Dear reader,

After more than 20 years of researching, writing, and warning about our reckless government spending…

I’ve just been handed a previously unseen dossier, produced from intelligence gathered by one man deep inside the halls of the Pentagon.

The pages inside that document now make one thing urgent, and crystal clear…


Not just a collapse of Wall Street – like the one we saw in 2008 – but a complete collapse of the entire American way of life.

This document proves that our government has already simulated a dollar collapse scenario.

Sixty members of the intelligence community, Treasury department, Federal Reserve, and Wall Street gathered to simulate how the dollar’s demise could play out.

They met behind closed doors of the Pentagon’s Applied Physics Laboratory, a secret facility just outside of Washington, D.C.

And right now I’m sitting on details of that top-secret meeting… details that have been kept under wraps for years.

But here’s what’s really scary:


I’m also staring directly at another report – straight from the International Monetary Fund – that’s already been issued to governments around the world.

The report prepares for life after the dollar’s collapse.

According to my source, all these documents point to Spring 2015.

After that month, the world – and by extension our way of life – will never be the same.

My trusted contact – the author of the dossier I mentioned, and a man that the Pentagon itself turned to for help – believes the dollar will, very soon, be replaced with a new kind of “money”…

Something this CIA insider and I call a “spooky new global currency.”

And this switch from the dollar to a new global currency will cause utter hell to break out for unsuspecting Americans…

Not only will bank accounts be frozen, but the world’s big banks will collapse…

Not only could one in two Americans lose their IRAs, but millions will see Social Security checks cut…

Not only will people riot in the streets, but the government will respond by declaring martial law.

Know that it’s not just me saying this, either. But rather a courageous whistleblower…

A trusted Pentagon source that’s risked his profession, his income and his reputation to warn every single American of what’s coming.

My name, by the way, is Addison Wiggin.

I’m the executive publisher and founder of Agora Financial, an independent research firm with more than 175,000 readers around the globe.

You may know me from my New York Times bestselling books, Financial Reckoning Day, Empire of Debt and Demise of the Dollar.

Or maybe you know me from my Sundance Festival award-winning documentary, I.O.U.S.A., which warned about the evil that would come from reckless debt.

It debuted just days before the 2008 financial collapse began.

Because of my heightened profile due to my books and movies, I’ve been a lightning rod for kooks and conspiracy theorists.

So last month, when a stranger tried to get into my office in Baltimore…

I almost asked my team to tell him to get lost.

Until he introduced himself.

I immediately ushered him into my private office…

I knew he was a trusted CIA insider who worked with the Pentagon during their first ever currency war games scenario.

He said he was there to warn me — and by extension,
to warn you — about the possibility of a coming crisis he calls “Project Prophesy 2015.”

That’s when I opened the door…

He spent the next couple of hours showing me document after document…

And that this new currency would show up as early as six months from now…

The situation he described is dire.

And today I’d like to share everything this CIA insider revealed to me in our “behind-closed-doors” meeting.

In the next few moments you’ll hear the intelligence he’s gathered from deep inside the Pentagon.

You’ll see details of the confidential analysis already issued by the IMF to governments around the world.

And most importantly, you’ll see a six-step plan to prepare for the days and months ahead.

Up until now, this man has only provided his services to private investment funds, investment banks, the CIA, the Pentagon, the NSA and 14 other U.S. intelligence agencies.

But now we’re joining forces with him to bring his financial knowledge directly to everyday Americans like you.

We believe nobody knows more about risk management, the financial markets and the international currency wars than this CIA insider.

For example, he was hired by high-ranking members of the U.S. intelligence community to help them prepare for financial catastrophes.

He’s the same man who successfully helped the Pentagon develop a predictive model to protect our nation from the next 9/11.

And in the late 1990s, when a potential $1.3 trillion banking crisis was about to implode the U.S. economy, the Federal Reserve had to turn to him to defuse the crisis.

The accuracy of his work is uncanny.

