Urgent Notice:

The Washington and Wall Street iconoclast who saw
Wall Street’s 2008 collapse coming now says...

“Today, I’m Revealing the Next Major U.S. Stock to Crash.”

— David A. Stockman

With over 50 million square feet of U.S. real estate and 220,000
employees, one company is set to crash. It could drop like an
A-bomb on unsuspecting shareholders as soon as January 28th.

Dear Reader,

My name is David Stockman.

Over the next 3 minutes, I’m going to expose one of the biggest bubbles in corporate America.

It’s my sincere hope you read this in time and take decisive action.

Action to get out of the way of what could be a speeding train wreck… while positioning yourself correctly for one of the biggest potential windfalls of your life.

You don’t have much time...

On January 28th, 2016, just a few short days from now… I believe one company’s management could drop a bombshell on unsuspecting investors.

I should be clear from the get-go: This company isn’t Apple… Facebook… Google… Netflix… or anything like that.

Instead, it’s one of the most well-respected and important businesses in modern American history.

Yet an announcement on January 28th could send this company’s stock tanking by as much as 70% or more over the next 11 months.

They're using every financial technique possible to make their company appear more successful than ever…thus preventing shareholders from realizing the truth about where they’re headed.

Tens of thousands of everyday Americans – maybe even you -- own shares of this company. Perhaps even without knowing it…

And if the stock crashes, they’re going to lose a lot of money.

But for investors who understand the situation, and buy one simple type of investment, they could use the same event to generate 300% returns.

I’ll walk you through the flashing warning signs in a moment. But first, let me show you why it’s critical that you read the rest of this letter right now…

I’ve Exposed Financial Humbug for 40 Years.

But This May Be the Worst...

You may know me as a two-term Representative from Michigan in the U.S. Congress.

Or as President Ronald Reagan’s controversial budget director. I worked to expose government spending scams and balance the nation’s budget.

I also wrote the recent New York Times best-seller, The Great Deformation. I spent 742 pages exposing the fraudulent financial bubbles resulting from policies put forward by the Federal Reserve and Congress

And since 2011, I’ve enjoyed retirement by shredding financial lies to pieces in my free market blog, David Stockman’s ContraCorner.

But it was after meeting a senior financial analyst at a small financial publishing firm in Baltimore last year that I decided to sit down and write this letter to you.

We quickly decided to team up… to expose what may go down in the books as the greatest financial bubble in corporate history.

Like me, this man I met has an eye for digging deep into a company’s financial statements… and finding corporate frauds...

But we we’ve just uncovered could make you much more than that...

You see, almost every mainstream investor thinks the company we’re revealing today is going to keep growing and growing.

Which is why the news due out on January 28th could be so devastating for so many people…

One of America’s Most Beloved Businesses
is Playing Investors for Fools

When the vulnerable company I’m telling you about today is finally forced to show its hand, the share price will crash. Just like the worst stocks did during 2008.

That’s bad news if you own this stock right now -- and tens of thousands of Americans do.

But if you take one simple step today, it could mean substantial gains for you instead.

I’ve been working hard to give you a specific way to play this situation.

My conservative estimate is you could make AT LEAST 50-80% by December, 2016 by betting against this stock right now.

Though I’d be very surprised if it didn’t give you at least have the chance to triple your money.

And that’s only the beginning…

This company has become a symbol of corporate America. No one thinks it will implode.

It’s one of the few stocks out of the 500 companies that make up the S&P 500 that is keeping the index from completely crashing.

When it tanks, it will be like a stone that will crush financial markets and main street America. It’s likely that a tsunami of fear in what were previously thought to be “safe” stocks will follow.

I fully expect the broader stock market to sell off in a panic that makes the crash in 2008 look like a cake walk…

This isn’t bad news for you, though. Because a whole new wave of downside profit opportunities would emerge.

That’s why it’s crucial that you respond quickly...

When you do, I’ll send you everything you need to know.

You’ll get the name of the company positioned to crash... proof of why their share price could plummet… and a simple chance to make money betting against their stock.

This crash could gain full steam on January 28th – so, as I said, you’ll need to hurry. Don’t miss out.

In fact, I’m so confident in my predictions that I’m putting my money where my mouth is…

I’ll send you my research -- starting with this specific recommendation to play this stock bubble’s pending crash -- at no charge today.

That’s right, you’ll pay me nothing today.

