The Biggest Accounting
Hoax Since Enron

“…the fallout will be 525 times bigger than Enron and is sure to affect all
American citizens – no matter where you live, what you do for a living,
or how much money you have.

Once the mainstream media uncovers this deception (possibly in the next
six months), it will be too late for anyone to act. Here’re the four steps
you need to take to prepare for the coming chaos…”

— Jim Rickards, Financial Crises Advisor to the CIA and Pentagon

Dear reader,

In late 2000, Charles Pearse, 63, retired a millionaire.

Just a few months later he was flat broke.

With a portfolio worth $1.3 million, he thought he would spend his golden years relaxing on a beach, playing golf with his friends, and traveling around the world.

But when his company Enron went bust, his retirement fund went from $1.3 million to $13,000… in a little more than a year.

It took him 33 years to save all that money.

But in the blink of an eye, he lost everything.

His retirement dreams were crushed. And now he’s trying to survive on a ridiculous $1,800 monthly Social Security check.

His story is not unique.

When Enron collapsed in 2001, more than 20,000 employees were thrown out on the streets.

Thousands of investors and employees were wiped out when shares dropped from $90 to $0.


Now, imagine the same type of financial catastrophe happening not just to the employees of one specific company… but all across America.

Hi, Jim Rickards here. I’m the financial threat advisor the government turns to when it needs help.

And during my most recent work with the Pentagon, CIA and Department of Defense, I uncovered another Enron type of scandal…

An accounting hoax so big that it could lead to the next major financial crisis in America.

I expect the fallout to reach $31.5 trillion… which is 525 times bigger than Enron.

And this time, it’s not just employees and investors of a specific company who are in danger…

All 300 million American citizens are a potential victim of the accounting hoax I’ll reveal today.

Once this hoax appears on the front page of every newspaper in the country (possibly within the next 6 months), it’ll rock our financial system to the very core.

Much like 9/11, or the day JFK was shot, you’ll remember where you were and what you were doing when this news finally hits the mainstream.

Millions will be caught off guard.

They will lose everything virtually overnight… just like Enron employees did.

Because this hoax doesn’t involve just a regular corporation.

It involves the most powerful financial institution in the world.

A “private” institution that has a direct impact on many aspects of your day-to-day life…

From how much you pay for healthcare… to how much interest you get from your bank account.

From how much you collect in Social Security benefits… to how much you pay for gas and food.

Put simply, when this institution fails, you could lose everything you worked so hard for your entire life.

And even though this will be much worse than Enron’s collapse, I don’t expect anyone to go to jail… or even pay any fines.

You’ll understand why in a moment.

First, I want you to take a look at this official document.


The U.S. government publishes it every quarter.

Anyone can access this report online. Just like everyone had access to Enron’s financial statements.

If these numbers mean nothing to you, don’t worry. Most people don’t even know this report exists.

But buried on page 5, you’ll find the biggest accounting deception since Enron.

If you haven’t heard about this from your broker, it’s not your fault.

Remember, while Enron was burning to the ground, most Wall Street analysts were telling their clients to buy the stock.

Just like they were clueless about Enron’s fraud, they’re also clueless about the deception I’ll reveal today.

And unlike the brokers and so-called financial experts on TV, I can read financial statements in my sleep… all thanks to…

My Secret Accounting Career


In 1977, before most of today’s Wall Street analysts were even born, I was doing complex tax and accounting work at Citibank.


Today, I help the U.S. Intelligence Community prepare for financial catastrophes.

Again, my name is Jim Rickards. Most people know me simply as the author of two New York Times bestselling books… Currency Wars and The Death of Money.

Other than family and close friends, nobody knows about my background in accounting.

Nearly no one knows I got my Masters of Law in Taxation from the New York University School of Law (rated #1 tax law program in the U.S.)…

And that I went to work for Citibank, the world’s largest bank at the time.

I spent the first 10 years of my career in their accounting division… working closely with the CFO on book and tax reconciliations.

After retiring from the bank as a senior officer, I went on to build a 40-year career as a Wall Street lawyer…

Building connections that go from CEOs of major banks and members of the Federal Reserve… all the way to the U.S. Treasury and the White House.

In fact, the U.S. government, including the CIA and the Pentagon, often turns to me for help.

I help them analyze complex situations and prepare for financial catastrophes.

That’s why, when the hedge fund Long-Term Capital Management failed in the late ’90s, the government turned to me to help them structure a deal to save the entire financial system.

