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This is a developing story with implications for every American, especially those aged 55 and older…

Pentagon and national security insider, Jim Rickards recently stepped forward with an urgent warning to the American public.

In short, Rickards is urging anyone who is dependent on a fixed income – like Social Security or a pension plan – or who owns any assets denominated in dollars – like a savings account or mutual fund – to take critical protective measures, now.

Rickards says:

I now have over $1,000,000 of my own money invested in a safe and simple financial survival technique, to protect myself and my family… and I strongly recommend that every American with exposure to the dollar devote at least a small amount to this too… BEGINNING IMMEDIATELY.

Who is Jim Rickards, exactly… and what does he know that the average American doesn’t?

You might be surprised when you see…

“We are nearing the end…”

If anyone has an inside track on the dollar and the fate of the U.S. economy, it’s Jim Rickards…

A Washington D.C. AND a Wall Street insider…

Rickards is a financial lawyer, Chief Global Strategist at a major U.S. investment fund, and an advisor on capital markets to the Office of the Secretary of Defense and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which oversees 16 U.S. intelligence agencies including the CIA, the NSA, and the FBI.

The Most Connected Insider in America?

With a Rolodex that includes the Presidents and Prime Ministers of foreign nations… senior officials at the Federal Reserve, IMF, and foreign central banks… and the founders and CEOs of many of Wall Streets top hedge funds and financial institutions, Jim Rickards might be the most connected insider in America today.

Jim advised the government during the bailout of a major Wall Street hedge fund, Long Term Capital Management, in 1998 (Jim is credited by many news outlets with helping the U.S. financial system avoid a major collapse).

Jim was also part of the team that advised the government during the Iran Hostage Crisis in 1981, which led to the rescue of more than 60 American diplomats.

After 9/11, Jim was recruited by the CIA to investigate insider trading activity associated with the attacks. His work led to the detection of a major terrorist plot in London in 2006. That plot was thwarted, which saved thousands of lives.

In 2009, Jim facilitated the Pentagon’s first-ever global financial war game, which simulated an orchestrated attack on the U.S. dollar. It was during this exercise that he correctly predicted the major gold purchases that would soon come from China and Russia.

In short: There’s probably no one else in the world today who knows more about the inner-workings of foreign governments, currencies, and the international monetary system than Mr. Rickards.

Now Rickards warns:

Everyone is waiting for some big economic problem to appear down the road, and the point I try to make is that those economic problems are already here. The financial blunders have been built into the system. If you know what you’re looking for, you can see this collapse coming a mile away.

Using science, we can’t say very much about the timing, but we can say a lot about the magnitude. This is set to be the greatest financial collapse in history… exponentially bigger than what happened in 2008… bigger than the ability of central banks to deal with.

The point of the matter is – people think I can alert them at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and tell them tomorrow’s that day, sell their stocks. I can’t do that. I don’t know what day it will be. If we get to that point, it would be too late to act. So the time to act is now.

Rickards emphasizes that this is NOT meant to be a provocative statement.

He points out that the international monetary system actually collapsed three times in the twentieth century – 1914, 1939, and 1971 – and came dangerously close to collapse in 1998 and 2008.

Based on the monetary history of the past century, says Rickards, we are probably at the end of the useful life of the current international monetary (dollar-based) system and fast approaching a new one.

But here’s the good news…

No matter what happens in the world — through great disasters and extreme crisis — there are always people who not only survive… but thrive.

When you look at America’s hardest times — the Great Depression, World War II, and the stagflation of the 1970s, for example — there were always a few who made fortunes. They saw the crisis coming and took the right steps beforehand to prepare.

Wealth was simply transferred from unprepared Americans to those who took action.

This time will be no different.

And one of the best ways to ensure you’ll be on the winning side of this massive wealth transfer, says Rickards, is by owning gold.

Rickards explains:

When I say the price of gold is going to $8,000 or $10,000 per ounce, which I expect it will, what I am really saying is the dollar is going to collapse 80% or 90% or more. Anyone who isn’t hedged – at least a little bit – out of the dollar and into gold is going to get absolutely blindsided. This is exactly what happened in the 1970’s. None of this is unprecedented, it all happened before.