That’s an offer you won’t find anywhere else in the financial research advisory industry. More on that in a second, though…

First, you’re probably wondering, “How can you be so confident this iconic company could crash at any moment? And how can I position myself to profit from their fall?”

Let me explain…

Here’s why I believe this iconic
American stock will get slammed...

It all boils down to a few very simple things.

This company has been spending mountains of money in order to grow.

The CEO’s promise? That spending more money on facilities, personnel and technology, will mean his company will eventually generate huge profits and dividends for investors.

There’s one problem: It’s been saying that for 24 years now and the huge profits are nowhere to be seen. And there’s never been a dividend paid. Not once.

Sure, the media is in love with the company… it’s grand plans for the future… and it’s celebrity CEO.

But despite the buzz, this never generated the huge bottom line it’s always promised investors. And that’s what counts.

Yet it’s been able to lure investors into buying its stock -- sending its share price to the moon.

As I write this, this company’s stock trades for nearly $600 per share.

Meanwhile, the company’s CEO and accountants have been using hype and accounting wizardry to hide the truth from their shareholders. That:

All the warning signs are there...

In August, the CEO sold more than $500 million of his shares. That tells you all you need to know.

You can fool many investors for a long time. But you can’t fool them forever. Many have waited for years for this company to gush earnings and start paying a dividend.

But starting January 28th, a piece of news could be announced…

One that could cause investors to doubt the pie-in-the-sky stories they've been fed about this company’s stock.

As investors try to dump their shares over the coming weeks they'll quickly learn three thing:

  1. No one will buy this company’s shares at today’s ridiculous prices…
  2. And selling shareholders will have no choice but to start slashing the price of their shares to attract buyers.
  3. By December of 2016, less than a year from now, I believe shares will be slashed by as much as 70%.

If you’re interested in learning how to potentially make money from this situation, it’s urgent that you act right now…

News is already starting to leak out: One report from Marketwatch suggests that though this company and others like it “may look like they're dominating the world right now,” the truth is they could be “very unstable.”

It’s “likely” the report continued, that it “will crash and burn remarkably quickly.”

And, famous hedge fund manager David Einhorn of Greenlight Capital, has added this company to his “bubble basket” of highflying stocks set to crash.

That’s why I’m rushing this presentation out to you today. Here’s what’s in it for you…

The Only Two Ways You Can
Make Money From This Situation

There are two ways to make money betting against this company….

First, you can short the stock.

This could easily allow you to make 50-80% as this company’s stock tanks on news that the company’s stock is trading far beyond what the company could ever be worth.

Or, you could do what I recommend: Buy one specific “put option” on this company.

You may already know that put options are a limited risk, leveraged way for you to make money when stocks drop.

For example -- when a stock falls 5% in a day, put options may go up 50%. When big drops happen, puts can go up hundreds of percent in hours.

And since they’re limited risk, if I’m wrong – which I don’t believe I am – you’ll never lose more than you put up.

My point is -- there’s no easier, safer, and faster way to grab huge gains from downward stocks than through put options.

I’ll be disappointed if you don’t at least see the chance to triple your money through my specific put option recommendation.

Sound crazy? It’s not.

For the past four months, I’ve been quietly delivering opportunities just like this one to a small set of my readers.

Every other week, I scan the market the market for stocks that are priced so absurdly high, they have nowhere to go except straight down.

I call these “bubble stocks” -- because their share prices have been inflated 50-80% higher than any sane investor should pay for them.

Plays like…

Each time I identify an opportunity I blast out an urgent email to my readers that shows them how to play the idea for the chance at impressive gains.

Don’t worry if you’ve missed out on any of these kinds of gains in the past. Because today, you have a second chance…

We’re blowing the doors open on one of the biggest bubble stocks that exists today… along with the pinpoint move you must make to play their crash.

After reading this letter, you’ll have the chance to claim a spot my bi-weekly research service – along with the specific way to play this bubble stock’s downside – for free.

Here’s an inside peek at what you’ll find in my report…

The Bigger the Bubble…
The Bigger Your Return

Bubble stocks exist because of what’s called “the greater fool theory” .

The premise is simple. You can sell a stock to a fool for far more than it’s worth…

And that fool can sell the same stock to a greater fool for even more money than he bought it for...

And so on.

The price of a stock can rise to astronomic levels because of this greater fool dynamic.

Just look at a ten year stock chart of the company I’ve been telling you about today for proof.