Just look at what happened during CIA’s “Project Prophesy.” ( I know that’s misspelled, but that’s the actual name of this classified mission. In fact, if you try to look up the exact spelling for information about it, you most likely won’t find anything.)

But during that top-secret operation, this man’s work predicted a massive terrorist event in London just days before the attack was carried out.

Luckily, Scotland Yard thwarted the attack. Hundreds of lives were saved. All because of this CIA insider.

And that brings me to the good news here today...

Despite his warnings that a dollar collapse is imminent, this CIA insider insists that there’s still time to prepare for the dollar’s demise.

That’s why, in a moment, I’d like to invite you to attend a first-ever special online event I’m hosting with this CIA insider. At this free event he’ll share everything he sees, including how to…

  • Protect your IRA from an 80% stock market crash by escaping doomed investments before the carnage begins.
  • Secure a legacy of wealth by investing in three specific “insurance” investment opportunities that are set to skyrocket during the meltdown.
  • Invest in five assets that are set to go up 200% or more when the dollar collapses.
  • Earn anywhere from as much as $515 to even $3,525 or more a month with a little-known income investment opportunity that pays more during market turmoil.
  • Emerge from the crisis wealthier than ever before by buying investment opportunities at fire sale prices after the crash.

Before I show you how to attend this event, I need to make something clear…

Please, do not forward this message. Not under any circumstances.

As I mentioned, today I’ll be sharing things I’ve never shared before.

Right now, these secrets are meant for you and you only, as a loyal reader to the 5 Min. Forecast or TheDaily Reckoning.
I fully plan on going public with all these findings very soon.

But until then, because of your loyalty, I want to give you the first crack at protecting yourself and potentially profiting from this urgent situation.

So please, listen closely. Because according to this man’s research, we have just six months to prepare. Let’s begin…

For starters, this CIA insider has developed a revolutionary way of looking at the financial system. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

And it gives him insight on exactly how the dollar’s collapse could play out.

Now, considering that I’ve met some of the most brilliant minds in finance…

From famous economists like Arthur Laffer and David Walker, former comptroller general of the United States... To former heads of the Federal Reserve, such as Alan Greenspan and Paul Volker…

To elite investors like Warren Buffett and Jim Rogers…

I’m not that easily impressed.

Yet this man’s predictive tool — something he calls “the avalanche theory” — could warn us well in advance of the coming collapse.

Don’t bother looking the theory up. It’s a relatively new science that has only been developed in the last 30 years or so. Scientists know it as “non-equilibrium physics” or “complexity theory.”

The academics use it to forecast everything from forest fires to traffic patterns to the spreading of epidemics. But in the financial world, this is entirely new.

In fact, it’s estimated there are only 10 people in the entire world who know how to apply this “avalanche theory” to the financial markets.

This CIA insider is one of them. Here’s how it works…

I want you to imagine the start of an avalanche…

There’s a mountainside that’s filled with snow. Over the years, it continues to snow even more. And more. And more. The snow accumulates.

Eventually, the situation gets very unstable.

One day, a snowflake comes along and lands the wrong way. The added pressure of this single additional snowflake begins to disturb the snow around it.

That disturbance soon gathers momentum, and the whole mountainside comes crashing down. Years of built-up snow collapses. And it collapses very quickly.

All because of just one snowflake.

Sure, there have been millions of snowflakes that landed on this mountain over the years. But one singlesnowflake set the whole collapse in motion.

And that’s exactly where this CIA insider sees the financial markets right now.

For years we’ve added to the instability of our currency…

Debt piled on top of debt.

Bailout after bailout.

Derivatives on top of derivatives.

Now any one wrong move — any one financial snowflake — could cause the whole system to come crashing down…

That’s the “avalanche theory” in its most simplistic form. The key is to understand the theory, and then use it to predict what will happen during a financial avalanche…

Does it work as a predictive tool?

Take a look…

Using his unique avalanche-theory model, this CIA insider began telling his private clients about a decline of the dollar and a sharp rise in gold prices in as early as 2002.

Take a look at what happened in the following years…

While the dollar lost a quarter of its value, gold went up almost 500%.

