In less than 30 seconds, I am going to introduce you to IMPACT investing… and I promise your life will not be the same afterward.

IMPACT is a new proprietary strategy I've created to give you the opportunity for extraordinary 1,000% gains (or more) from the ongoing currency wars — in a safer way than how most people invest in stocks.

  • Imagine making 530% in less than eight months from a major move of the U.S. dollar…
  • Or making 848% in less than seven months from the euro…
  • Or making an incredible 2,196% in 10 days from the Swiss franc…

First… it's important that you understand this really may be the ONLY time you ever get an opportunity to witness this one-of-kind proprietary trading secret…


Because IMPACT originated with systems and techniques that I developed for the CIA and Department of Defense to detect and predict terrorist activity.

(In fact, when back-tested by the intelligence officials, my systems would have predicted the 9-11 attacks… days before they actually happened.)

And frankly, if it comes down to national security, I reserve the right to pull this page down at any time. So please, if you're at all interested, don't put this aside.

For the past six months, I’ve put aside all my other projects to develop a whole new way of making money.

We call it the IMPACT system… and using back-tested data, it’s the only way we’ve ever found to reliably and predictably secure an average gain of as much as 1,657% among a set of winning trades from the currency market.

Of course, these are all examples of past trades. There’s no way I’m going to promise you’ll make 1,000%-plus returns on each and every trade or that you’ll never see a loser. And there’s no guaranteeing you’d be able to catch all of these trades.

Even so, I believe this is the most powerful strategy you will ever find to profit from currency wars.

Because we both know “currency wars” are here to stay and will only intensify moving into the future…

If you’ve read my bestselling books or research, then you’ve seen these how these global skirmishes are now fought using money instead of tanks and fighter planes.

But even if you’ve never read my work, you probably smelled something “fishy” going on with the U.S. dollar and the Federal Reserve.

That’s where IMPACT comes in…


true trading breakthrough...

I designed IMPACT specifically not just to protect you from currency manipulations — but also to show you how to PROFIT from gains 100 times higher than you might get from the stock market.

For example, take Russia. Thanks to aggression by Putin, the ruble (Russia’s currency) has been sucked into a currency war.

As a result, the ruble has cratered…

Take a look at this security called RSX, which closely tracks the valuation of the ruble:


You’ll notice how RSX took a nosedive starting in November 2014.

That’s probably bad news for the ruble and Vladimir Putin…

But that is fantastic news for you — once you know the secret behind IMPACT.

Because using my proprietary IMPACT trading strategy, you could have made 1,276%... in less than 30 days.

That’s enough to turn a very modest $5,000 investment into $63,800 of profit.

That’s an annual salary for most people. An annual salary you could collect in less than a month.

Double your starting capital — and now you’re up to $127,600 in pure profit.

  • This is without touching the ruble.
  • This is WITHOUT shorting any stocks.
  • This is WITHOUT investing in any ETFs.
  • And WITHOUT risking your money in the traditional foreign exchange (forex) market.

Instead, you just make one simple trade, one like you’ve never seen before.

Like I said, IMPACT is a brand-new way to invest.

For some of you, this might seem too scary…

After all, it’s easy to stick with the old (though some might define doing the same thing over and over as insanity).

But I truly believe once you give IMPACT a try, you might never invest in the stock market the same way ever again.

Over the last 12 months, we’ve put IMPACT though the ringer. I personally supervised this research project, running back tests of data over the past two decades.

A small army of researchers here at Agora Financial — including Jim Rickards, myself, a certified financial analyst and other experts — spent countless hours running spreadsheets, crunching numbers and running scenarios.

We even had a team from Bloomberg L.P. come in to help us audit the numbers.

And what we’ve discovered was frankly shocking:

  • We found dozens of these kinds of IMPACT trading opportunities occurring annually, going all the way back 20 years to the mid-1990s…
  • The potential gains from the scenarios we examined ranged from a 62% gain from the Brazilian real… to 1,628% from the Australian dollar.
  • The average gains of these winning trades we isolated were 1,657%...
  • And on average, these gains were collected within 90 days.

Yes, some of these gains are rare... but I believe this is likely the only strategy that will help you see them. And that brings me to the most interesting conclusion of this entire research project:

Simply put, as currency wars spread and intensify exactly as I predict they will — then opportunities for IMPACT profits also spread and intensify…

For example, over the last 12 months, we found more than 19 profitable scenarios in which IMPACT could have unlocked the potential of an average of 988%.

You might be wondering how gains like these are even possible.

And why you’ve never heard of this before.

I’m going to show you the answers, right now…


On November 3, 2010, the Fed announced it was purchasing $600 billion of longer-dated Treasuries, at a rate of $75 billion per month.

This massive money-printing program — popularly known as "QE2" — was set to expire in June 2011.

Look at what happened to a security called GLD:


From July to September, GLD went up as high as 27%.

Now, that’s a nice return.

But consider this: If you had used my IMPACT strategy, you could have made an incredible 9,194% return… in the same three-month period.

That’s enough to turn a modest $5,000 investment into more than $459,700 in pure profit.

Double your starting capital, and now you’re close to collecting a cool million in profit.

True, huge winners like this are rare. But it’s the perfect demonstration of the investing power that IMPACT can unlock for you.

What would you do with this kind of income?

Would you quit work early and retire? Give it away to your children, grandchildren, church or favorite charity? Will you finally write that novel or sail around the world?

Or will you simply choose to live life to the fullest…

Eating at the best restaurants, buying that car of your dreams, taking an exotic vacation or two, or finally just taking it easy at long last!

These are big promises, I know. And you have every right to be skeptical…

But I encourage you to keep an “open mind.” Because I’m going to show you exactly how IMPACT works, in the simplest way I can, right here in this message.

Here’s the story…



Jim Rickards

As you may know, I've spent the last 40 years advising major banks and hedge funds on global finance.

For the past 12 years, I have also advised the CIA, Department of Defense and the wider intelligence community on financial threats to U.S. national security.

I've testified before the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate about the risks of our global financial system.

