here in the U.S.A. In fact, 88% is now produced domestically. And it’s rapidly becoming the energy source of choice for Americans…
  2. According to the Energy Information Administration, energy from natural gas will soon account for 35% of total energy consumed in the United States. And why not? It’s cheaper, cleaner and doesn’t require a dime being sent to corrupt dictators at OPEC nations.
  3. At the same time, a huge number of companies are replacing the fuel of their truck fleets from diesel and gasoline to liquefied natural gas. As the New York Times reports, “Sales of heavy-duty natural gas vehicles could increase to 275,000 in 2035, equivalent to 34 percent of new vehicle sales.”
  4. In fact, Procter & Gamble uses natgas powered trucks to ship to 16 states , about 7% of their fleet. They expect to up that number to 20% of the fleet in the next two years..And Frito-Lay plans to buy a steady 150 natgas trucks a year. Meanwhile, Home-improvement retailer Lowe's plans to shift shift all of its trucks to natural gas by 2017.
  5. However, despite this huge surge in domestic consumption of natural gas, analysts still except the U.S. could start exporting our surplus natural gas as soon as 2015… (In fact, several projects are already underway to build the terminals required to ship our gas as far away as the U.K., Japan and China.)

You can see how this shapes up.

Natural gas is becoming the energy replacement for oil around the globe…

And hidden deep in Mancos Shale, you'll find one of the most promising natural gas finds in the country. There's easily enough energy here to make this one find a cash cow for the next 20– 25 years.

If you want to own just the direct operation, you can look to a Canadian company — Thunderbird Energy Corp. — which owns and works the property.

Not long ago, Thunderbird soared more than 220% in just a short five-month span.

That’s pretty good.

But what most people don’t know is there is a “Chaffee Royalty Program” that can get you into the very same gas deposit… but also offering you even more gains, with less risk.

So let me show you an even easier – and much safer! – way to play it…

Getting Paid for Just Breathing

Because Thunderbird does all its own drilling in Mancos Shale, it pays for it. And so do
its shareholders…

They pay for the wells. They pay for the necessary infrastructure like water and electricity. They pay for the fracking.

They have to pay to get the gas pumped out and shipped to an open market.

Sure, they make money. But they have to spend money first. A TON of it.

For example, it costs $750,000 up front for Thunderbird to build a single well.

That's nothing to sneeze at. Especially when you consider that Conoco-Phillips built 610 wells in the property right next store so it could get the most gas…

But I can show you how to tap the "Chaffee Royalties" tied to that exact same natural gas so you can take profits without the costs of running the wells…

Without the major cost concerns and headaches.

Without even worrying whether or not the price of natural gas will go up.

You see, right now, there's another company in Mancos Shale doing what Franco-Nevada did so early in its own legendary march toward blockbuster 50-fold gains.

This company, like Franco, traded some early investment capital for the unique "Chaffee

Royalties" rights connected with Mancos Shale natural gas. And now it's offering a piece of those royalties to you, as a potential shareholder.

This is a very rare opportunity.

It's not so difficult today to find other companies offering "Chaffee Royalties." But it's not as easy to find one in as early a stage as this one. With a share price that's still this low... and five royalty contracts either already producing or about to produce potential gains for new shareholders.

Remember, a $1,000 investment in Franco-Nevada would have turned into $1.2 million before it closed its doors to new "members."

This next future blockbuster royalty opportunity is already on the move.

On the Mancos Shale deal alone, this newest “Chaffee” play should collect minimum royalties of $25 million. That's just the bare minimum, which they’ll get even if natural gas prices today don't budge another inch.

But what happens if, thanks to increased demand from exports and trucking, natural gas surges back to high prices we saw back in 2008? Well, that would mean triple the price of natural gas.

And conceivably, that’s at least another $25 million in royalties going straight to this little company's bottom line.

That might not sound like much for a big, well-known company…

But for a tiny company like this — still undiscovered and valued at only just $30 million on the stock market — this is enormous. And just based on that, I already calculate that this could be an easy way to triple every dollar invested over the next two years.

But it doesn't stop there.

Because, you see, this little "Chaffee Royalty" outfit — like the early Franco-Nevada — has a lot more going for it than just the sweetheart royalty deal on Mancos Shale gas.

It also carries four other lucrative royalty deals — any one of which could start pay off equal or better to Mancos — and all of which give you even more opportunities to pile up royalty wealth...on three continents, with four different commodities, under five different deals.