Later, in 2006, he war ned his clients — some of Wall Street’s biggest players — of an impending financial collapse.

The few who listened to him had the chance to escape unscathed from the 2008 meltdown.

What’s his “avalanche theory” predicting now?

That’s exactly what he told me during his visit to my private office last month…

To paint a picture of the financial fallout that’s about to come, it’s important to look at the only two other times in history that the system almost crumbled.

Most people don’t know this, but 2008 wasn’t the first time the entire financial system approached the edge of the abyss.

The “first avalanche” actually happened in 1998, when a $100 billion hedge fund called Long Term Capital Management (LTCM) almost imploded the markets.

In that occasion, the Federal Reserve had to turn to this CIA insider to help them find a solution. This man gathered the bankers together to bail out LTCM.

Thanks to him, they were able to defuse the crisis, saving the U.S. economy from a major recession… or worse.

Despite this CIA insider’s warnings, most economists, policymakers and investors kept using the same old types of financial models in the years after the 1998 crisis.

As a result, they were caught by surprise by the 2008 crisis, when $11 trillion in household wealth was wiped out in a matter of weeks.

This was “the second avalanche.”

You see, the root cause of the 2008 meltdown wasn’t the collapse in housing prices. It was the instability of the financial system at the time.

The system was extremely unstable because of excessive use of debt and derivatives. The drop in housing prices was just the snowflake that set off the avalanche.

During the 2008 crisis, the bankers couldn’t band together to solve the crisis like they did years before with LTCM. The banks were in trouble this time.

The crisis was too big.

So, the government itself had to bail everyone out. But by doing that, they only made things worse. More debt piled up, increasing the instability of the system.

So, today the financial system is even more unstable than before.

Because the truth is… all the “too big to fail” banks are even bigger today.

The four biggest banks, for example, are 30% larger than they were five years ago. And the five largest banks now hold more than half of the total banking assets in the United States.

To make things worse, the size of derivatives, the same instrument Warren Buffett once called “weapons of mass destruction,” are now worth more than $700 trillion.

That’s $200 trillion MORE than the total value of derivatives in 2007, when they brought down the global financial system.

Today, the size of the derivatives trading is more than TEN times bigger than the entire world economy.

In other words, the feds can’t print enough U.S. dollars to backstop the financial markets if they blow up again.

There’s no “QE” program that’s big enough.

No printing press that could run long enough to pump that many new dollars out to bail out the system.

Put simply, this crisis will be too big even for the U.S. government to solve.

Remember, in 1998 the banks had to bail out a failed hedge fund.

In 2008, the Federal Reserve had to bail out the banks.

And now, in the coming avalanche, this CIA insider says it’s the Federal Reserve that will need a bailout.

In fact, during a private conversation, a member of the Fed has already confessed to this CIA insider that the Fed is secretly broke.

This means the world will have to bail the entire U.S. financial system out. And monetary authorities around the globe are already preparing for that day.

In fact, that’s exactly why a powerful group of 24 people who oversee the international monetary and financial system got together to design a new kind of world “money.”

And they already have a plan to use this “money” to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

Until now, this plan has been cloaked in secrecy… the monetary authorities know if word leaks out to the general public it would lead to a panic.

Which is why this CIA insider had to inform me the details in person, during a private, unannounced visit to my office.

And it’s why we’re hosting an exclusive online event with this CIA insider, where he’ll reveal all the details of this new “money” to a small group of people.

As a loyal reader of my work, I’d like to personally invite you to attend this rare online event. I’ll show you how in a moment…

For now, here’s what I can tell you… According to this CIA insider, the Fed is secretly broke… and this mysterious new currency will be used to bail it out.

That’s when the U.S. dollar will lose its status as the global reserve currency. Before you start guessing, this new “spooky” currency has nothing to do with Bitcoin, the Euro, the Chinese yuan or anything you may have heard from the mainstream media.

And it isn’t money you’re currently using. Instead, it's an odd mix of many different currencies... all wrapped up into a single note that governments will use between each other.