I say all this not to brag… but simply to help you understand that I know an accounting hoax… and a financial crisis threat… when I see one.

And today, for the first time ever, I’ll reveal all the details of this deception…

One that involves trillions of dollars… and that could have a devastating impact on your wealth, retirement and lifestyle.

More importantly, I’ll show you four steps you need to take to prepare.

Because once the mainstream media begins to publicly discuss this accounting trick, all hell will break lose…

I hope you won’t be one of the victims of this hoax… which is why I prepared this important letter.

Once you see all the details of what I uncovered, you’ll understand why millions of Americans will become poorer overnight… much like Enron employees did.

Let’s get started…

The Biggest Lie Being Told to Americans Today

To paint the picture of what I see coming, I want you to think of America as a big corporation…

Let’s call it, “America Inc.”

As citizens, we all own a piece of America Inc.

If you own a single mutual fund, stock, CD… or have any kind of exposure to the U.S. dollar and economy, you're a shareholder.

If you own a home… if you rent… if you have a savings and checking account, you’re a shareholder of America Inc.

And as a shareholder, you’re exposed to any dangers in our economy. Much like investors in a company are exposed to a drop in sales.

For more than 250 years, America Inc. has been totally fine…

Things in America worked as they were supposed to.

People went to work.

The value of our currency remained relatively stable.

Our businesses thrived, made money, employed even more people…

And the entire economy grew.

It was a good time to be a shareholder in America Inc.

Not anymore…

If you have that feeling that something’s changed in America over the past decade…

If you know in the pit of your stomach that something’s not right when the financial markets start gyrating up and down hundreds of points in a single day…

When more than half of all Americans rely on government handouts for survival…

When able-bodied Americans can’t find jobs…

And when the government is bailing out their friends in high places…

Then… you’re right.

Something is wrong with America Inc.

Put simply, right now, you’re being lied to… just like Enron shareholders were lied to.

Right before Enron imploded, its CEO Kenneth Lay told shareholders everything was fine…. And that the company was “in the best shape it has ever been.”

They managed to fool the media, journalists, employees, and the public for a long time.

Eventually the truth came out. And the company crumbled.

As a dedicated American patriot, it pains me to say it, but…

Something eerily similar is going on with America Inc.

The highest levels of our government and banking system have just been caught in a massive accounting hoax.

Once this hoax is exposed, as early as the next six months…. it could take down the entire U.S. financial system.

“Shareholders” of America are at risk of losing everything, just like Enron shareholders did.

A Shocking Confession: “Yes, We Are Broke”

Even though the hoax I’ll reveal today doesn’t involve fraud, the parallels with Enron are just too great to ignore.

As you know, Enron used creative accounting to hide huge debts and heavy losses on its trading businesses.

The most powerful financial institution in the world is doing something similar.

It’s reporting numbers in a way that hides potential losses.

I’m talking about our central bank, the U.S. Federal Reserve.

Although most Americans don’t know this, that’s the bank that has the power to change your life with the stroke of a key or a public announcement.

When they announce their interest rate policy, they can send stock markets around the globe soaring, or falling…

This unelected board of economists determine much about our economy, from…

How much interest you get from CDs…

To the value of your retirement account…

To the interest rate of mortgages, credit cards, and car loans.

Put simply, America’s Federal Reserve Bank is the most powerful financial institution in the world.

Because of all this power, many people think the Fed is infallible.

But, as I’ll show you today, the institution is actually broke.

Nobody talks about it in public.

But as a trusted advisor to the United States government, I know many of these Federal Reserve bankers on a first name basis.

And during private conversations, two members of the Fed have privately admitted to me: “Yes, the Fed is broke.”

But why should you care? The answer may surprise you…

If the failure of one single bank, Lehman Brothers, was enough to cause mayhem in 2008…

Imagine what will happen when the bank that controls our entire financial system fails…

Our banking system will come to a screeching halt. The government will freeze deposits. ATMs will go dark. And you’ll be completely locked out of your savings.

Stocks around the globe will plunge, wiping out retirement accounts.

The government will cut Social Security benefits. And seniors who depend on the government for income will be badly hurt.

In a moment, I’ll show you the steps I’m personally taking to prepare for the day this news of bankruptcy finally breaks.

First, maybe you’re wondering how America… the great nation we are… went from the world’s economic superpower to financially broke… and lying about it.

Let me show you…

Planting the Seeds for the Next Meltdown

It all started with the 2008 crisis.