Rickards says that anyone dependent on fixed income – especially a dollar-based fixed income, like Social Security or a pension – is most at risk.

That’s why, to protect your wealth and your finances, he believes every American needs to own some gold.

Why gold?

The 3 charts below explain exactly why…

The #1 Asset in
a Currency Collapse

Gold is an essential store of value that protects wealth and purchasing power when currencies collapse. Just look at a few of the worst meltdowns of the past two decades. Gold wins:

THIS! ->

Even in the absolute worst currency crisis of the last 100 years – the crash of the Hungarian Pengo in 1946 – gold saved the wealth and purchasing power of those who owned it. When the currency collapsed, one gold coin became worth 47 QUINTILLION paper currency units (that’s an astronomical number with 30 zeroes!).

The scary part, says Rickards, is that the vast majority of Americans still have not any gold at all… or have not bought enough.

That’s why I’m urging every American to read Jim Rickards’ latest and groundbreaking new book, as soon as possible.

Rickards’ new work is called The New Case For Gold and I strongly recommend you get it in your hands as soon as possible.

Hi, my name is Addison Wiggin. I’m the Founder of Agora Financial, one of the largest and most respected independent financial research firms in America.

I’ve been on a mission to warn Americans about the dangers of extreme and reckless government credit creation for my entire career – dating all the way back to when gold was selling for $300 an ounce.

My firm produced the Sundance award-nominated documentary film, I.O.U.S.A (which debuted just days before the collapse in 2008), as well as numerous other best-selling volumes on finance and investing.

You may already be familiar with Rickards’ first two national bestsellers, Currency Wars and The Death of Money.

But it’s his third and final installment in the series that might be his most important work to date.

In The New Case For Gold, Rickards turns his attention to the everyday American and how he can use gold (the #1 asset in a currency crisis) to not only survive, but thrive in the coming dollar fallout.

DO NOT buy an ounce of gold until you
read this book


In his new book, Rickards provides specific and essential wealth-protecting ideas, techniques, and strategies – he’s personally taking with his own money – to help ensure you’ll be on the winning side of the massive coming wealth transfer.

Normally, The New Case For Gold retails for $16.66. That’s the price on (in book stores it sells for $26). And at that price, it’s still a steal. The information inside is easily worth 20-times that amount.

But because we know that most folks have not yet purchased any gold at all… or have not purchased enough, Mr. Rickards and I have arranged a way for U.S. residents (with a valid U.S. mailing address) to claim a FREE hardcover of his new book (you’ll pay just $4.95 to cover our costs of shipping).

But before I show you how to claim your free copy let me tell you a little bit more about what’s inside.

In The New Case For Gold, you’ll learn about:

Here’s another thing to keep in mind…

Rickards stresses the importance of NOT waiting to buy your gold:

When the collapse happens, it’s going to happen quickly. You won’t see it coming. There won’t be time to run out and buy gold, and it probably will not even be available at that stage.

As a result, there could be massive shortages…

Rickards continues, “I know that whenever the crunch comes, the large players – the institutions, the central banks, the hedge funds, and the customers with relationships with the refiners – are the ones who are going to get all the gold available. Small investors will find they can’t get any.

Your local dealer will be sold out and back-ordered. The Mint will stop taking orders. Meanwhile, what’s happening with the price? It could be going up more than $100 an ounce per day, more than $1,000 per week. It’s running away from you. You want it, but you can’t buy it. That’s what a buying panic looks like.”

In short: the time to build your personal gold reserve is now, before the crisis unfolds.

For these reasons, I want to rush Jim Rickards’ essential new hardcover, The New Case For Gold, to your doorstep.

“In my opinion, Rickards best book so far. This is a perfect tool for anyone who wants to understand how they can protect and preserve their wealth. Either you know something about gold or have not idea at all, this book will certainly guide you into a more in depth knowledge about gold. Would definitely recommend it to anyone.”

— Nicholas T.