In fact, you won’t be able to touch it or spend it. It's unlike anything we've ever seen before.

That's why I call it spooky new “money.”

But once this plan to replace the dollar with this new global currency is executed, the financial markets will plummet.

The value of your dollars will instantly drop overnight. Riots will break out when Americans can’t get cheap, easy access to all the things they’ve taken for granted…

Things like water, gas and food.

What’s worse, this CIA insider predicts that

The snow has already piled up.

The snowpack is now extremely unstable.

We’re just waiting for a snowflake to trigger…

All told, this CIA insider has identified 30 financial “snowflakes” that could kick off the avalanche…

For now, here are just a few snowflakes he’s identified…


Did you know the Islamic State has declared Pope Francis a target? Jihadists have said recently they want to plant the jihadist black flag on top of St Peter's Basilica.

Intelligence agencies have even intercepted a conversation between two unidentified Arabs in which they discussed “doing something in the Vatican.”
And Habeeb Al Sadr, Iraq's ambassador to the Vatican, has confirmed that “[the Islamic State] wants to kill the pope. And I believe they could try to kill him during one of his overseas trips.”

The pope, who relies on minimum security, could suffer a terrorist attack during that trip…

This would trigger a religious war between Catholics and Muslims, much like the medieval Crusades and the original jihad of the Prophet Mohammed.

All hell would break lose in the Middle East. Oil fields would go offline, sending oil to $300. Higher energy prices would kill the economy, triggering a recession and sending the stock market crashing 50% or more.

China has now become Saudi Arabia’s biggest customer for oil exports.

The rapid growth of the Chinese economy combined with the declining needs of the United States for imported energy mean that the Saudi-China energy link will only become stronger in the years ahead.

Saudi Arabia feels betrayed by the U.S. détente with Iran and no longer feels obligated to maintain the petrodollar deal worked out by Henry Kissinger in the mid-1970s that required oil to be priced in dollars.

China has worked out swap lines with Switzerland that allow yuan to be swapped for Swiss francs. This means that if Saudi Arabia takes yuan for its oil, it can swap the yuan for francs, which is one of the most sound currencies.

Deals of this type, including the massive Russia-China energy deal announced in June 2014, spell the end for the dollar as the leading reserve currency.

China is also getting ready to launch its first crude oil futures contract denominated in yuan. According to Yang Maijung, Chairman of the Shanghai Futures Exchange, the contract for trading to begin may start this year.

This will give China greater influence in global pricing of oil, putting the petrodollar in danger.

The United States experienced major power grid collapses and blackouts in 1965, 1977 and 2003. And the next big one may be just around the corner.

U.S. utility companies already come under frequent attacks from Internet hackers. One company alone told congressional investigators that it was hit with 10,000 attacks in a typical month.

Former federal counterterrorism adviser Richard Clarke has warned that such an “electronic Pearl Harbor” could cause devastating damage and thousands of deaths across the nation.

And a recent report from the National Academy of Sciences said that attackers could cripple the U.S. power grid and cause cascading failures of equipment that could take months to fix.”

This would bring the entire economy to a screeching halt. Companies would lose hundreds of billions in profits, leading to a major collapse in the stock market.

Since virtually all stock trading is done electronically, stock exchanges would shut down.

Panic would take over and investors would withdraw their money from the market, accelerating the collapse.

Those are just a few of the “snowflakes” this CIA insider is seeing right now.

The point is any of these — along with the 27 other snowflakes he’s identified — could mean the death blow to the world’s financial system.

Any of these could set off a cascading set of events that would directly impact you… a financial avalanche of epic proportions.
The Fed wouldn’t be able to bail out the system… and the plan to replace the dollar with this spooky new “money” would be implemented.

The dollar would no longer be used for the important things in the international monetary system. For that reason, your dollars would be worth much, much less.

According to this CIA insider,

Any accounts you have in dollars — including 401(k)s, mutual funds and money market funds — could see a complete collapse.

You may not even be able to redeem your money, or pull any of your savings out of the system.