I'm the author of two bestselling economics books — Currency Wars and The Death of Money.

And I don’t want to brag, but over the last few years, I’ve become somewhat of a celebrity in the financial community.

As a Forbes magazine columnist put it,

“History may well view Jim Rickards as the Paul Revere of the Currency War…”

That’s why, on a rainy morning in the late winter of 2009, I joined 60 members of the intelligence community, Treasury department, Federal Reserve and Wall Street at a top-secret location.

We met behind closed doors of the Applied Physics Laboratory, a top-secret weapons facility used by the Pentagon just outside of Washington, D.C.

We were there to prepare our nation for a new war.

But this wouldn’t be your typical war fought with air forces, missiles, infantry, submarines and tanks.

Instead, the Pentagon was preparing for a global financial war… one in which countries would use currencies and capital markets as weapons.

Fast forward to the present day, and you know the Federal Reserve, the European Central Bank, the Bank of Japan and other central banks across the globe are all trying to devalue their currencies.

Since currencies are intertwined with virtually every aspect of the global economy, these moves end up creating ripple effects on the stock market… and the options market… leading to some very profitable trades.

Play these currency moves correctly, and they could make you rich — fast.

For example, a recent study from MIT estimates that some Wall Street bankers have made as much as $653 million thanks to these currency wars.

The New York Times reported that in-the-know traders have pocketed seven-figure checks. And a Japanese man made $182 million after a currency battle broke out in Japan.

There’s a lot of money at stake.

But don’t just take my word for it…

See for yourself what happens when these currency battles break out…


For example…

Just recently, on January 15, 2015, the Swiss National Bank suddenly announced that it would no longer hold the Swiss franc at a fixed exchange rate with the euro.

(In technical terms, the Swiss franc was “de-pegging” from the Euro).

That was good news for holders of FXF, a security that closely tied with the performance of the Swiss franc. Take a look…


In 30 days, holders of FXF would have made around 12%...

Not too shabby.

But investors using IMPACT would have done better.

Much better, in fact…

IMPACT investors could have made 2,196%... in only 10 days.

Do these plays happen all the time?

Of course not. But when these situations do happen… you need to be ready.

Such as this play on the Australian dollar…

1,628% FROM

On August 5, 2014, the Reserve Bank of Australia, its central bank, announced a policy to devalue its currency.

See what happened in a security called FXA, which tracks the Australian dollar:


Investors in FXA got crushed!

But according to our back testing, investors who could have used IMPACT would be sitting pretty…

In fact, IMPACT investors would be sitting on 1,628% returns in less than four months.

But what makes this strategy work so effectively?


I’d think you’d agree that any good trading strategy includes four things:

  • 1. Reliability
  • 2. Predictability
  • 3. Risk aversion
  • 4. Speedy returns

In a nutshell, that’s what my IMPACT strategy is all about…

It is a predictive system and a hedging strategy to give you the opportunity to profit from currency wars.

And it’s been designed specifically for reliability, predictability, risk aversion and speed.

But I have to tell you… it’s the speedy part that I find most exciting.

I mean, look at how quickly you could have grabbed these gains:

  • 173% in less than four months from moves related to the Brazilian real.
  • 356% in less three months from moves related to the Swiss franc.
  • 364% in less than 30 days from moves related to the Russian ruble.
  • 393% in four months from moves related to the Argentine peso.
  • 615% in five months from moves related to the Canadian dollar.
  • 955% in six months from moves related to the U.S. dollar.
  • An incredible 9,781% in three months from moves related to the Mexican peso.

My point is… if you know when and where these currency battles happen, you could easily walk away with a small fortune.

The problem is most people have no clue how to start.

That's why you can think of IMPACT as your “secret key” to unlock profit from the ongoing currency manipulations of every central bank in the world…


For example:

I believe one of the immediate casualties of today’s currency war is the oil industry.

Specifically, I'm talking about junk bonds issued by the banks to oil producers back in 2011, back when everyone expected a weak dollar.

But thanks to recent actions by the Fed, the dollar has skyrocketed versus the price of oil.

Take a look:


What’s that mean?

Well, as I recently told our readers:

“The next financial collapse, already on our radar screen, will not come from hedge funds or home mortgages. It will instead come from energy-related corporate debt.”

In short:

According to IMPACT, these aggressive moves by the Federal Reserve are bad news for highly leveraged oil drillers.

But that’s good news for savvy investors like us…

Because using IMPACT, we could have picked up a quick 379% return in 30 days

And best of all, making an IMPACT trade like this can be extremely easy. That is, once someone’s shown you how to do it…

You just make the trade, bide your time and then grab your gains.

Without shorting any stocks… without touching any ETFs… and without going into the oil futures or forex markets or anything complicated like that.


I.M.P.A.C.T. ,by the way, stands for:

  • International
  • Monetary
  • Policy
  • Analysis and
  • Currency
  • Trading

It might sound complicated. But it’s really a flashy term for a trading strategy based on very simple concepts...

Try to imagine (if you can) a three-sided coin.

This might be hard for you. And that’s OK. Because we’re trained since birth to believe there are only two sides on a coin.

Heads or tails.

Win or lose.

One currency goes down. Another is going up.

The dollar wins. Other currencies lose.

Simple concept, right?

Call it binary or zero-sum thinking.

But the thing is… coins do NOT only have two sides.

In fact, every coin actually has a third side.

(Yes, even the coins in your pocket or change dish.)

The third side is the edge of the coin.

You see, if you stand a coin on its edge, you’ve found its third side… see for yourself:


And you know what? Once you stand a coin up on its edge… something amazing happens.

You can see both sides of the coin at once.

This might seem strange — but this is a perfect metaphor for the life-changing power my IMPACT strategy will open up for you…

For example… the recent “currency war” being fought between the euro and Swiss franc.

Take a look at this chart, tracking two securities, FXF and FXE:


As you can see, the security tracking the Swiss franc is way up…

While the security tracking the euro is way down.

To most people, this looks completely zero-sum.

Heads or tails. The Swiss franc wins while the euro loses.