Despite never becoming a profit machine, it’s stock price has shot to the moon…

It’s gone from under $100 per share… to nearly $700 per share.

Investors were willing to pay seven times as much to own shares in a company… that’s never consistently turned a large profit… or, in my opinion, ever will.


Because there are fools who will bid up the share price of the company. These investors believe after buying the stories that come out of Wall Street…

And those fools have found even greater fools to bid up the price even more.

Only when the music stops, does the share price drop like a rock -- and fast -- by 70% or more...

CEO’s of bubble stock companies know this happens. And they understand better than most that having your stock price drop like a brick is never a good thing…

And these are only a few examples...

My point is that when things go bad, they go bad quickly. I’m sure you’d agree.

And as investors have painfully seen… in 2000… and 2008… and even in the last few weeks…

Some CEO’s will do anything they can do to make their business look far better than it is in reality. Or present it as immune to any type of market downturn.

Anything to keep the buying frenzy around their company’s stock from dying.

But they can only keep the charade up for so long.

By my best estimate, the iconic American company I’m revealing today could let the cat out of the bag----that their business isn’t going worse than investors think -- as early as their next earnings conference call on Thursday, January 28th, 2016. Just a few days from now.

How bad could it be?

Here’s what would make a negative surprise by this company create a whole new wave of panic:

With a $267 billion market cap, an 70% drop in this company’s share price would wipe out $200 billion in investors’ wealth.

Creating a tsunami of fear in the stock market...

It’d be like dropping another A-bomb into the economy -- since the rising stock market of the last seven years is one of the only signs of an “economic recovery.”

This could happen any day now. There are two big misconceptions shareholders have about the company… that I believe could be exposed as early asJanuary 28th.

That’s why I believe this company could drop by as much as 70% in the near future. And why with my put option recommendation, you could be able to quickly triple your money.

Let me tell you about each of them...

Misconception #1:
They’re in denial about the “big picture”

Ask any employee of this company and they’re sure to tell you that they’re not worried about the big picture…

Their motto is: “Work Hard. Have Fun. Make History.”

They think they're immune to the recession the global economy is entering.

The trouble is… their business depends on consumer spending.

In the good years, when consumer spending was high, they weren’t been able to produce the big profits investors have been holding out for…

A bad bottom line will become even worse as the economy deteriorates and unemployment rises again.

Bank of America recently reported that consumer spending for the past year, as measured by number of credit and debit card transactions, is way down.

This means that spending during the Christmas holidays -- something that will heavily affect this company’s most next earnings announcement ----will come up short.

I fully expect the employment situation to worsen in the U.S. too -- sending this company’s soaring stock crashing… sending its share price into the toilet.

But instead of cutting expenses… or preparing investors for the possibility that the economic situation might affect their business…

The CEO is proposing impractical innovations like new drone technology…

They're in denial about their future… and the impact the economy will have on them.

Meanwhile, mainstream pundits explain away troubling trends in the U.S. economy with convenient excuses…

Like the timing of holidays... gas prices… and even the weather.

Essentially, investors are buying this stock on the hopes that 2+2 =7…

It just doesn’t make sense...

And that brings us to the reasons we believe that there’s a second huge misconception around this company…

Misconception #2:
They’re using “long-term investments”
to hide the truth from investors...

It’s actually very EASY to fool investors into buying a stock using public .

Here’s how this company does it:

The company generated $32.6 billion in sales last year.

But that number was chipped away at until almost nothing was left.

What was that money spent on?

$5 billion was “reinvested” in sales and marketing…

$14 billion was listed as “general and administrative expense”...

And $11.6 billion in “research and development.”

Consider this fact: The company I’ve been telling you about is a retail business. Yet it spent THREE times as much on research and development than did pharmaceutical powerhouse Bristol-Myers Squibb did.

Does that sound reasonable? It doesn’t to me...

But foolish investors simply kept bidding up the share price because they assumed it meant the company was growing.

But they're about to be disappointed...

See, if a company is using its cash to make it’s company more profitable in the future, investors should pay more for that company’s stock.

But if a company is wasting its cash on things that don’t increase profitability, the stock price is supposed to drop.

And for over a decade this company has wasted its cash. Yet it’s share price shoot to the moon.

In 2011 investors were paying $36 for every $1 of free cash flow the company generated… even though the company didn’t become hugely profitable.