“Like an encyclopedia on gold and gold investing but way more engaging than a ‘typical’ financial book.”

— Allen C.

Perfection! Its about time! A must read for every student of money, macro and micro. Well done James!

— Greg S.

“For Americans who wrongly assume that money is the U.S. dollar, always has been and always will be, there is a very rude awakening. Better to learn the lesson from this book than being forced to learn it by the markets.”

— Kevin F.

“Jim in his excellent new book ‘The New Case for Gold’ brings to light the ‘Shadow Gold Standard’, it’s a piece of information very few know about or understand, yet it is a crucial piece of knowledge regarding our own portfolios and the importance of having gold in it. This new light of information makes it so clear as to why countries such as Russia, China and many other sovereigns are buying Gold, basically they know what is coming and are preparing for it… I highly recommend you read this book…”

— Simon H.

But this is only the begining...

The #1 Way to Prosper in the Coming Crisis

Most people might not realize this, but some of the biggest fortunes in American history were created during major downturns in the economy – think Howard Hughes, J. Paul Getty, and Joe Kennedy (patriarch to the famed Kennedy family dynasty).

These recessions created once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunities for savvy investors looking to snatch up incredibly valuable assets, for next to nothing.

This should be part of your wealth building strategy too, as the crisis advances.

Rickards says that the collapse will undoubtedly offer up several of these opportunities, if you know where to look.

Which is why Jim and his team authored a Special Edition of The New Case For Gold – complete with a bonus chapter – revealing their favorite “legacy” investments to buy in the coming collapse.

In it, they’ll provide you with 5 super critical places to put your cash – places most investors won’t even be thinking about – when the crisis hits.

The best part is, you don’t have to tie up large amounts of capital. These are the kinds of investment opportunities that could literally turn a small amount of money into a sizeable fortune as the crisis unfolds.

One of these investments, for example, more than DOUBLED in price during the crash of 2008-09… and today, is STILL off the radar of most investors.

If gold rises to $10,000 or above – the levels Jim expects it to eventually reach – the sky is the limit. Rickards says he wouldn’t be surprised to see some of these investments rise 10, 20, 30-FOLD or more over the years to come.

AGAIN: You’ll get the full details in the Special Edition of Rickards’ new book -- The New Case For Gold – which is only available right here, through this special offer.

NOT available on Amazon

KEEP IN MIND: This Special Edition, with the special “legacy” investment chapter, is not available on or any other online bookstore.

Others will pay as much as $26.00 for The New Case For Gold… and that’s WITHOUT the special bonus chapter.

But like I said, you have the opportunity today to claim your copy for free.

We’ve printed a limited number of these Special Edition copies. They will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.

We don’t expect them to last very long.

The Experts Agree

The New Case For Gold is essential reading for anyone who wants
to properly prepare for the coming collapse


This excellent book proves that, contrary to the propaganda of fiat currency apologists, gold is real money. Rickards makes a compelling case for why those looking for a way to protect themselves and their families from economic chaos created by central bankers should consider gold.

Ron Paul, former Congressman and Presidential candidate


The most important book on gold yet.

Nomi Prins, Former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and Bear Stearns and author of All The Presidents’ Bankers


We can’t trust the Federal Reserve to do the honest work that Jim Rickards has done in writing this book.When the monetary system finally fails, there will be a flight to the only money that’s left in the system—and that will be gold. Essential reading.

David A. Stockman, Former OMB Director and author of The Great Deformation

And this deal gets even better…

When you claim your free hardback copy of The New Case For Gold today, I’ll include this special bonus gift…

Surviving the Economic Collapse


The New Case For Gold is THE guide to own for learning how to safeguard your finances – and make money – during the coming currency crisis.

But what if there are food shortages, civil unrest, power outages, riots, and looting?

The truth is: There’s no telling what will happen as America’s next crisis unfolds.

That’s why, for those who want to take additional steps to prepare for this crisis, beyond the realm of finance and investing, I’m including as part of this deal the critically-acclaimed survival guide, The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse by Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre.


There is no substitute for experience!