Not Just Energy But also
Palladium, Copper, Zinc and Lead
Gains – All With Much Less Risk

On top of the "lock" this company has on Mancos Shale energy in the Rocky Mountains... it's also taking in piles of “Chaffee Royalty” cash for itself and its shareholders in Brazil, in some of that land’s highest grade gold-platinum-palladium deposits.

Not to mention even more royalties on one of the most productive copper mines in Mongolia… .another huge "Chaffee Royalty" stream on more than 3,000 tonnes per day of Canadian copper... and another 1,000 tonnes of Canadian zinc.

Some of these pay huge royalties now, and some promise huge potential royalties as they steadily come online. And more are expected on the way.

This company provides more than just access to some of the best palladium… energy… natural gas… copper… zinc… and lead… in the world. It also gives you the diversity and balance that you just can't get from most straight mining or drilling shares.

Without sacrificing the rare opportunity for triple and quadruple gains.

And just as good as the royalties this company already takes in is the promise of future royalties on deals it's already made. Take this company's royalty rights on a hugely profitable copper deposit, located near Matagami Lake, in northern Canada.

Multinational mining giant Glencore Xstrata and their partners do all the work to get the metal out of the ground. This one mine alone should churn out as much as 3,000 tonnes of copper every day.

That’s more than $68 million in sales.

Now, owning the companies involved in this project directly isn't a bad move. Keep in mind copper prices have taken a break lately. But it’s only a matter of time before China starts gobbling up
copper again…

That said, starting and operating a mine like this isn’t cheap. The entire project will cost Glencore Xstrata and its partners as much as $163.7 million. That’s just to get it off the ground.

However, the little company I’ve been telling you about owns the "Chaffee Royalties" on the same copper mine. It paid only $27 million, very early on, as a one-time fee.

And here’s the really, really exciting part…

At current copper prices, it gets a $2.50 “Chaffee Royalty” per pound of copper produced by the mine.

This means, if the mine were to produce 15 million pounds at these prices, we’d be talking royalties of $37 million. If the mine produces 30 million pounds, now we’re talking $75 million in royalties. Double it to 60 million pounds and royalties double to $150 million.

With no work. No major worries. No management.

Glencore Xstrata and its partners love the deal, because it means they get money to expand exploration and production. At the same time, this Chaffee royalty company and its "program members" love it because it's yet another stream of resource royalty income, without any operational costs.

Remember, as long as Glencore Xstrata keeps bringing copper out of the ground, this little company rakes it in. And so do you, if you hold this company's still affordable shares.

I told you before that the Mancos Shale project alone was enough reason for this little royalty company to give you an easy triple on every dollar invested. But with these extra royalty agreements. This isn't just an easy triple... it could, conservatively, be a "ten-bagger" stock.

With five royalty streams, your chances of the "next big hit" or major discovery could be huge. And remember, you need only one to pay off — the way Goldstrike did for Franco- Nevada — to see even MORE upward pressure on the value of this royalty company's shares.

It's like owning an option on what could become the best resource play of the century. If it doesn't pan out, you still do extremely well. And if it does, you get rich...

The “Chaffee Royalty” Genius
About to Do It Again

Just in case you think I'm overstating the evidence, consider this:

This company was focused on royalties in the silver market. In fact, if you’ve followed precious metals the last several years, this silver royalty company probably popped up on your radar screen.

And while at the helm of this silver royalties play, this man helped drive its market capitalization from $300 million to $3 billion – a more than 10 fold increase.

Then in 2008, he left this silver royalty firm to found another “Chaffee Royalty” play. In fact, he took his royalty model that had worked so well in the silver market, and applied the same model to the gold market. In the first two years, he nearly quadrupled this gold royalty company’s share price…

Now the third time’s the charm. I might sound crazy, but this same “Chaffee” genius is doing it again. This time, as founder and CEO of the royalty company that I’ve been telling
you about

He’s applying the same super-successful royalty model he used in precious metals to the natural gas, copper and other commodity markets.

That’s why, with this royalty innovator at the helm, I fully believe this is the best "Chaffee Royalty" opportunity listed on the market right now. Maybe even better than getting into Franco-Nevada at the start of its amazing 50-to-1 profit run.

Remember, all it takes is just one trigger with one commodity…

Any of these take the share price higher, very soon... closing out the best of this opportunity very quickly.