But here’s what’s really scary…

It’s not just the macro view we’re looking at. The data confirms that we’re dangerously close to a breakdown.

Consider this…

Today, volatility is extremely low. Take a look….

The volatility index is trading close to all-time low. And we’ve had this low volatility for the past few years.

Notice this looks very similar to 2005 and 2006, when a period of low volatility led up to the catastrophic collapse in 2008. This is a warning sign that something very bad is right around the corner.

There’s also something called Skew/VIX ratio. I know this sounds really geeky. But don’t worry, I won’t bore you to death with the mathematical details. Here’s how it works…. when the Skew/VIX ratio is high, it means professional option traders are betting something big is going to happen soon.

Take a look at this ratio… it’s now trading at a record high level.

According to this CIA insider, this shows that professional investors are already hedging their portfolio for a potential catastrophe.

Notice that ratio was extremely high in 2007. Professional investors were preparing for a catastrophe in 2007. This was clearly a red flag, right before the collapse.

And there’s a third sign that the end is near…

Margin debt is not only at a record high — it's also accelerating.

The higher the margin debt goes, the more likely a stock market crash becomes. We’ve seen this movie before. Take a look at this chart…

Notice that the last two severe market crashes, the dot-com bust of 2000 and the financial crisis of 2007–2008, were both preceded by sharp spikes in margin debt.

This happens because the market's foundation gets shakier and shakier when debt goes up. Debt increases the instability of the system. It makes an avalanche more likely.

Basically, when you borrow to buy stocks, and those stocks go down — you are forced to sell shares to pay back what you borrowed.

The bigger the debt, the larger the amount of forced selling on the way down.

This creates a vicious cycle where selling leads to more selling. And that’s what creates a quick collapse.

As you can see, the system is blinking red. The collapse could start at any moment. But there’s still time to prepare.

In a moment, I’ll share exactly what you need to do. Including the six specific steps that this CIA insider laid out to me during his visit to my office last month.

First, let me introduce you to the man behind the scenes…

Our CIA insider’s name is Jim Rickards

Most people know him as the famous author of two New York Times bestselling books, Currency Wars and The Death of Money.

But few people know his real story…

Including how he personally lost everything…

When he was just a child, his family lost almost everything. He was 12 when his dad declared bankruptcy after the family’s gas station went out of business.

That financial hardship had a lasting impact on his being.

It made him who he is.

The second time Rickards lost his wealth was when he was 47 years old. At the time, he was already a millionaire and the highest paid lawyer on Wall Street.

Rickards invested most of his fortune in the company he worked for — the Long Term Capital Management fund.

After all, this was a fund run by two geniuses who had won the Nobel Prize in economics. They had IQs of 165 and were considered at the time the finest financial minds in the world.

He thought his money would be in good hands.

But eventually LTCM became a web of financial contracts worth a total of $1.3 trillion.

And the mathematical models blew up, causing the first financial avalanche we mentioned earlier.

Rickards helped the Federal Reserve negotiate a bailout with 14 major Wall Street banks.

His actions saved the financial system.

But Rickards lost 92% of his investment!

It was time to start over, just like he did when he was 12.

After losing most of his wealth in matter of days, Rickards was scratching his head…

“How can the LTCM fund get it so wrong?” he asked himself.

He started thinking the financial models the fund was using couldn’t possibly be right.

Because if they were right, the fund wouldn’t have collapsed.

So Rickards set out on what he describes as “a personal 10-year odyssey to solve the problem of risk in financial markets.” What Rickards discovered was complexity theory, or “the avalanche theory” I’ve been telling you about. It uses millions of data points to predict and model even the most complex events — like a market meltdown.

And now Rickards is estimated to be one of only 10 people in the entire world to understand how this theory relates to the financial markets.

Put simply, Rickards is now on a mission to help everyday Americans cut through the deception we’re being fed from the political figures… and avoid going through the kind of hardship he went through.