If you’ve never heard of him, Aguirre – along with his wife and two young sons – survived, and prospered through, one of the worst economic collapses of the past 25 years, the Argentinian currency collapse of 2001-2002.


There is no substitute for experience!

If you’ve never heard of him, Aguirre – along with his wife and two young sons – survived, and prospered through, one of the worst economic collapses of the past 25 years, the Argentinian currency collapse of 2001-2002.

You may not realize this, but Argentina was once one of the richest countries on Earth. But when the government suddenly defaulted on nearly $100 BILLION in debt in 2001, the country was thrust into chaos. The currency lost 70% of its value, essentially overnight. There were bank runs, government-imposed capital controls, and soaring food prices. Crime soared. Civil unrest became the norm.

Citizens thought it would never happen here.

Aguirre says he sees a lot of parallels between what’s happening in America today and Argentina leading up to the collapse…

He also says that what many of the so-called “survival gurus” are saying today about preparing for America’s next crisis is not only wrong, it’s downright dangerous.

Part how-to guide, part survival journal, Surviving the Economic Collapse will walk you step-by-step through what to really expect in a real-life currency collapse situation. My jaw dropped to the floor when I read about what some people resorted to when they ran out of food (on page 87).

Most importantly, Aguirre will show you the most critical steps you need to take today to PROPERLY prepare yourself and your loved ones for the coming storm, and ensure you don’t end up a victim… or worse.

Aguirre is an ordinary guy who lived through the day-to-day struggle of a failed economy. He gives practical advice that everyday people like you and me can follow.

For instance, you’ll learn:

Plus, so much more (this small list does NOT even begin to do the amount of information in this book justice).

Aguirre covers it all in his 250-page manual: Defensive-driving techniques, home security secrets, depression-proof jobs and income, relocating, dealing with rioters and looters, choosing a firearm, the art of bartering, treating and storing water, and much, much more.

This might be the most important guide ever written for learning about what really happens in a currency collapse situation – and how to properly prepare.

The Modern Survival Manual: Surviving the Economic Collapse retails on Amazon for $22.50. But you can claim your copy – along with Jim Rickards, The New Case For Gold for FREE (again, just pay a small nonrefundable $4.95 fee for shipping).

Yes, you read that right. You can claim both of these books today for a small, one-time shipping fee of just $4.95.

Yes, I want to see how to claim
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I know you’ll enjoy – and greatly benefit from – these two works.

But that’s not all…

Let me know today that you’d like to claim the two books I described above and I’ll also include this Special Bonus Report, also free of charge…

The Best-Kept Currency Secret
in America

With the U.S. dollar on the verge of a complete and total collapse, it’s essential you seek shelter outside the “greenback.”

I’m talking owning currencies that will inevitably go up in value as the dollar collapses.

Problem is, most banks in the U.S. don’t give you the option of holding foreign currencies… and even if do you manage to open an offshore account, you can’t use it for short-term savings and transaction needs.


An innovative FDIC-insured bank, based here in the U.S., with one unique advantage: You don’t have to hold just U.S. dollars.

This bank offers regular dollar-denominated accounts — CDs, money market accounts, and savings – a place to park your cash to collect interest. But it also lets you open an account outside of your home currency.

This is absolutely essential for anyone looking to make A LOT of money holding non-dollar currencies.

In fact, this is an advanced strategy that many of the world’s richest investors have used to make a fortune when currencies crash. For example…

Andy K., a 32-year-old currency trader, made over $100 million betting against the New Zealand dollar during the Black Monday market crash of 1987. George Soros became an investing legend when he made over $1 BILLION when the British pound collapsed in 1992.

Most importantly, it’s super easy to open an account and get started. With one simple call to this bank or a quick trip online, you can diversify your savings out of the dollar and into foreign currencies… and even commodities and precious metals. The best part is, accounts can be opened and managed online – no visit to the bank required.

In case you’re wondering, this isn’t some unproven newcomer, either. This bank’s roots trace back to 1961. It proved to be a hearty bank, too, sailing through the banking crisis of 2008–2009 without fearing a Fed takeover.