The big banks in Wall Street were holding massive amounts of securities linked to the housing market.

When house prices collapsed, those securities became worthless almost overnight.

All of a sudden, Citibank, Bank of America, Chase, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan… all the big banks were about to go belly up.

There was only one way to save them from bankruptcy…

Our own Federal Reserve – the most powerful bank in the world – would buy these securities off of the banks for an inflated price.

And that’s what they did.

Through its programs such as QE, the Fed printed trillions of dollars to buy those risky assets.

Bernanke, the head of the Federal Reserve at the time, justified his money printing by saying: “If we don't do this, we won't have an economy on Monday.”

Hank Paulson, secretary of the Treasury at the time, warned that if they didn’t take action, the financial system would “melt down in a matter of days.”

To most people, the Federal Reserve saved the entire world financial system.

But now the Federal Reserve itself is the one in big, big trouble.

To help you understand why, I want you to look out your neighborhood window…

Imagine a sudden drop in housing prices. Everyone in your neighborhood decides to put a “For Sale” sign in their yard at exactly the same time.

This, of course, will drive down the value of your home.

So you devise a plan…

You decide to take out loans and buy up all the houses on your block for inflated prices.

All to try to prop up the value of your home.

When you do this, home prices in your neighborhood will look fine on the surface.

But when you look under the hood at your financial situation…

You now have enormous loans… for houses that don’t have much value in the real marketplace.

This is the same thing that’s happening at our Federal Reserve bank, right now.

The Federal Reserve printed so much money… and bought so many bad assets from the banks… that their leverage went through the roof. Take a look…


I won’t bore you to death with numbers and accounting jargons.

But you should now that the higher the leverage, the higher the risk of a collapse.

Investment banks, for example, normally try to keep their leverage below 15 to 1.

That’s because when leverage goes above 15 to 1, the risk the bank will fail increases.

For example, Lehman Brothers collapsed because it had a leverage of 31 to 1.

Well, according to the Fed’s quarterly report on its balance sheet, right now the U.S. Federal Reserve is leveraged 77 to 1.


That’s like buying a $7.7 million home with a household income of just $100,000.

Eventually you wouldn’t be able to meet your mortgage payment. Your leverage is simply too high.

The same thing is happening at the Federal Reserve.

The Fed doesn’t have enough cushion to cover losses on any bad loans. Even the good securities can go down in price as interest rates move up.

It means a tiny down move of 1.3% in the price of the Fed’s assets is enough to wipe out its entire capital.

And considering that the new normal in the financial markets is for asset prices to move up and down by 1-3% PER DAY…

You can see why I say the institution is on the verge of bankruptcy.

Just a tiny tick down in prices means insolvency and potential collapse for the world’s most powerful bank. And a complete decimation in all of America Inc.’s “shareholders…”

Other Experts Are Warning About This Deception

Maybe you’re wondering why… if this crisis is as big as I claim it will be… you haven’t heard about it already?

Truth is, right now, the Federal Reserve bankers are using an accounting gimmick to hide these potential losses from the public…

In the same way Enron used accounting gimmicks to hide losses from their employees and investors.

As an expert in accounting, I can see through this deception… in rare ways that most people can’t.

And I’ll tell you with 100% confidence – the cracks are just now starting to show…

Already, Bloomberg reported, “the potential losses are unprecedented in the Fed’s 100-year history.”

When this crisis hits…

Bank accounts will freeze, and you won’t be able to withdraw the money you have in the system.

Mortgage rates will shoot through the roof and you won’t be able to get a loan at any price. No one will be lending anything.

The value of any dollars you’re holding will plummet.

The confidence in the stock market will be destroyed, sending 401(k)s, mutual funds and portfolios up in flames.

Luckily, a few other savvy financial analysts have figured this out, too… and they’re trying their best to warn shareholders of America Inc. – just like I’m writing to warn you today.

Charles Ortel, a money manager who correctly predicted the collapse of General Electric and General Motors in 2008, has called this “the biggest unresolved financial problem in America.”

Economist Robert Murphy has also warned this excessive leverage could render the Fed insolvent… and that it could “cause a worldwide financial crash.”

Even presidential candidate Rand Paul has sounded the alarm bell. In a recent speech, he warned:

“If the Federal Reserve was a real bank, without extraordinary powers, it would be insolvent. The Fed has $4.5 trillion in liabilities and only $57 billion in equity. It is leveraged at 80:1, nearly three times greater than Lehman Brothers when it failed.”

