The Major U.S. Stock I Predicted
Would Crash Last Night
-- Amazon -- Did.

But it’s just the beginning ...

At least 25 companies are right behind it.
Each are set to tank, giving you shots at
repeatable triple-digit gains in the coming months...

Dear Reader,

Hi. David Stockman, here.

For the past two weeks, I’ve pounded table about three things…

  1. I knew the next major U.S. stock that was set to crash.
  2. You should circle January 28th -- the date the crash would begin. And...
  3. You could potentially make up to 300% from the event, if you knew the right investment strategy.

Well, yesterday was January 28th...

And take a look… here’s the news headline proving we were right:


The stock dropped, 13% in after hours trading last night. And it’s down nearly 10% today.

So far, my recommendation to readers, very specific Amazon put options, are way up.

And I’m confident they’re going to go even higher in the coming days as Amazon keeps nose-diving.

But do you know what’s even more shocking than Amazon “surprise” crash?

I sent my warning to you and over 200,000 readers.

I did everything to bring you along for the ride. I made my paid investment research advisory, David Stockman’s Bubble Finance Trader FREE to you for 30 days.

Research I normally charge $3,000 for.

You could’ve paid me $0 and gotten all of my potentially profitable analysis and recommendations.

But guess how many of your fellow readers took me up on that offer?

50,000?... 30,000? … 5,000?.

All wrong.

Nearly 1,000 people took me up. That’s it. Less than 1% of my readers.

And they're happy they did. Because they not only have access to research that could help them be positioned to profit from the imploding Amazon bubble.

They're also have the opportunity to profit from at least 25 other bubbles too. That’s a conservative estimate of how many “bubble stocks” I see popping this year, too.

And now you and the other 99% of my readers can have the chance too.

You see, not only do I believe that Amazon could ultimately deliver savvy investors 300% or more.

But I believe there are at least 25 other stocks that give you the exact same opportunity during 2016.

Since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in late last month, markets have reached a major turning point. One that will change the course of financial markets.

That’s why I believe it’s urgent you take action now.

You’re facing the end of what I call “The bubble finance era.” That means...

In short, everything you’ve learned about investing in stocks over the last seven years will be going out the window.

Most investors will lose a lot of money in the coming months as they find this out…

But I don’t think this means you have to suffer.

In fact, I believe this one of the best times for you to make money, too.

And I’m confident my bubble finance trading strategy is the best way for you to do it.

And remember, the most lucrative gains are still to come as the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates throughout the year.

I’ve done all the hard work for you. I’ve made the bubble finance trading strategy as simple as possible, saving you time and energy.

I’ve even written a free handbook detailing how to use the Bubble Finance Trading. I’ll send that to you today too. The strategy alone is worth quite a lot of money.

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No gimmicks. No questions asked. Just a way to try my proven research and opt-out if it’s not for you.

It’s a win-win.

I think you’ll agree that’s fair.

So now it’s decision time…

I’ve done everything I can the last few days to show you how you might’ve made money when Amazon’s share prices started to collapse. Now that’s happened… and I think more bubbles will pop right behind it.

And I’ve given you a no brainer way to get into my research.

You can either sit on the sidelines – watching executives get rich as shareholders are left holding the bag over the coming month – or you can take action, and make money as the “Bubble Finance Era” wheezes to a close.

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final

All the best,
David A. Stockman
Editor, Stockman’s Bubble Finance Trader
January 2016

P.S. As you can imagine, my publishing partners and I can’t keep this offer open forever. So, we’ve decided to put a very hard deadline on this tomorrow night, 24 hours from now. Please review the details and take action before then. Afterwards, the offer will be off the table.