So I urge you to get my report, by accepting the special invitation at the end of this letter, as soon as you can. As I said, this special report isn't free. And I won't take your money for it, either.

It's simply not for sale, anywhere or to anyone.

But there is one way to get a copy into your hands instantly. All you have to do is accept a special invitation. One that could potentially make you a fortune over the year ahead. And show you how to access a pool of investment wealth you never knew existed.

Investing Like a Dealmaker

My name is Samantha Buker. I’m a lead researcher for a group called Agora Financial.

And I first learned about these unique investments from the most knowledgeable analyst I've ever worked with, Chris Mayer.

You might already know Chris from his appearances on financial news shows like Fox Television's Bulls & Bears ... Forbes on Fox... and the CNBC financial reports.

Or maybe you know him from his two books, Invest Like a Dealmaker and World Right Side Up: Investing Across Six Continents. Or from interviews he’s given to national radio talk shows or in
the newspapers.

The amazing thing about working with Chris is that his recommendations make a lot of money... without taking big risks.

A big reason for this is Chris’s unique background. You see, before joining Agora Financial, Chris was a commercial banker for one of the largest and most respected banks in the U.S. – overseeing a $250 million investment account and loans for $400 million companies.

It was a role he loved. In fact, he was vice president there before he turned 30.

And not once during his tenure did his bank lose a single dime on our major corporate loans.

That's a rare claim in lending.

I mention it because Chris’s background — poring over the balance sheets of major and minor companies alike, looking for anomalies, mistakes and even hidden value — was about the best stock picking training you can imagine.

It's also why he eventually stepped away from the bank.

It’s true Chris loved the markets. But he loved picking winning stocks even more. Now he does just that for over 18,400 readers, in a highly sought-after monthly stock market research letter.

But for years, Chris kept coming across a kind of investing opportunity that he just couldn't share in his widely read monthly letter. Stocks and other plays that were just too small... too "different"... and just that much harder to find or track for your average, mainstream reader.

The "Special Situations"
Kept Secret From You All These Years

The undiscovered opportunities Chris kept coming across are what Wall Street calls "special situation" stocks — fast moving, hidden opportunities that are extremely popular with insiders but just too small or too little known for the average investing mainstream.

Takeovers and buybacks... secret mergers... heavy insider buying opportunities... and

"Chaffee Royalty" moves like the one I'm showing you today.

Every single one of them revealed money most investors just kept leaving on the table...

Huge opportunities.

Chris couldn't stand knowing how many of these kept going unnoticed.

So he did something about it. He worked with our publisher to create a brand-new kind of research service, called Mayer's Special Situations.

This is not a simple newsletter for mom and pop market watchers. It's a much more revealing and advanced research advisory service – specifically tailored for elite readers.

How are we doing so far? Over the last two years, we’ve clocked gains like 48% on Aircastle, 63% on Rouse Properties, 74% on Contango Ore, 111% on Madison Square Garden, 137% on Gorman-Rupp Company…

These are opportunities you just can't read about anywhere else. And much earlier in the moneymaking stage than you'll discover anywhere else...

Of course, the easiest way to reveal what Mayer's Special Situations can do for you is to let you try it for yourself. Which is exactly what I hope you'll do.

Here's What Others Are Already Saying

Matt M. was one of our earliest Mayer's Special Situations readers. Take a look at what he told Chris...

"Chris, your recommendations total $272,000 — 15% of my portfolio... I like your approach and style — and the results — you identify opportunities that I would not be able to find by myself."

Here's an email from subscriber Eric L...

"Hey Chris, your Libbey recommendation alone just paid for my Acapulco vacation — thanks! Your reports are very professional without being stuffy... You're one of my main go to guys... keep up the great work, and thanks again!

And this is what Special Situations reader Michael K. wrote in with...

"I'm enjoying this new service, and I love the way you think about investments. My highest compliment is that I look forward to your updates and recommendations. I appreciate your thorough and thoughtful analysis and independent thinking and research. And the bottom line is you are making me money..."

You can guess Chris loves getting emails like these. And we have piles of them. The gains, the rare and undiscovered alternatives to typical stock investing opportunities, the handpicked moves and careful research... I'm happy to finally have the chance to share this with people who can appreciate how rich these "special situations" opportunities can be.

We’re not looking to brag.