That’s why I’m happy to announce our special new project together… Project Prophesy 2015… And we’re kicking things off with a one-of-a-kind event…

Because you’re one of our most loyal readers, I’d like to invite you to an exclusive online intelligence session with Jim Rickards on .

At the event, Jim will share the details behind all the snowflakes that are falling on our world economy… and show you what to watch for.

He will reveal what exactly is this spooky new “money”… how it could replace the dollar as the world reserve currency... and how it could directly impact your retirement.

And most important, of course, he’ll share with you what you could do with your money to prepare.

As far as we know, this is the first time ever Jim Rickards will be answering questions from everyday Americans like you in an online event.

Rickards is not just a “doom and gloomer.” He says that, if you know what to do, this could actually be the opportunity of a lifetime.

Please, just keep in mind he can’t give personal investment advice. But he will tell you about the latest development in this coming crisis and how you should prepare.

Tickets to an event like this would normally cost a small fortune…

Rickards, for example, charges $15,000 or more to speak at investment conferences.

But as part of Project Prophesy 2015, you’ll have the chance to not only listen to him, but also ask him questions… all free of charge.

And that’s just the beginning of the benefits of Project Prophesy 2015.

In fact, we've just signed an exclusive deal with Jim to provide ongoing intelligence and recommendations in a brand-new letter called Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

This single letter will be the only place in the world to hear Jim's analysis on an ongoing basis.

Once you agree to a risk-free trial of Jim’s letter, I’ll put you on the invite list to the online event on .

In fact, you’ll also gain instant access to a comprehensive action plan we’ve prepared. It will give you the real story and real solutions for the coming financial crisis.

We call it...

As part of Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you’ll also receive a complimentary copy of Rickards’ latest bestselling book, The Death of Money.

In it, he tells how the collapse of the U.S. dollar will play out, what the new international monetary system might look like, and five investment opportunities you absolutely must own to protect your wealth from the crisis.

It’s a must-read for any American who’s concerned about the collapse of our currency. That’s why we’d also like to send a free copy to everyone who is reading this letter.

The book The Death of Money: The Coming Collapse of the International Monetary System is being sold at for about $17.

But as part of our Project Prophesy 2015, we’ll send you a copy 100% free. You won’t even have to pay shipping and handling.

But before you let me know where you’d like us to send your copy of Jim Rickards’ new bestselling book, there’s one more important thing we’ve included in this package...

We’ve also put together an online video experience we’re calling the Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Series.

In this 10-part series, Rickards will tell you…

  • How the next crisis could play out and why we’re past the point of no return...
  • How China could wage a financial war on the United States and its impact on your retirement…
  • How to prepare your portfolio for inflation and deflation…
  • What to expect if this new spooky world “money” replaces the dollar...
  • Why it's crucial you act now…
  • And much more.

With all this information, you will have a pretty good idea of how this crisis could play out. But we went one step further…

We’ve also created a set of intelligence reports to help you better prepare for what’s coming. With this information, you’ll know the exact kinds of investment opportunities to target and the ones to avoid.

Rickards says people ask him all the time, “What could trigger the next crisis? What could be the snowflake that triggers the avalanche?”

His answer is always the same: “It doesn’t matter.”

Remember, based on Rickards’ unique analysis, what matters is the instability of the system. You don’t worry about the snowflakes… you worry about the snow… and that it’s unstable and just waiting to collapse.

“The next big crisis is not going to happen because someone will make a big mistake. The mistakes have already been made. The system is already unstable. We’re

just waiting for the snowflake to trigger the avalanche,” says Rickards.

But in case you’re still wondering, Rickards is currently seeing at least 30 potential catalysts. I’ve never seen anyone write about some of these “snowflakes” before.

But in this special report, called 30 “Snowflakes” That Could Trigger the Next Financial Avalanche, he will explain each one, telling you exactly what you need to watch for.

And there’s more…


Warren Buffett has publically criticized gold in several occasions, saying the yellow metal is useless. But when it comes to multibillionaires, you should watch what they do, not what they say.

And for the past few years, America’s greatest investor has been secretly betting against the future of the U.S. dollar.