But I’m here to tell you:

Most people only see one side of the coin… they are completely missing out.

Because if you look for the third side… if you stand the coin on its edge using the IMPACT strategy… then you can see both sides of an opportunity…

For example, you could have captured 5,052% in 10 days from an IMPACT play on the Swiss franc.

Plus, around this exact same time period, you could have ALSO grabbed a 2,193% gain from the euro.

Did you see how IMPACT could let you profit from both sides of a currency war simultaneously?

That’s why this isn’t just about a strategy. This is about a new mindset.

IMPACT is about opening up a whole new world of creative trades, letting you profit from an increasingly chaotic world.

Didn’t I tell you this was life-changing stuff?


Here’s another example to show you what makes IMPACT work:

Imagine throwing a small stone into a pond on a clear day.

What happens? The stone splashes in and makes ripples.

You’ve done this a thousand times, I’d imagine.

Now imagine a pond filled with dollars, yuan, yen, rubles, euros, and every other currency you can think of...

In case you haven’t guessed by now, this pond I’m telling you about represents the world’s currency markets.

Now picture a calm, clear Tuesday morning. On the edge of this pool are Janet Yellen, the Bank of Japan and every other central banker on the planet.

All of them have rocks in hand.

They are winding up…


What happens after these central bankers throw their stones in the water?

The ripples first show up in the world’s currency markets…

These ripples go on to create ripples in the stock market…

Which in turn, create ripples in the options market…

Well, in a sense, that’s exactly what we will be tapping into with my IMPACT system.

Using CIA-derived systems and methodology, I will work with my team of analysts to narrow down the outcomes of the ripple effects that could make you money.

Then using IMPACT, we will show you how to collect double- and triple-digit gains, sometimes in a matter of weeks, thanks to these ripples.

And best of all, I designed this strategy to be even safer than how most people trade stocks…

Maybe you think this is a bunch of hype…

I was worried you might feel that way. That’s why we ran this 20--year back-test. So you can see the numbers for yourself.

And please, PLEASE don’t the let the term “currency war” fool you.

Again, let me be very clear about what IMPACT is NOT.

I will NOT be recommending currency trading in the foreign exchange (forex) market.

That’s just too risky.

And it turns out, completely unnecessary.

That’s because I believe IMPACT investing is the best and safest way to potentially profit from currency wars.



After spending 12 months of leading this research project on IMPACT… and with currency wars breaking out all over the globe at this moment…

I knew with all my heart that I had to find a way to get the secret of IMPACT in the hands of loyal readers like you as soon as possible.

And now that I've officially joined the Agora Financial team, we are are finally ready to launch the next stage of this research project:

What happens when a small group of regular Americans discover IMPACT… and find out for themselves how to take back their retirement from the Federal Reserve and other manipulative central bankers?

That’s why I’m glad to announce that we’re launching a brand-new research service to take advantage of the moneymaking opportunities from the ongoing currency wars.

We are calling it Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert.

Every other week, I will look for new currency wars that could make you money.

We’ll shoot to collect double- and triple-digit gains in a matter of weeks (with gains possible as high as 1,000%).

And we’ll show you how to do it over and over again — leveraging the ongoing ripple effects in the world markets.

You can consider Currency Wars Alert to be the flagship publication when it comes to IMPACT investing.

It is also the ONLY publication that uses my IMPACT system...

None of my other publications will use this incredible and breakthrough new tool.

In fact, to the best of my knowledge, there’s no other publication in the world that uses this proprietary strategy.

My team and I spent painstaking months trying to pull together this research project… Currency Wars Alert is the culmination of all our work.

Now, we are only missing one final piece to take this research project to the next level: YOU.

And I think you’ll find that right now is the PERFECT time to join us…

Here’s why:

1,059% FROM THE

I call it the “contagion effect.”

We’ve seen similar situations (on a much smaller scale) in history…

In the 1990s, we saw a monetary crisis spread from the Mexican peso… to Argentina… to Thailand.

Finally, it culminated in the so-called “Asian Flu” of 1997, which almost destroyed the currencies of Indonesia, South Korea and Thailand.

When these kind of “contagions” break out, they can spread from nation to nation, and from currency to currency, like a bird flu for money.

And like the Asian Flu of the past, a new contagion is spreading at this very moment thanks to actions by the Federal Reserve.

Specifically, this current contagion is spreading into emerging nations like Brazil and Turkey…

As The Wall Street Journal reported recently,

Turkey’s lira tumbled to a record low, and Brazil’s real continued its slide… The currencies are being hammered as the dollar strengthens. The big worry is how soon the Federal Reserve will raise interest rates as the U.S. economy improves, a move set to drain more cash from developing economies.”

Over the last year, you could have already made three different trades on this specific contagion effect using IMPACT

  • 119% in two months from a play on the slide of Brazil’s real…
  • 410% in less than 60 days from a trade related to the Turkish lira….
  • 530% in seven months from a play tied to the growing strength of the U.S. dollar…

These three plays alone could have yielded you a cumulative gain of 1,059%.

But here’s even bigger news:

The way this situation is shaping up, I’m expecting new trades (with similar kinds of returns) to open up as the Federal Reserve steps up their currency wars…

And only readers of Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert will be in position to profit from these situations using IMPACT.

But you know what?

This newest contagion could only be the tip of the iceberg…

If you remember from my books, the current U.S. dollar-based global economy is basically being held together by bubblegum and chicken wire…

At any time, the entire thing could be coming down…

That’s why you need the IMPACT system working for you, right NOW… with all the support you’ll get each and every week from me and my team with your subscription to Currency Wars Alert.

In total, you can expect 2–3 trading recommendations from me and my team per month.

Each with the potential for 1,000% gains thanks to the IMPACT system.

But trading alerts aren’t all you’ll get…


Currency trading like this might sound hard, difficult even. But that’s the beauty of IMPACT…

Investing the IMPACT way is easy. Remember, IMPACT is not shorting stocks. It is not ETFs. And it is not forex trading.

You can make these trades using any online brokerage account.

You’ve never seen trading like this. I guarantee it.