In 2014, investors were willing to pay $76 for every $1 of cash the company generated…

And last year, investors were willing to pay $113 for every $1 of free cash flow.

But I see right through this.

I’ve done the math.

With the big picture looking nastier by the day and the stock market on the verge of crashing, I estimate this company is trading at least three times higher than it should be.

That means it will collapse very quickly...

Each of those five plays could have made you a lot money if you used the proper investments. And this time will be no different.

The company I’m going to reveal to you is being valued at more than three times what it should be trading at.

1564% BETTER in today’s stagnant economy... than it was during the go-go years leading up to the 2008 crash.

I don’t know about you, but today’s economic slump sure feels much WORSE than President Obama or the mainstream press is portraying it.

It doesn’t make sense that this company's stock -- which depends on everyday Americans spending lots of their hard earned income -- is doing it’s best when everyday Americans are being squeezed the hardest.

I believe the company’s gigantic valuation is just another case of Wall Street flim-flam.

And when the company starts to admit that the investments it’s made in its own business aren’t panning out as they planned…

And that it can never be as profitable as investors think it will be…

Then the stock will start to crash… and take down the broader stock market with it.

I believe this could happen as soon as January 28th. That’s the date when it’s likely they'll announce their latest earnings.

I’m sure you know that nothing is guaranteed when it comes to investing. Even if this company does announce this news on, gains may be less than what I’ve predicted. Still I believe this investment strategy is the best way to play stocks that are falling.

Remember, this company’s stock hasn’t crashed in a decade. So if they finally forced to admit that their business is slowing down, their share price will surely take a beating.

And by using my specific put option recommendation, you could triple your money as it happens.

But before I show you exactly how to profit, let me show you why we believe what, specifically could send this company’s stock price crashing… and how soon it could happen.

Let me show you…

The Catalyst That Sends
Investors Running For the Exits

This company hasn’t set a date when it would announce earnings.

But last year, they announced earnings on January 28th.

If they do the same this year, you only have a few days to read my recommendation… and get into position.

Already the stock is starting to fall.

And if they report an earnings miss or bad news on the 28th, I believe my recommendation could rise as high as 300%.

Despite the media hype… and the mania around this stock, it simply cannot maintain its stratospheric price.

The CEO sold nearly half a billion dollars worth of the company’s stock suggests one thing

Do you think he knows something the shareholders don’t?

And if the bad news I expect comes soon, their share price will collapse.

And that’s why it’s crucial you have my report in time to profit from this crash.

Here’s how you can get in on this…

How to get started with
my research today for FREE

Today, I’ll send you my new report entitled How To Triple Your Money On The Biggest Bubble in 15 Years

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Since the Federal Reserve raised interest rates in late December, markets have reached a major turning point. One that will change the course of financial markets.

That’s why I believe it’s urgent you take action now.

We’re facing the end of what I call “The bubble finance era.” That means...

In short, everything you’ve learned about investing in stocks over the last seven years will be going out the window.

Most investors will lose a lot of money in the coming months as they find this out...

But I don’t think this means you have to suffer.

In fact, I believe this one of the best times for you to make money, too.

And I’m confident my bubble finance trading strategy is the best way for you to do it.

And remember, the most lucrative gains are still to come as the Federal Reserve continues to raise interest rates throughout the year.

I believe those gains start with this one company’s implosion.

We’ve done all the hard work for you. I’ve made the bubble finance trading strategy as simple as possible, saving you time and energy.

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But because I want to expose this company’s stock for the monumental bubble that it is… and show you not only how to protect your money, but how to actually make money from their lies…

I’m going to do something special for you. Something I’ve never done before...

1 Month,

Up until January 29th, you can grab a month long trial subscription to Bubble Finance Trader.

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I think you’ll agree that’s fair.

So now it’s decision time…

I’ve done everything I can to show you how to make money when this company’s share price starts to collapse. And I’ve given you a no brainer way to get into all of my research.

You can either sit on the sidelines – watching executives get rich as their shareholders are left holding the bag – or you can get them back, by making money when the truth is exposed.

You Can Review Your Order Before it's Final

All the best,

David A. Stockman
Editor, Stockman’s Bubble Finance Trader
January 2016

P.S. As you can imagine, I can’t keep this free trial subscription offer open forever. So I hope you understand why I must close the offer the second this company reports its earnings – which could be Thursday, January 28th, at noon.