The bottom line is the Fed has so much leverage that it could soon go bust.

In a moment I’ll tell you exactly how this could lead to the biggest financial crisis in America’s history… one that will wipe out millions of unprepared citizens.

Then I’ll also show you how to prepare for this coming collapse – including what I’m doing to protect the wealth I’ve earned over the years by being one of the highest paid lawyers in finance.

Luckily, through the lenses of history, we already know the exact script this new crisis will follow…

We know how the bankers will respond. We know how the crisis will play out…

When Central Banks Fail,
They ALWAYS Print Money

A lot of people like to say, “But Jim, even if the Fed is insolvent, it doesn’t really matter because they can always print more money.”

That’s exactly true.

But here’s something most people miss. When a central bank prints money, it is not an asset, it’s a liability. From the Fed’s perspective, printing money makes the leverage go up and makes the problem worse.

Because of its printing press, our Federal Reserve bank cannot go bankrupt like a regular corporation.

For that reason, we won’t see a bankruptcy exactly like Enron’s.

Instead, the result will be something far more sinister: a complete loss of trust in the U.S. dollar.

The Fed will try to print its way out of this problem.

The currency will collapse.

And unprepared “shareholders” of America Inc. will lose their wealth.

We’ve seen that script play out over and over again throughout history.

When central banks fail, they ALWAYS print money.

Perhaps the most popular example is Zimbabwe.

The local government printed so much money that inflation reached an absurd 231,000,000% in the summer of 2008.


The Zimbabwe dollar was so devalued that some people were even using it as toilet paper.

That’s when they issued this one hundred-trillion-dollar note.

By that time, most people weren’t accepting those notes anymore. They were worthless.

Some people were even using Zimbabwe dollar bills as toilet paper.

Now, you might say… “But Zimbabwe is a small third world country. That could never happen to a major economy such as the U.S.”

But the truth is… that same type of monetary collapse has happened to big economies, such as Germany and Britain.

Remember, when the central bank of a nation fails, history shows the bank will always try to print enough currency to paper over the crisis.

And what happens next never ends well for the citizens of that nation…

In the 1920s, inflation in Germany got so bad that people used to get paid twice a day. If they didn’t buy bread right away, it would become too expensive.


German childen playing with
worthless money.


Woman starting fire with
German Money

People needed so much money to buy things that they had to carry it in wheelbarrows.

Eventually money became worthless. Children even started using money as a toy.

Adults were also finding creative ways to use the worthless paper. For example, to the bottom right this woman in Berlin used it to start the morning fire.

The same thing happened to Britain, which was the world’s economic superpower in the early twentieth century.

Britain abandoned the gold standard in 1914 to start printing money.

That was the beginning of the end for the British pound as the world’s reserve currency.

Pretty soon the country was flat broke.

At one point in 1967 the British currency lost 14% of its value overnight. Inflation got out of control, reaching 27% a few years later.

There were endless strikes in nearly every sector, including grave diggers, trash collectors, and hospital workers.

Things got so bad at one point mothers giving birth had to bring their own linens to the hospital.

In short, Britain’s whole economic system and society collapsed.

That’s how Britain lost its leading global economic power to the United States.

And now we’re about to relive a similar history.

Yes, It Can Happen Here.
It’s Already Happening.

The lesson is clear: When a central bank fails, it ALWAYS tries to print its way out.

The Fed started following that script in 2008.

They printed more than $4 trillion to rescue the economy.

When their loans go bad… when interest rates start to rise…. when the accounting hoax hits the mainstream… they will be forced to print even more worthless dollars.

History proves it’ll happen, just like it has time and time again.

But there’s a limit to how much a central bank can print before triggering a major crisis of confidence in our currency.

Pull any dollar bill from your wallet and take a closer look at it.

Today’s Federal Reserve notes are not backed by any real asset.

Instead, our entire monetary system is based on nothing but trust.

It’s that trust in our currency that has made America an economic superpower over the past century.

It was trust that allowed our government to bail out major banks and prevent the collapse of our financial system in 2008.

And it’s that trust that has given us a great standard of living.

It has allowed us to live in McMansions, drive BMWs and Mercedes, pay far cheaper gasoline prices, buy 3-D HDTVs, load our pantries with cheap food, and so much more.

Simply put… without trust in our currency, our way of life is over.