How exactly does IMPACT trading work then? I wish I could show you here…

But you can get immediate access to all the details in our recently published guidebook, The Currency War Trader’s Handbook.


Every charter member of Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert will get this slim volume FREE, just for trying out this new trading research service.

In fact, this handbook is the very first thing you need to read if you want take advantage of the power of investing the IMPACT way.

In this no-nonsense guide, we will spell out everything I’ve laid out for you today in plain, easy-to-read English.


  • The complete story behind IMPACT investing, and why it can allow you to make systematic profits from currency swings…
  • Why CIA-derived methods and techniques let me spot currency swings months before they happen, putting you in the perfect position to use IMPACT…
  • Why trading the IMPACT way is actually safer than how most people trade stocks. (In fact, it can reduce your risk exposure by 25–50% if used correctly.)
  • The step-by-step instructions on how to make an IMPACT trade, using multiple “real-world” examples…
  • The biggest mistakes amateur investors make trying to capture profits from these situations…
  • What makes IMPACT better than foreign exchange (forex) trading, better than trading stocks or ETFs, and better than options trading strategies like covered calls or naked puts…
  • How to set up IMPACT trades in no time flat using your regular brokerage account…
  • An amazingly simple “hedging trick” that can protect you from a falling dollar or a dropping stock market.
  • The top three currencies that let you take the most advantage of the IMPACT strategy, along with three specific and finely tuned trades you can take advantage of right now for gains as high as 1,000% in less than 90 days.

And though nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investing, I hope you can see The Currency War Trader’s Handbook has everything you’ll need to get started with IMPACT. If you’ve ever traded a stock, chances are you can make these trades with ease.

In fact, from the minute you start reading, I believe you’ll feel a new enthusiasm building inside yourself…

Maybe it will feel similar to that first time you realized it truly was possible to make money using nothing more than your wits and the financial markets...

And the best news is you can get your copy to this handbook — FREE — by agreeing to try out this new trading research service.

I suggest you read it as soon as you get your hands on it. Our research team already did the hard work for you. You just need to read the handbook, learn a few simple steps, and then start making money the IMPACT way.


Listen, I know I’ve thrown a lot at you today. This is probably mind-blowing stuff. (It was to me when I first discovered it 12 months ago.) And I know you have questions…

So let’s answer a few right now:

Question #1:
Is This Too Difficult to Learn?

Answer: This strategy might seem hard, because this proprietary approach truly is a brand-new way to invest.

And when you try ANYTHING new (from riding a bike to buying your first stock)… it takes a little bit of practice at first to get it right.

That said, as I’ve tried to show you today, the basic concepts behind IMPACT are actually quite easy to understand.

We have laid everything out for you (in simple English) inside your copy of The Currency War Trader’s Handbook.

Even better, if you join us as part of Jim Rickards’Currency Wars Alert, we’ll break down the process 1-2-3 so you can easily master IMPACT in as fast as 30 days:

  • First, I will identify and break down a scenario of an ongoing currency war, just as I tried to do for you today using “real-world” examples.
  • Second… watch your email. Every other Tuesday, I will send you a new trading recommendation using IMPACT. These emails will contain everything you need to do to set up an IMPACT trade in easy, step-by-step instructions.
  • Third… make your IMPACT plays, get in, get out and potentially collect your profits. Then decide whether you’d like to roll over your profits into another IMPACT trade or simply enjoy the money you earned.

Full disclosure: It’s possible you may need to make a few modifications to your brokerage account in order to properly use IMPACT.

IMPACT is not like trading stocks, ETFs or other trading strategies you may or may not be familiar with. There is no writing of options like you’d need to do with strategies based on covered calls or selling naked puts.

Like I said, it is brand new. But have no worries here. Because we’ll tell you exactly how to set up your brokerage account (or any brokerage account) to trade using IMPACT the instant you join Currency Wars Alert.

Question #2:
Why Not Invest in Currencies Directly Using the Foreign Exchange (Forex) Market?

Answer: As I have warned you repeatedly, I do NOT recommend using forex to profit from currency wars.

There are many reasons why. But I’ll tell you one big one right now:


The truth is in order to really profit from forex, you need to use leverage in order to trade currency pairs on margin.

The problem here is: There is simply no way to know the exact amount of leverage to use in each and every trade.

That means the amount of leverage comes down to the judgement of the individual trader…

For obvious reasons, using leverage willy-nilly like this is RISKY…

As Bloomberg reports, :

“Most retail [forex] currency investors lose money most of the time, according to the industry’s own data… on average, 68% of investors had a net loss from trading in each of the past four quarters.”

That’s why, for my money, forex is way too risky.

The good news is with IMPACT, there is no need to use leverage as you need with forex.

That’s because your IMPACT trades have built-in leverage.

This means you get the exact right amount of leverage in each IMPACT trade…

And consider this: IMPACT trades also have built-in protection. This means you can’t lose more than you put in. So while there’s always the possibility a trade could turn against you, your risk is always known and strictly limited by design.

That is what makes the outcomes of IMPACT trading so consistent and predictable!

Remember, Jim Rickards engineered the IMPACT system to help you fast-track your retirement — NOT to gamble it…

Thus, you will never see any recommendations for forex trades in Currency Wars Alert.

That’s why if you are after forex trades, you are best off going elsewhere — because we will be too busy showing readers how to make money with IMPACT to bother with something risky and dangerous like forex.

Question #3:
What Happens if the Dollar Crashes?

Answer: If the dollar crashes, then we also stand to make a boatload in profits…

That’s because IMPACT is not only a natural hedge against a falling U.S. dollar — but it also lets you profit from a falling dollar, big time.

Remember, I told you earlier there’s a hidden third side of the coin — the edge.

Using IMPACT, you’ll sit right there on that edge of the coin…

Letting you potentially profit from whichever side is the most lucrative (or even both sides, as I’ve shown you).

Let me give you another quick example:

Can you think back to 2010 when things started going haywire in Europe, specifically with the central banks of countries like Spain and Greece?