I just want to make it clear that you'll find something here that you're not going to find

elsewhere. One popular financial writer even wrote, on his financial blog Market Metaphysics...

"Chris Mayer is the best financial journalist you've never heard of... Mayer's elegant prose will make you wonder why you don't find this caliber of writing in the mainstream financial press. Mayer's essays are sharp intellectual discoveries... all this and solid investment ideas, too."

Again, Chris is proud of the kudos. But he is even more proud of the results.

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The Single Best Way for You to
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Right now, there are several companies listed on the stock market that use the "Chaffee Royalty" model to enhance shareholder wealth.

That's why Chris spent the better part of the last year doing careful research to find only the best ones for you to consider adding to your portfolio.

And we’ve written each of them up in detail in the new report we've talked about, Chaffee Royalties: How to Build Resource Royalty Wealth While You Sleep.

Inside, you'll find Chris’s full and targeted analysis on two more ways to strike it rich with
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And keep in mind, on each of these deals, the royalties are coming in on resource already discovered, but there's also potential for more discoveries down the line. By already owning a piece of the royalty rights, you'll also be locking in on those future income streams too.

When these resource owners invest more money to expand their operations, you'd also automatically own a piece of that expansion. Without investing another dime.

What if there's another breakthrough resource discovery on one of their properties?

The royalty rights shareholders own a piece of that too. Along with the bump it could give to the royalty company's shares.

It's like owning an option on the resource boom, with which you get all the future upside

gains at a much cheaper entry price. And without any of the major downside headaches.

As long as these drilling or mining operations are producing, the royalties roll in year after year. And with the companies Chris found and featured in the report, you've got access to "long haul" deals that have as many as 25–30 years of production left.

So those royalties have plenty of time to pile up pretty high. In other words, you could start benefiting from the royalties immediately. And then keep on collecting for many, many years to come. All while even more royalty rights get added to your share of the overall portfolio.

Why would you want to pass that up?

You'd have a tough time finding a better deal — with full and growing access to the "energy rush" upside, almost as far as the eye can see, but with very little to none of the conventional drilling or mining or exploration company risks — and that's just the beginning of what I'm ready to share.

Because I’d also like to send you Chris’s exclusive research on…

Possibly the Sneakiest Way to Play
America’s Oil and Gas Boom

This is an unusual investment opportunity with the potential to DOUBLE YOUR MONEY in the next 12 months and beyond…

Like the other “Chaffee Royalties” that you’ve heard about today, this involves collecting royalties from natural resources. But that’s where the similarities end…

Here’s the story: With the huge resurgence in American energy, what do drillers need most?

As you can guess, after a hundred years of commercial drilling, the low-hanging fruits are all but exhausted.

This means the undiscovered conventional oil fields are generally smaller and pretty well hidden away. Or the hydrocarbons are locked up in oil sands and oil shale formations, which come with their own sets of challenges.

What is more, drilling costs have risen steadily.

The result of all this is that the financial risk to drillers is now greater than ever. Drillers had better have a dang good idea what lies beneath, before taking the plunge — or they could quickly end up on the scrap heap of bankruptcy.

That’s where this company steps in.

It creates the ultrasound maps of the earth’s crust that gives drillers a peek at what lies beneath — often covering thousands of square miles to a depth of 10 miles or more.

In fact, this company owns one of the largest libraries of maps of this kind in North America. Using its maps, oil and gas companies can locate new sources of energy, such as the shale plays we’ve talked about today.

But here’s the best part: These ultrasound “treasure maps” never expire. They can be leased repeatedly to different drillers for decades into the future.

I’m sure you can see why this model is a perfect fit to Chris’s other “Chaffee Royalty” plays. And based on current conservative projections, Chris believes the stock price for this “treasure map royalty” could shoot up by as much as 83% before the dust is settled.

We’ve just put the finishing touches to a revealing report that gives you the complete story on this profit-making opportunity. It’s called How to Collect 83% in Royalties from Energy “Treasure Maps”.

And you can download it the minute you accept my invitation to try out Chris's research today. Here's how it works...

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So the first thing we insist on is that we keep new enrollment at a maximum of 2,000 slots. Not one more. If you come in after that, I'm afraid you're out of luck until we can open enrollment again. No exceptions.

Second, we need to ask a reasonable price, given the potential of the plays Chris reveals and the level of sophistication we’re hoping to attract in his readers.

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Samantha Buker
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January 2014

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