Unfortunately, once the Fed’s insolvency becomes evident, everyone will lose trust in the U.S. dollar… once and for all.

Ask yourself…

Would you have invested in the ashes of Enron after they proved to be accounting liars?

Of course not.

And no one will want to buy U.S. dollars after the Federal Reserve proves to have been hiding losses, either…

That’s why Forbes recently published an article, warning:

The possibility [of the Fed being insolvent] ought to concern you if you have any Federal Reserve notes in your wallet. These notes aren’t redeemable for gold or anything else tangible. They are trust-me money. What if people stop trusting the dollar? What are you going to be able to buy with it?”

The answer is… you won’t be able to buy much.

When people lose trust in our currency, the price of things like gas, medicine, corn, wheat, milk will skyrocket.

I’m talking about paying $9.50 per gallon at the gas station… $10 for a gallon of milk… and $5 for a loaf of bread.

Millions of unprepared Americans will hit rock bottom.

Seniors who live on a fixed income will become poor virtually overnight… and may even struggle to feed themselves.

Social Security and Medicare benefits will be cut in half…

Pension funds will be devalued, ruining the retirement plans of millions of retirees… global markets will plunge, as investors bail out of stocks.

Anything that’s backed by the U.S. government will become worthless

Nouriel Roubini, the New York University professor who correctly predicted the 2008 collapse, has warned about this risk. Here’s what he said:

“At some point [the Fed] may crack, in which case, the ability of the government to credibly commit to act as a backstop for the financial system – including deposit guarantees – could come unglued.”

That means things like FDIC insurance won’t mean anything anymore. Which will lead to a run on the banks, similar to what happened in the Great Depression.

You may not even be able to redeem your money, or pull any of your savings out of the system.

But here’s what’s really scary…

The day Americans and foreigners no longer have faith in Federal Reserve notes as “money” is closer than anyone thinks.

Governments Around the World Are Already
Preparing for This Collapse

Some people think that even if there’s a crisis of confidence, the dollar won’t crash because there are no alternatives to our currency.

But that is NOT true.

There IS a replacement ready to roll forward and take the dollar’s spot as the world’s reserve currency.

See, I’m not the only one who has figured out the Fed is in trouble.

The International Monetary Fund, or IMF, is the world’s bank.

And the IMF knows what I’m telling you here today…

They can see the accounting records. They can read the tea leaves just like I can. And they know the Fed is functionally insolvent.

They know the Fed has so much leverage that they won’t be able to print much more money without triggering a collapse of the dollar.

They know the Fed won’t be able to save our financial system in the next crisis.

Which is why they’ve developed an emergency plan that involves a new global “money.”

The plan is to use this “new money” to replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency during the coming crisis.

Are You Ready for Life Outside the Dollar?

The IMF has designed an emergency plan based on a new global money known as Special Drawing Right, or SDR.

For the past few years, the institution has openly called for the SDR to replace the dollar as the world reserve currency.

And they may be planning to print SDRs to save our financial system during the next collapse.

Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the IMF, has confirmed that in the next crisis, “the IMF might even be called upon to provide a globally issued reserve asset.”

That’s when the SDR could replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. And this day is closer than anyone thinks.

Barron’s has already reported:

“The talk [to replace the U.S. dollar by SDRs
as the world’s reserve currency] has gained
momentum recently.”

The Financial Times has already picked up on the story, reporting:

“In the eyes of the IMF, the best way to ensure the stability of the international monetary system is actually by launching a global currency.”

Once this plan to replace the dollar is fully executed, the dollar will finally be dethroned as the king of the financial world.

As the dollar goes down… so does the American economy… and the entire way of life we’ve enjoyed for decades.

When the Federal Reserve collapses…

When the dollar goes down…

And when a whole new competing currency enters the financial markets…

The stock exchanges will plummet.

The value of your dollars will instantly drop overnight.

Riots may break out when Americans can’t get cheap, easy access to all the things they’ve taken for granted…

Things like water, gas and food.

It’ll be nearly impossible to get your hands on your own savings…

Just like it’s always been throughout history. It’ll be no different here when the collapse comes.

In a moment, I’ll reveal all the details of this emergency plan… and how you should prepare for the day that America Inc… and our currency… collapse.

First, let me warn you… we don’t have much time to prepare. Within the next six months we’ll see a shock to the system. Here’s what makes me so confident…

The Power of “The Avalanche Theory”

While working with CIA officers, I developed a revolutionary way of looking at the financial system.