Take a look at this security, FXE, which tracks the euro:


Investors in FXE got body slammed!

But IMPACT investors could have gained 410% from this situation in less than two months.

In fact, you’ll find the complete directions and setups for several current plays in your free copy of The Currency War Trader’s Handbook.

Question #4:
What Happens if the Stock Market Crashes?

Answer: If the stock market crashes, then we will be in perfect position to profit from any consequences to the U.S. dollar and other currencies.

Again, IMPACT does not involve investing in any stocks directly…

And the fact is the craziness we are seeing in the American stock market is directly tied to the strength of the U.S. dollar.

A strong dollar is one side of the coin — a side that IMPACT can let you directly profit from right now.

But if the stock market starts to plummet, then the dollar could be in real trouble… and we can play the other side of the coin.

For example, think back to what we saw in 2008 when the markets crashed…

Everything went to hell in a handbasket.

But using IMPACT, you could have played this a number of ways… including a play on the Russian ruble that could have netted you 3,197% in 60 days.

The fact is it doesn’t matter if the markets go up, down or sideways. There is always a way to make money using my proprietary IMPACT system.

So let me ask you this:


Ready to put IMPACT to work right now and start making money?

By joining today, you’ll gain immediate access to three trades you can use TODAY for the opportunity at a combined 1,000% return in the next 90 days:

  • A potential 200% return from a play tied to the rising dollar…
  • A potential 400% gain tied to the devaluation of the Chinese yuan…
  • And a possible 600% return on play from a recent move by the Swiss National Bank…

You will only ever find these kinds of plays in Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert.

But there’s something else very important you need to know about what I’m telling you today:

My IMPACT strategy is only authorized for your personal use.

I must insist that if you agree try this out, then you are also giving us your solemn word that you won’t release any details about any current IMPACT trade recommendations to anyone else.

Not even with your friends or close family members.

The reason is because IMPACT originated with systems that I developed for the CIA and Department of Defense.

I am is allowed to share some of this information. But I am is choosing to ONLY share this proprietary strategy with paid readers of Currency Wars Alert.

I'm dead serious. And if you can’t agree to this condition, then this is NOT for you, and we ask you to click away from this page right now.

Let me also make another
fair and stern warning:


Only one in 100 (or about 1%) of Agora Financial readers will able to get their free copy of The Currency War Trader’s Handbook at this time.

Now I am not telling you this to pressure you into a quick decision. Rather, I am trying to keep you from missing out on something that really could change your life.

Because I truly believe everyone deserves an opportunity like this, but this is the way it has to be… and no matter how unfair…

The reason why is simple…

Twenty years of back-tested data show this strategy works.

We are almost certain anyone can do this, whatever your experience level…

But since this is a brand-new service for Agora Financial, we want to be ready to support every new reader of Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert by pulling out all the stops…

Thus we want to make sure we can answer every question a reader may have about this subscription…

That includes giving telephone support as part of your subscription to the service. And since we don’t want to send readers to any overseas call centers, we have no choice but to keep the group small.

That means there are only a limited number of spots to this new research service through this offer.

But until then, you can still get in… you can still grab your FREE copy of this handbook… and you can still take advantage of this FREE chance to try out IMPACT investing for 60 days, practically risk-free…

I’ll tell you exactly how in a moment… but first, you may have another big question…


How can you be completely and absolutely certain that IMPACT investing is right for you?

Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell with 100% certainty… until you give it a try yourself!

But I can tell you this…

If you are seeking a "complicated" strategy that involves writing options for covered calls, selling naked puts, etc., then IMPACT is probably not for you.

At the same time, if you want a "buy-and-hold" strategy based on dividend-paying stocks, mutual funds, etc. then IMPACT is not for you either.

IMPACT is designed to be simple, elegant — yet sophisticated.

It definitely is NOT for everyone. And that is another reason we are limiting distribution to 1% of our paid readers.

That said, here are two more reasons you might consider giving this a try today:


you are welcome to try out IMPACT investing without risking any money in the markets…

The fact is, you don’t need to risk any money to get started trying IMPACT out, because you can paper trade as many of the recommendations as you like, for as long as you like…

By paper trading, you can accomplish two things: First, you won’t risk a single penny. Second, you can prove to yourself that this is the real deal.

Of course, if you want to capture actual dollar games, you’ll need to invest actual dollars in the strategy. The choice is entirely up to you…


you can take advantage of our “no-questions-asked”
guarantee for 60 days…

Here is my guarantee: If for whatever reason you want to cancel your subscription in the first 60 days, just let us know by giving us a call or shooting us an email.

We'll give you a prompt refund, no questions asked. All you’ll end up paying is a small 10% processing fee.


Why the processing fee?

Well, believe it or not, there are still people out there who try to “steal” our work. They buy the service, grab the recommendations and then cancel…

We’ve simply poured too many resources into this project to let these deadbeats get away with that. This 10% fee protects the serious readers who choose to invest, while also discouraging fraud.

And no matter what happens, you can still keep your copy of The Currency War Trader’s Handbook with my complements.

I think you can see that Jim and I have pulled out all the steps to make your entry into IMPACT investing and Currency Wars Alert as risk-free as possible.

But best of all…


We’ve put everything in an easy-to-use package:

To immediately access your copy of Jim Rickards’ The Currency War Trader’s Handbook and start trading the IMPACT way , just hit the “Subscribe Now” button now.

Next, you need to read my top three recommendations for trades you can make with IMPACT, today, for a potential of as much as 1,000% gains over the next few weeks.

Feel free to “paper trade” any of these recommendations if you want a truly 100% safe way to test out the IMPACT strategy.

Or call up your broker and get in for your chance to make a small fortune in real money. The choice is entirely up to you.

But no matter what, watch what happens with these IMPACT plays… how I use this strategy to unlock a whole new world of moneymaking possibilities… and how anyone can profit from currency wars.

As I promised you before, I truly believe this could change your life for the better.

Lastly, keep in mind that in the very near future, we plan to market a subscription to this IMPACT trading strategy at a pretty expensive price point.