It’s a Top Tier Award winner and a Kiplinger Personal Finance and Money magazine rated bank too.

Everything you need to know to get started right away is in our Special Report, The Best-Kept Currency Secret in America.

Now, maybe you’re asking…

Which currencies should you own? Which ones will go up in value the most when the dollar begins its descent?

That’s why, as part of this Special Report, we’ll also include a list of the top 5 currencies best positioned to weather the coming crisis and skyrocket in value, handpicked by Rickards and his staff.

And that’s STILL not all…

You’ll need a guide through all the mess. Someone to help you protect your wealth. Someone to alert you early. And someone to show you how to shield and grow your wealth through uncertain times…

That’s why I’m also going to include a free 60-day trial subscription to Jim Rickards’ monthly intelligence briefing, called Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

On the third week of every month Jim and his team will update you on the status of the markets, any risks they see in the financial system, and unique opportunities to help you retire early or protect the wealth you’ve already created.

Jim’s mission is simple: To help everyday Americans like you cut through the deception you’re being fed by political figures and economists… and to avoid – and prosper in – the next collapse that’s coming.

In the past, Rickards only provided this kind of research to his high net-worth clients and members of the U.S. intelligence community.n

Now, it’s available to you.

Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence the perfect way to stay up-to-date on the crisis unfolding in America, prepare, and potentially make a fortune as it all unfolds.

And there’s more…

Circle On Your Planner

The markets aren’t going to wait for Jim to publish his issues every month. And they’re certainly not going to raise a flag whenever a great opportunity suddenly arises.

That’s why Jim hosts an up-to-the-minute monthly video intelligence briefing every single month. The next one is scheduled for .

This is where he will debrief you on a top-of-mind or pressing topic that’s front and center in the economy and give you forward looking analysis.

Then, he will take readers’ frequently asked questions afterward during a “lightning round” to make sure you have all the information you need to help yourself make sound investment decisions.

KEEP IN MIND: Jim has charged $15,000 and up to share his ideas and insights on the economy and markets at seminars and investment conferences around the world.

But as part of these live intelligence briefings, you’ll have the chance to not only get access to this information, but also ask Rickards questions.

My moderator will pick the most frequently asked questions so I can share my thoughts with all my viewers.

This feature is free with your 30-day trial to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

To sum up: For just a nonrefundable $4.95
shipping & processing fee today,
you’ll receive:

Why so cheap?

Well, I figure this package – what essentially amounts to a free sample of some of our best and most important work – is the perfect way to introduce you to our group and the research we do.

If you like our work as much as I think you will, then my sincerest hope is that you’ll want to do business with us again in the future.

But of course, that will be totally up to you to decide. In short, we’re confident our work will speak for itself.

That’s why we’re thrilled to send you this valuable research package for the ultra-low price of $4.95.

If you’re unhappy for any reason during the first 30 days, simple call our friendly Baltimore-based customer service staff and cancel. You’ll never be charged another cent.

If you like what you see, simply do nothing. We'll bill your card $99 for a 1-year subscription to Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence after your 30-day free trial is over.

We’ve printed a limited number of Special Editions of The New Case For Gold.

These hardback Special Editions will be available on a first-come, first-served basis only. So if you’re interested, I only ask that you please act soon.

REMEMBER: These will not available on or at any other bookstore. You can only get them right here.

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Addison Wiggin,
Founder, Agora Financial
March 2016


P.S. I almost forgot. There’s one more important gift I’d like to include as part of this deal. Jim and his team have uncovered at least 50 stocks you’ll want to be free and clear of during the coming crisis. In our report, One Stock to Buy and 50 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid they’ll outline each of these stocks for you. These stocks will likely lose as much as half their value or more in short order when the crash hits. Plus, you’ll also learn about a little-known stock that actually went up in value (one of the very few) during the financial meltdown in 2008. While the markets were crashing, this stock actually went UP 36%. If you own just one stock in the coming financial disaster… make sure it’s this one. Everything you need to know is in our Special Report, One Stock to Buy and 50 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid.

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