This predictive tool — something I call “the avalanche theory” — could warn us well in advance of the coming meltdown.

Scientists know this theory as “non-equilibrium physics” or “complexity theory.”

The academics use it to forecast everything from forest fires to traffic patterns to the spreading of epidemics.

But in the financial world, this is entirely new.

Here’s how it works…

To paint a picture of the financial fallout that’s about to come, I want you to imagine the start of an avalanche…

There’s a mountainside that’s filled with snow. Over the years, it continues to snow even more. And more. And more.

The snow continues to accumulate… until the situation gets very unstable.

One day, a snowflake comes along and lands the wrong way.

The added pressure of this single snowflake begins to disturb the snow around it.

That disruption soon gathers momentum, and the whole mountainside comes crashing down.

Years of built-up snow collapses… in matter of seconds.

All because of just one snowflake.

Sure, there have been millions of snowflakes that landed on this mountain over the years. But one single snowflake set the whole collapse in motion.

And that’s exactly the situation we have in the financial markets right now.

For years we’ve added to the instability of our currency…

Debt piled on top of debt.

Bailout after bailout.

Derivatives on top of derivatives.

Leverage on top of leverage.

Printed currency on top of printed currency.

Now any one wrong move — any one financial snowflake, like the accounting hoax finally being revealed to the public — could cause the whole system to come crashing down instantly.

Put simply, financial instability takes years… even decades… to build up. But the system can collapse much faster than anyone thinks.

That’s the “avalanche theory” in its most simplistic form. The key is to understand the theory, and then use it to predict what will happen during a financial avalanche.

Does it work as a predictive tool?

Take a look…

Pinpoint-Like Accuracy

Using this unique avalanche-theory model, I began telling my private clients about a decline of the dollar and a sharp rise in gold prices in as early as 2003.

Here’s what happened in the following years…


While the dollar lost a quarter of its value, gold went up almost 500%.

Later, in 2006, I warned my clients — some of Wall Street’s biggest players — of an impending financial collapse.


The few who listened to me had the chance to escape unscathed from the 2008 meltdown.

And now, seven years later, the “avalanche theory” is blinking red once again…

But there’s still time to prepare.

That’s why I personally developed a 4-step emergency plan to help you prepare for what’s coming.

Many of the things you’re about to see are things I’m personally doing to prepare my own wealth… and my high-net worth clients… for a complete bankruptcy of America Inc.

Let’s get right into it…

Step #1: Prepare for the imminent collapse of our international monetary system.

First, it’s important you understand the collapse of the international monetary system is NOT the end of world.

The system has actually collapsed three times before…

Once in 1914, again in 1939 and once more in 1971.

Life went on after each collapse. But each time, the financial “rules of the game” were rewritten.

As I showed you today, the international trading centers are quietly rewriting the “rules of the game” once again. Soon, the U.S. dollar will no longer hold its coveted spot as the world’s reserve currency.

No matter what happens in the world—through great disasters and extreme crisis—there are always people who not only survive... but thrive.


When you look at America’s hardest times—the Great Depression and World War II for example—there were always a few who made fortunes. They saw the crisis coming and took the right steps beforehand to prepare.

Wealth was simply transferred from unprepared Americans to those who took action.

This time will be no different. If you act today, you can be on the winning side of this wealth transfer.

So I’d like to send you a FREE copy of my brand-new book called The Big Drop: How to Grow Your Wealth During the Coming Collapse.

In it, you’ll get my complete blueprint for how to protect your savings and safeguard your wealth. It will help you and your family prepare for what could be the biggest financial crisis that America has ever faced.

Inside its 263 pages, you’ll discover...

This book is not available in any book store (including Amazon), and it’s definitely not online at any price...

But today you can claim your personal paperback copy, completely free of charge. I’ll show you how in a few minutes.

First, let’s move on to the other steps you need to take.

Step #2: Buy American Gold Eagle
or American Buffalo Gold Coins

I recommend a 10% allocation to physical gold.

And don’t think of it as a speculation that could make you a lot of money. Think of it as insurance.

When the monetary system collapses, physical gold will help you preserve your wealth.

I recommend American Gold Eagle or American Buffalo gold coins from the U.S. Mint.

The American Eagle is 22-karat gold, and the American Buffalo is 24-karat gold.

The Eagle is more durable than the Buffalo because it has some alloy. But both have 1 ounce of pure gold.