But because we’d like to complete this research project, we’re going to make you a ridiculously generous offer.

We’d like to extend to you an invitation to become a charter member of Jim Rickards’ Currency Wars Alert today — at a rate that’s much less than what we’ll ask everyone else to pay when this limited-time offer expires.

But that’s not all. Because you will also get the 60 DAYS to review everything, practically risk-free, including:

  • The Currency War Trader’s Handbook
  • My complete IMPACT trading system
  • Your first trading recommendations
  • Everything else I promised today.

So now it’s decision time.

And this could be the most important decision of your life.

You’re at a crossroads right now.

You have only two options left…

Option #1 for you to leave this page and ignore what I’ve showed you today about how it could have been possible to pull out average gains of 1,657% on winners from currency wars using my proprietary IMPACT strategy. You can do this if you want. It’s entirely within your rights. But if you’ve listened to me this far, you’ve seen how easy this can be. Which brings us to…

Option #2 to take one tiny action that will have an incredible impact on the rest of your life.Simply click the “Subscribe Now” button right now, fill out our secure order form and you can dive into the Currency Wars Alert, my proprietary IMPACT strategy and at least three ways to profit from currency wars right now. Again, all you have to do is click the button. It will send you to a secure order form, and you can be up and running within two minutes from now.

Remember, we have a limited number of spaces in this service. Once we hit 1% of our readers, we’ll have to start offering this at a much higher price.

I’d hate to see someone (like you) locked out of this today while someone less deserving sits in your chair…

Just imagine how it feels to have the edge over central bankers for once in your life… completely turning the tables and putting this strategy to work to live the life you deserve…

I truly believe you'll soon agree with me that there's simply no better way to make extremely large gains on a regular basis... with less risk.

And you’ll have me and my crack team of analysts and researchers in your corner the whole time.

All you need to do to take advantage is hit that “Subscribe Now” button right now…

Remember, we have 20 years of back testing that shows my IMPACT strategy works…

And over the last 12 months alone, we've seen possible IMPACT gains like:

  • A 364% return from a play on the Russian ruble…
  • An 80% gain in less than 30 days from a play on oil and the U.S. dollar…
  • A 62% gain in less than 60 days from trade on the Brazilian real…
  • A 173% gain in three months from another play on the Brazilian real…
  • A 67% gain in three months from a trade thanks to the Federal Reserve and U.S. dollar…
  • An 82% gain in four months from a trade on the Colombian peso…

All the gains I just told were from very recently, within the last 12 months.

And the total average gains of the winning IMPACT trades we studied over the last 12 months was 988%...

If you put a modest amount of starting capital in each trade and made at least one trade per month, then based on this average, it is possible you’d be sitting on a total of $592,800 in pure profits by sometime next year.

Double your starting capital, and now you’re up to over a million bucks in profits.

As I said, this could change your life!

Again, spots in my brand-new IMPACT trading research service are limited.

Don’t wait until it’s too late.

Hit the “Subscribe Now” button and take advantage of this exclusive and generous Currency Wars Alert charter offer to while you still can.



Jim Rickards
Editor, Currency Wars Alert
April 2015

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final


Thanks for sticking with me. I understand if you have a few questions. So let me answer a few I’ve gotten from readers just like you…

“I’ve never heard of ‘IMPACT investing’ before… why is that?”

Answer: It’s because nobody has told you about this strategy before today!

The fact is most people don’t know this opportunity exists. Including stockbrokers, financial television pundits and mutual fund managers.

And that’s a very good thing for our purposes. Because it’s this lack of awareness that allows investors to profit from these situations on a predictable and regular basis.

I designed IMPACT ground up as a new way to potentially profit from currency wars… using systems and techniques developed for the CIA and Department of Defense to detect and predict terrorist activity.

We’ve spend thousands of hours back-testing this strategy to make sure it works…

And here’s something else: I’ve tried to be completely transparent throughout this entire presentation. I’ve tried to put out all of our cards on the table. With what I’ve given you today, you are more than welcome to continue investigating this on your own…

But that said, you can save yourself a lot of time and heartache by simply responding right now and getting your copy of the The Currency War Trader’s Handbook and seeing these plays laid out step by step.

We’ve already done the hard work for you in this handbook. You can try it out practically risk-free for 60 days. Just hit the “Subscribe Now” button for all the details.

Hitting this button does not obligate you to anything. You’ll just be directed to another page with additional information about this offer.

“This all seems to be too good to be true… what’s the ‘catch’ on this offer?”

Answer: Congratulations. Skepticism is not only healthy, but it’s also the mark of a smart investor. You should investigate before you jump into anything. That’s why we are giving you 60 days to check out this opportunity. I want you to see firsthand — safely — thatmy IMPACT strategy could make you money from currency wars.

Remember, I designed this strategy specifically for reliability, predictability, risk aversion and speed.

Once you’ve studied it and you’re totally confident it works, you can start making money at your own comfortable pace. You have 60 days to test everything out, either with paper trading or with as much money as you want to risk.

If you don’t get the results you want, just ask for a refund of the subscription price. What could be safer or easier than that?

The only “catch” is that we will shut down this offer once we reach our limit of one in 100 subscribers (or 1% of our total readership). And you can only get this offer by hitting “Subscribe Now” before we reach our limit and before we shut this offer down…

Remember, hitting this button does not obligate you to anything. You will simply be redirected to another page with additional information about this special offer.

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final

“Can I use my regular brokerage account?”

Answer: If you’ve ever traded stocks in your current brokerage account, then chances are you can use IMPACT in your regular brokerage account with possibly a few minor modifications.

The good news is that any modifications you might need are easy to make. Often times, they can be made using a quick email or phone call to your broker. And everything will be explained in your free copy of The Currency War Trader’s Handbook.

Remember, IMPACT is not like trading stocks, ETFs or other trading strategies you may or may not be familiar with. There is no writing of options as you’d need to do with strategies based on covered calls or selling naked puts. There is no shorting stocks. It is not foreign exchange (forex) trading.