In this intelligence briefing, I’ll walk you through Warren Buffett’s unique anti-dollar investment strategy.

More importantly, I’ll show you how you can replicate this strategy with five simple investment opportunities. This is the ultimate strategy for those who want to protect their wealth against a dollar collapse.

But you’ll also need to prepare for a stock market crash…

The final special report that Jim and I have prepared for you is called Three Investments That Will Jump 100% During the Crisis.

In this intelligence briefing, we’ll tell you three simple “insurance” investment opportunities you can make to protect your portfolio against the coming meltdown.

For example, I’ll tell you about a unique investment opportunity that will protect you against a stock market crash.

In 2008, when the market collapsed this little-known insurance investment opportunity actually went UP 754%.

I’ll also tell you about a unique gold investment opportunity that will protect you against a dollar collapse. It has nothing to do with ETFs, bars, coins, options, mutual funds or investing directly in gold miners.

Yet, it has managed to beat all those types of gold investment opportunities.

For example, this year alone it’s up 20% already, even though gold has barely moved.

When gold moves to $7,000 an ounce, like Rickards expects, I expect this investment opportunity to go up more than 500%.

Finally, we’ll tell you about a unique “insurance” strategy that lets you collect hundreds and even thousands of dollars at a time, almost instantly.

It can generate five to 10 times more money than dividend stocks or bonds… even during market turmoil.

Surprisingly, this secret has nothing to do with buying bonds, mutual funds, ETFs or options.

And yet, it allows you to collect anywhere from as much as $515 to even $3,525 or more… every single month.

You will find all the details of these three “insurance” plays in this intelligence briefing. So to sum it all up, as a loyal reader you’re the first in the world to be invited to participate in this special Project Prophesy 2015.

With your permission, we’ll send you a free copy of everything we’ve mentioned so far.

  • Access to Jim Rickards’ first ever intelligence briefing, which will be held on
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  • Intelligence briefing #1: 30 “Snowflakes” That Could Trigger the Next Financial Avalanche
  • Intelligence briefing #2: A Secret Anti-Dollar Strategy Inspired by the World’s Greatest Investor
  • Intelligence briefing #3: Three Investments That Will Jump 100% in the Next Crisis.

You will receive this package once you agree to a risk-free trial of Rickards’ exclusive new letter…

Even though Rickards constantly appears on everything from CNBC to FOX and CNN, there’s been a serious problem… Those venues don’t allow him to share his most sensitive money-making moves.

And that’s important, because today we have a very fluid situation…

Things are volatile, and the market can change very quickly.

So Rickards told me he was looking for a venue where he could guide his readers on an ongoing basis as this crisis unfolds, telling them where to invest and how to avoid the pitfalls.

That’s why we partnered with Rickards to create such a venue.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s called Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

His mission in Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence is to help people prepare for the coming dollar collapse and avoid the kind of headache he and his family experienced firsthand.

In this monthly publication, Jim Rickards will be writing directly to readers, keeping you up to date on how this plan to replace the dollar is unfolding.

He’ll warn you about the potential “snowflakes” that may trigger the “avalanche.” And give you specific investment recommendations and wealth-protection strategies that will help you grow your wealth even during the meltdown.

Until now, Rickards has only provided this kind of service to his high-net-worth clients and members of the U.S. intelligence community.

But with Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you too will have the opportunity to hear his best ideas on an ongoing basis.

And it’s important to note, this will be the exclusive place to receive Rickards’ monthly issues and alerts. This new letter will not be available anywhere else in the world, at any price.

I strongly suggest you claim your intelligence package today.

Because, according to Jim Rickards, there isn’t much time left to protect yourself. He says a $100 trillion meltdown could start within the next six months.

According to him,

Since you’ve read my presentation this far, I’m confident you’ll do the smart and prudent thing… and you won’t be among the millions of citizens who will hit rock bottom when the dollar collapses.

I sincerely hope you’ll join us.

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Thanks for reading this important letter.


Addison Wiggin

Executive Publisher, Agora Financial

September 2014

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