These can be purchased online at

Please, don’t buy so-called “collectible” gold coins or older coins. The dealers charge a high premium for those coins.

Stick with new or relatively uncirculated Eagles or Buffalos.

Prices are usually at the daily market price for 1 ounce of gold plus a premium. That premium can range from 4–8%, depending on the dealer.

Store the coins in a reliable, insured, nonbank vault near your home or in a home safe.

The best security is not to let anyone know you have the coins in the first place.

Now, if you’re looking for more upside potential, there’s an even better way to profit from the rise of a new monetary system.

It’s a gold investment few people know exist.

It’s not a gold bar, coin, ETF… or even a typical mining company.

But this investment has managed to beat all those types of gold investments in recent years. Take a look…

Description Description

While gold has gone up 300% in the past 15 years, this investment is up 2,782%.

Once investors lose faith in the dollar, this investment could go parabolic.

If you're interested in getting the full details on this play, I’d like to give you FREE access to my Intelligence Report on the subject called How to Make 1,000% from the Collapse of Our Monetary System.

I’ve made this report available online. In a minute, I will show you how you can access it. But first I want to move on to another investment you should consider.

Step #3: Follow the Inflation King’s Strategy

I bet you never heard of Hugo Stinnes. He’s practically unknown today.

But this was not always the case.

In the early 1920s, he became the wealthiest man in Germany… at a time when most people got wiped out.

Much like Warren Buffett in the U.S. today, Stinnes was an ultra-wealthy investor who always seemed to make all the right investment moves.

As I mentioned before, Germany suffered one of the worst hyperinflations in history in 1922–1923.

In 1922, you needed 320 German Marks to buy one dollar. By the end of 1923, you needed 4,210,500,000,000 German marks to buy a single U.S. dollar.

In other words, the German currency became worthless. It was literally swept down sewers as trash.

Yet, Stinnes was not wiped out during this hyperinflation. Why not?

He made massive investments in coal mining. Later, he diversified into shipping, buying cargo lines that carried coal, lumber and grains.

He also held some gold in Swiss vaults.

So when the hyperinflation hit, his investments in coal, steel, gold and shipping vessels retained their value.

The result? Stinnes emerged from the chaos as one of the richest men in the world.


He made so much money during the Weimar hyperinflation that his German nickname was Inflationskönig, which means Inflation King.

Today, we can all take a page from the “inflation king’s” playbook and invest in hard assets.

I’ve uncovered an easy way for you to do just that. And I’ve put all the details in a new intelligence briefing called FIVE Secret Investments from the Inflation King.

It shows you how you can replicate the “inflation king’s” strategy with five simple investment opportunities.

This is the ultimate strategy for those who want to protect their wealth against a dollar collapse.

But you’ll also need to anticipate a collapse in stocks. And that brings me to the next step…

Step #4: Prepare for a Stock Market Crash

As I showed you today, our financial system is more unstable than ever.

We have more debt than ever before… more derivatives than ever before… and the banks are bigger than ever.

While most people are ignoring the warning signs, a few mainstream financial media outlets have started to report on the risk of a catastrophe.

Forbes, for example, recently wrote:

“Another global financial crisis is on the way… Banks today are bigger and more opaque than ever. They continue to trade in derivatives in many of the same ways they did before the crash, but on a larger scale and with precisely the same unknown risks.”

The bottom line is… the stage is set for a major meltdown. And this time the Fed won’t be able to save us.

We’re on the brink of a collapse of unprecedented magnitude.

But not all stocks will collapse. A few will thrive.

Take a look at this chart, for example.

Description Description

Most people never heard of this “crash-proof” company.

But its shares actually doubled during the last meltdown. I expect that same kind of performance next time.

I give you all the details of this company in another special intelligence report called One Stock to Buy & 50 Ticking Time Bombs to Avoid.

As the name suggests, this report also tells you which companies could demolish your portfolio.

If you invest in stocks you absolutely MUST see this report. One of these 50 toxic companies could be inside your portfolio right now.

And owning even just one of them is like holding a ticking time bomb.

My latest book and these three extra intelligence reports will help you prepare for the coming collapse.

In a moment I’ll show you how you can access everything. First, I want to address something important.

At this point, maybe you’re wondering why I’d go through all this work…

And why I wouldn’t just take the information I have and protect myself.

Why share it with you?

To answer that, let me tell you a very personal story that explains everything…

How I Personally Lost
Everything … Twice

When I was just a child, my family lost almost everything. I was 12 when my dad declared bankruptcy after our family’s gas station went out of business.