As I said, IMPACT is a brand-new strategy. But have no worries here. Because we’ll tell you exactly how to set up your brokerage account (or any brokerage account) to trade using IMPACT the instant you join Currency Wars Alert.

Hit the “Subscribe Now” button to find out how…

“Is your IMPACT strategy difficult to learn?”

Answer: I don’t think it’s hard at all. As I said, the concepts behind it are incredibly simple. Of course, when you try out ANYTHING new (from riding a bike to buying your first stock)… it takes a little bit of practice at first to get it right.

But we’ve tried to put everything you’d need to know in your free copy of The Currency War Trader’s Handbook.

Plus keep this in mind: There’s a phenomenon described by science as “the curse of knowledge.” It’s a cognitive bias that leads better-informed people to find it extremely difficult to think about problems from the perspective of lesser-informed people.

That’s why you’ll often see “beginner’s luck” come into play. Because someone coming into something brand new can still see all the angles — without the bias.

By coming into this IMPACT strategy brand new, you won’t have the “curse of knowledge” at all…

Instead, you’ll be coming at this fresh and ready to see all the opportunities from currency wars, the very same way I look at these opportunities.

Who knows? You might even get a taste of “beginner’s luck” that can not only give you back your money you pay for this service within a few short weeks, but possibly enough money to put you on the path to financial freedom that you deserve.

But that’s only if you hit the “Subscribe Now” button right now and take advantage of this limited and generous Currency Wars Alert charter offer while you still can.

“Does this strategy involve trading options?”

Answer: The short answer is that since currencies are intertwined with virtually every aspect of the global economy, these moves end up creating ripple effects on the stock market and the options market… which in turn can set up very profitable trades in both of these markets.

That said… our extensive back testing shows the MOST profitable trades occur in the options markets. Each alert you’ll receive in Currency Wars Alertwill tell you exactly what specific investments you’ll want to use in each particular situation.

But remember, IMPACT isn’t options trading like you’ve ever seen before. There is no writing of options, as you’d need to do with strategies based on covered calls or selling naked puts.

IMPACT isn’t a complicated “advanced” options trading strategy. Instead, it is a predictive system and hedging strategy designed to be simple yet elegant.

IMPACT is also a new mindset. The same mindset that I use... one that can let you unlock profits from currency markets… from multiple currencies at once… and from currencies going up, down or sideways.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to put this mindset to work for you… hit the “Subscribe Now” button, right now…

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final

“How much does this trading research service cost?”

Answer: You can find all the details by hitting the “Subscribe Now” button, including how you can get this service for a significantly discounted price from what we plan to charge in the near future. Remember, hitting this “Subscribe Now” button does not obligate you to anything.

“Can I use this trading research service to collect income?”

Answer: Certainly. This is a great strategy to bring in extra income.

As we showed you in our back test, it was possible to get an average of 1,657% returns every 90 days among a set of winning trades.

But if we are conservative and estimated an average return with 12 months for each winning trade… and if you put $5,000 into the trade… that would be average out to a profit of $82,850 for the year, or about $6,904 a month from your winners.

That’s enough to fund your retirement or serve as a nice second income stream. Or if you want, you can reinvest to multiply your wealth. The choice is entirely up to you.

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final

“How are you able to use ‘CIA techniques’ with investing without getting in trouble?”

Answer: Because IMPACT is my proprietary strategy…

It is true the predictive system part of IMPACT is based on many of the techniques and methods used by the CIA and other intelligence agencies, such as the use of complexity theory, Bayesian technique and causal inference.

These intelligence-gathering techniques are direct from the most heavily classified activities of the U.S. government.

But the fact of the matter is you can apply these techniques for both national security AND to help make money in the markets. Thus there are no conflicts of interests here. That said, if a conflict of interest ever arises, I reserve the right to take down this offer at any time.

“How is IMPACT ‘safer than how most people trade stocks’?”

Answer: Because most investors use a buy-and=hold method. If you buy and hold, you are totally at the mercy of the markets. Whereas with the IMPACT system, you will often only be in the markets for small increments of time, sometimes for as short as 30 to 90 days at a time. Your free copy of The Currency War Trader’s Handbook will explain this concept further. But for now, understand that IMPACT has the potential to reduce your risk exposure by 25–50% if used correctly.

“If this is so great, why doesn’t everyone do it?”

Answer: My guess is that everyone will want to trade using IMPACT… once they discover its existence.

That said, we are limiting the distribution of IMPACT to only 1% of our total readership.

You can see the complete offer after you hit the “Subscribe Now” button right now… remember, space is limited, and you can try out everything for 60 days… and you won’t be obligated to do anything by hitting the button.

“I'm not a big risk taker. Is this the right research service for someone like me?”

Answer: I specifically designed this service for people who want higher returns without high risk. It is a RISK-AVERSE strategy.

In fact, this strategy should be thought of as safer and more “conservative” than the way most people buy stocks…

Why? Because you don’t have to take open-ended risks. You don’t have to risk your money like most peopled do… putting 100% of their retirement money in the stock market constantly, all 12 months of the year — riding stocks up and down at the mercy of Wall Street, the economy… or worse, at the mercy of the Federal Reserve.

You also don’t have to short stocks or take the unlimited risks you’d get by leveraging up in the forex markets either…

This service is all about giving you the control over your money. This includes how much risk you want to take. The kind of plays you will see on IMPACT have built-in risk protection.

But on the other hand, if you can’t tolerate ANY risk, then this may not be right for you. As with all investing strategies, there will be risk in our recommendations. You could be better off sticking with Treasuries and being happy with 1–2% returns.

Only you know your own risk tolerance and what you’ll feel comfortable with. The choice is entirely up to you. No matter what, we want you to sleep soundly at night with your decision, which is why we give you our 60-day money-back guarantee.

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final

“Can IMPACT trading truly make you rich?”

Answer: Yes, is entirely possible this strategy can make you rich…

But that depends on how you define “rich.”

If you define it as the ability to make more money, so you can spend more constructive time with your family, go back to college, travel, give more to your church or charity and “be a better you” — then this very well could make you “rich,” indeed.