That financial hardship had a lasting impact on me.

It made me who I am.

And then, when I was 47 years old, I lost my wealth a second time. At the time, I was already a millionaire and one of the highest paid lawyers on Wall Street.

I invested most of my fortune in the company I worked for — the Long-Term Capital Management fund.

After all, this was a fund run by two geniuses who had won the Nobel Prize in economics. They had IQs of 165 or higher and were considered at the time the finest financial minds in the world.

I thought my money would be in good hands.

But eventually LTCM became a web of financial contracts worth a total of $1.3 trillion.

And the mathematical models blew up, causing a financial crisis in 1998.

I helped the Federal Reserve negotiate a bailout with 14 major Wall Street banks and saved the financial system.

But I ended up losing 92% of my investment!

It was time to start over, just like I did when I was 12.

After losing most of my wealth in matter of days, I determined to get to the bottom of what had happened…

“How could the LTCM fund get it so wrong?” I asked myself.

I started thinking the financial models the fund was using couldn’t possibly be right.

Because if they were right, the fund wouldn’t have collapsed.

So I set out on a personal 10-year odyssey to solve the problem of risk in financial markets.

What I discovered was “the avalanche theory” that I mentioned earlier.

Put simply, I'm now on a mission to help everyday Americans cut through the deception we’re being fed from the political figures… and avoid going through the kind of hardship I went through.

That’s why I’ve put together this special message for you…

With Your Permission, I’ll Send You a Free Copy of Everything I’ve Mentioned So Far

Even though I constantly appear on everything from CNBC to FOX and CNN, there’s been a serious problem…

Those venues don’t allow me to share my most sensitive money-making moves.

And that’s important, because today we have a very fluid situation…

Unlike what some “financial gurus” might tell you, it’s impossible to pinpoint the exact timing of the next collapse.

Things are volatile, and the market can change very quickly.

So I've been looking for a venue where I could guide my readers on an ongoing basis as this crisis unfolds, telling them where to invest and how to avoid the pitfalls.

That’s why I decided to launch Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

My mission in this brand-new letter is to help people prepare for the coming dollar collapse and avoid the kind of headache my family and I experienced firsthand.

In this monthly publication, I'll keep you up to date on how this plan to replace the dollar is unfolding.

I’ll warn you about the potential “snowflakes” that may trigger the “avalanche.”

And give you specific investment recommendations and wealth-protection strategies that will help you grow your wealth even during the meltdown.

Until now, I have only provided this kind of service to my high-net-worth clients and members of the U.S. intelligence community.

But with Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence, you too will have the opportunity to hear my best ideas on an ongoing basis.

And it’s important to note, this will be the exclusive place to receive my monthly issues and alerts.

This new letter will not be available anywhere else in the world, at any price.

Once you agree to a risk-free trial of this exclusive new letter, I’ll send you everything I mentioned today.

That includes:


We want you to be 100% Satisfied with your Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence Subscription.

If, for any reason, you are not completely satisfied, simply let us know. Anything you've already received will be yours to keep. Our guarantee ensures you a full refund within the first year of your subscription -- no questions asked.

As soon as you claim this package, you’ll also gain access to my Strategic Intelligence Video Series.

It’s a 10-part welcome series of videos where I answer all the questions you need to know to get up to speed.

Think of it like a “fast track” introduction course you can watch even before you start reading my book and intelligence reports.

I also host a conference call with my readers every month. As a member of Strategic Intelligence, you’ll gain access to these special events.

Tickets to an event like this would normally cost a small fortune…

I normally charge $15,000 or more to speak at investment conferences. But this is just another benefit you’ll have as a member.

I strongly suggest you claim your book and the intelligence briefings today.

Because there isn’t much time left to protect yourself. The meltdown could start within the next six months.

The collapse of the international monetary system is imminent, and it will wipe out millions of unprepared Americans.

Remember, we’re talking about a crisis of confidence. Those types of crisis happen very quickly.

Only those who take action today will be prepared. If you wait until this hoax appears on the front page of The Wall Street Journal, it will be far too late.

Since you’ve read my letter this far, I’m confident you’ll do the smart and prudent thing… and you won’t be among the millions of citizens who will hit rock bottom when the dollar collapses.

I sincerely hope you’ll join me.

To learn how to claim your free book and intelligence reports, simply click the button below.

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Thanks for reading this important letter.



Jim Rickards
August 2015

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