We believe the IMPACT system will make you money. That’s why we are offering it to you today with this special offer.

And here’s a quick piece of advice: When you start using this service, I’d encourage you to write down your goal for how much you want to make in the next 12 months. Then decide how much to allocate to reach your financial goals. I truly believe that if you use the strategy correctly… you will be pleasantly surprised how quickly you can reach whatever financial goals you set.

“This sounds like a ‘get-rich scheme’ to me — are you for real?”

Answer: This is NOT a “get-rich-quick” gimmick. Here at Agora Financial, we’re in the business of sharing ideas and actionable research that can help you thrive in any type of market. If we published foolish or dishonest material — we'd be out of business.

“Does this involve using a load of technical mumbo jumbo and complicated charts?”

Answer: No. There is no technical analysis that you’ll have to perform. All you need to know is the specific play, and when to get in and when to get out. We do all the hard work for you. Each alert will tell you exactly what to do. You just have to decide whether you want to follow what we recommend!

“I’ve heard trading systems never work, because it’s impossible to beat the market — what makes this different?”

Answer: We don’t agree it is “impossible” to beat the market.

And if you’ve stuck with me to this point, I’m pretty sure you don’t believe this either…

First off, we all know it’s possible to beat the market. You and I could name several famous investors who beat the market all the time.

Second, our extensive back testing shows that 1,000%-plus gains from IMPACT are possible. We’ve tried to show you all the proof here in this message. It is entirely up to you if you believe our research or not.

But whatever you decide, you’re still covered by our 60-day guarantee. Just hit the “Subscribe Now” button now. Hitting this button does not obligate you to anything. You’ll just be directed to another page with additional information about this offer.

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final

“Can anyone really do this? Even me?”

Answer: YES, anyone can do this. Especially you. Why? Because I designed this service specifically for YOU. For regular Americans with an average understanding of the markets who want to better their financial circumstances… and now can thanks to a special situation created by central bankers.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Hit the “Subscribe Now” button and take advantage of this limited-time charter offer while you still can.

You won’t be obligated to do anything by clicking this button. You’ll just be sent to another page with more information on this special offer.

“What promise do I have that I’ll make money?”

Answer: To be completely honest, if you choose NOT to invest in my IMPACT recommendations — then I can guarantee with certainty that you will not make any money on them — and this service will be nothing more than education.

(Not that there’s anything wrong with paper trading to learn the IMPACT strategy — but the simple fact is that you can’t make anything unless you’re willing to invest with actual dollars.)

But I do guarantee this service for a full 60-day period. And during that time, if you’re skeptical — which is completely understandable — then please do feel free to paper trade.

By paper trading, you can accomplish two things: First, you won’t risk a single penny. Second, you can prove to yourself that this is the real deal.

And if for any reason (or no reason at all) you decide you made a mistake in the first 60 days, just let us know by giving us a call or shooting us an email.

We'll give you a refund, no questions asked. All you’ll end up paying is a small 10% processing fee.

But remember, we’re letting only 1% of our readers take advantage of this. So hit the “Subscribe Now” button or else you will risk losing your spot…

“What happens if I waste my time trying out your service and it doesn't work?”

Answer: Nothing ventured, nothing gained! I can guarantee your satisfaction with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Bottom line, we all want you to be successful. And to move forward with piece of mind. That said, we only want people who are serious about learning how to make money using this strategy.

That’s why only one in 100 of our readers will get in. (It’s first come, first served.) If you are still seeing this message, then there are still openings to join. But only if you hit the “Subscribe Now” button and take advantage of this limited-time offer.

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final

“Do I have to have a large amount of money to invest?”

Answer: No! In fact, you don’t need any money to get started, because you can paper trade as many of the IMPACT recommendations as you like, for as long as you like…

That said, if you want to make actual money you can spend (or reinvest), then yes, you’ll need a little money to get started. How much is up to you. You can get started with as little as a few hundred dollars to invest.

But remember, once we hit our limit of one in 100 readers, this offer will shut down. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Hit the “Subscribe Now” button and take advantage of this exclusive and generous charter offer while you still can.

“If I have questions or am unsure about anything about my membership, can I speak to someone?”

Answer: Absolutely. Immediately after joining, we will give you a special customer service number that you can call with any questions you might have about how your membership works and what you’re entitled to. You’ll also get a special email address for the same purposes.

This is exactly why we are limiting this offer to the first 1% of readers who respond. We don’t outsource our calls overseas. We want charter members of Currency War’s Alert to experience the world-class service they deserve.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Hit the “Subscribe Now” button and get started today…

“How soon until get my materials like my Currency War Trader’s Handbook and first Currency Wars Alert trading recommendations?”

Answer: Within 10 minutes of responding today, you can download everything right on your computer, phone, tablet or other device. Just click the button now to get started.

“How often will you be making recommendations?”

Answer: I plan to make at least one trading recommendation per month. This number can easily increase based on what’s happening in the currency markets and especially during currency wars.

“Is your ordering process safe and secure?”

Answer: It is fast, safe and 100% secure. We are using the latest complex encryption technology we can find to protect your data though the entire ordering process.

Once you click the “Subscribe Now” link, you’ll get a chance to review everything before anything is processed. After you have used the same secure order form, you’ll be able to download the reports immediately as Adobe Acrobat PDF files.

“I really want the profits and simplicity you describe — but how can I be sure that everything you said was true?”

Answer: Well, if you’re still unsure, here’s what I suggest. Hit the “Subscribe Now” button and try out Jim Rickards’ IMPACT strategy for the next 60 days. You can even paper trade his recommendations if you don’t want to risk anything…

Remember, you must act now to avoid getting locked out. Once we hit 1% of Agora Financial’s readership, then that’s it. This special offer will be closed. The choice is completely up to you, but I highly suggest you hit the “Subscribe Now” button now, so you can decide with all the remaining details of this offer.

You won’t be obligated to anything by clicking this button — you’ll just be sent to another page with more information on this special offer.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to see you on the other side! You can still click the button as long as you remain on this page.

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final