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The Blind Will See Again…

The Sick Will Be Healthy Again…

The Old Will Be Young Again…

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Four tiny companies strive to make these miracles a reality — and could make you richer than you ever dreamed.

This could be the largest wealth explosion since the dawn of computers. In fact…

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Dear Reader,

It’s happening.

Right now. All around you.

Four tiny companies are close to making true miracles a reality.

And you could be close to incredible wealth. Here’s why…

The paralyzed could walk again.

The blind could see again.

The old could be young again.

And the obese could be thin again.

And you could get rich from it. Richer than you ever imagined.

In short, this could be the biggest, most lucrative market story of our era.

Intrigued? Good. Skeptical? Even better.

I’m about to show you advances that are unprecedented in human history.

These advances could change every life of every person on earth.

You can position yourself for the biggest profits if you act TODAY.

I will tell you exactly what you need to do. I will show you how my 25 plus years of research, interviews, and study prove you could be on the verge of incredible wealth.

Here’s just a taste of how far this story reaches and how large your opportunity is…

Last Time Something This Big Happened, Every $1 Could Have Turned Into $1,000

Your opportunity today — if you act fast enough — could be more lucrative than the rise of computer giants Cisco, HP, or Microsoft…

Computer software firm Cisco hit the markets in 1990.

When you adjust Cisco’s price back in 1990 for splits, one share went for about $.08.

A few years later, Cisco sat at $77.31.

That’s close to a 100,000% gain — or enough to have turned every $1 into $1,000.

Only a few times in market history have gains this huge popped up.

TODAY is your chance at a batch of stocks that could be the next Cisco.

Your wealth explosion potential if you respond right now makes these historic profits look like “small potatoes” too…

Hewlett-Packard from December 1963 to early this year — 76,000% gains.

Microsoft from March 1986 to April of this year — 38,000% gains.

Your gain potential today ISN’T hypothetical compared to these giants.

It’s ALREADY REAL! For example — check out these gains…

One company I recommended to my readers just 24 months ago is already up 946%.

Cisco, on the other hand, is up about 19 cents in the last 24 months.

Today — I want to show you what could be the NEXT early Cisco. The NEXT baby Microsoft…

This is your opportunity — to get in on the ground floor. To make the biggest profits.

Just $1,000 of Microsoft at its start could’ve turned into $381,000. HP could’ve made you $760,000 on just $1,000. And Cisco could’ve turned $1,000 into about $1 million.

You see what I’m getting at…

I’m talking about the chance to turn just $500 or $1,000 or $2,500 into millions.

Are you ready? Good…

Your One Chance at the NEXT Cisco, Microsoft, and HP

To give you a chance to profit as fast as possible, I want you to have a new report I just finished.

This report is called Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies. I will send you this report FREE.

Inside, you’ll get full reports on these four potentially world-changing companies — everything you need to get your shot at wealth underway immediately.

First, here’s exactly how this amazing batch of breakthroughs could make you richer than you ever dreamed…

It’s a miracle of science. It’s the story of our generation…

In 25 Years of Research, I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This Revelation of Profit Potential…

My 25 plus years of research and study lead me to believe this could be the biggest wealth explosion in history.

I’m not kidding when I say this is the biggest story you’ll see this year… or for the next 10 years.

What hangs in the balance? Our nation’s future. Every individual citizen’s future.

Specifically, America is getting older. Waves of Baby Boomers are retiring — and living longer in retirement than ever before.

Sadly, many medical problems that have been a part of life for generations still plague society.

This puts billions of dollars of stress on personal savings, Social Security, and Medicare each year. And the “cost” of illness — both in dollars and pain — only grows with age…

The research I’m about to reveal could some day eliminate cancer. It could stop diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis… the list is just about endless.

Aging, Cancer, ANY Disease — The Secret Is Inside Us All…

“The study also provides a new tool for studying telomerase, an enzyme of great interest to scientists working on both aging and cancer.” TechnologyReview, about Children’s Hospital Boston study — first appeared in Nature

At the same time, it could save America’s pocketbook. Consider…

What you’re about to see could some day cure blindness. It could make the obese thin. The implications are as wide as the ocean… and almost unfathomably profitable…

If you’re interested in what I’m about to reveal, I must hear from you right now. You simply MUST HAVE my latest report immediately…

Because the world stands to improve a great deal, very soon. Let me explain…

“Get” These Breakthrough Ideas, And You Could Become Incredibly Wealthy… And Live Longer Too

The single best way to sum up what I’m about to explain in detail is to simply say this:

The human body ALREADY holds the cure to almost every ailment ever known to man.

The thing is, the body is blocked from using these cures.

The trick is to take out the “blocker” so the body can use its true power to crush any and all diseases.

Each human body is a universe of complexity. Somewhere inside all of us, deep in our network of tissues, nerves, neurons, and atoms rests the solution to all that can go wrong.

All we have to figure out is how to unlock these solutions our bodies already hold.

The four companies I will reveal to you could be on the verge of doing just that.

In fact, my sources tell me one of these companies could soon release shocking news about their work — tests on how well one of their platforms work.

That’s what makes your epic wealth opportunity today so special. You have a chance to get in this story with a very elite group… for now. That could change at any moment.

See, even though these companies are on major stock exchanges right here in the U.S., few people know just how close they could be to radically changing our lives for the better.

These companies are seeking ways to end so many different diseases.

In a moment, I’ll prove it all to you.

I’m talking about a wave of innovation and advances that could be worth more to folks like you and me than the fortunes that piled up from the rise of Cisco, Microsoft, and HP.

I’m talking about work that could change our world more than the railroads did in the 1860s. More than anything, ever.

Computers and railroads helped people’s lives, but the advances I’m going to show you could actually extend and improve life itself.

As Scientists Discover More, Your Opportunity Grows

“Rogue genetic elements previously dismissed as "junk" DNA may play a role in the development of some cancers, or at least act as a marker of the disease's progression.”
NewScientist January 2010

That’s why this could be the biggest breakthrough of all. It’s a true miracle of science.

In fact, the blueprints are ready. Cures are in testing as I write to you today. The implications are unspeakably good for humankind… and unspeakably profitable.

Recently, this work has appeared on 60 Minutes, in The New York Times, The Washington Post, U.S. News and World Report, National Geographic, and Newsweek.

Today, I’m putting all the pieces together, and giving you the WHOLE story.

I’ve spent the last year interviewing everyone involved in these seismic shifts in knowledge.

The doctors, the researchers, the growth-minded CEOs, the venture capital investors — I’ve tracked down dozens of them. Here’s what I’ve learned…

Your One Chance to Profit From a Simply Staggering Batch of Historic Breakthroughs…

Imagine a sick person.

This person can have one of a hundred illnesses or diseases.

Now imagine the diagnosed person getting a few shots. Or taking a few pills.

The disease goes away. It simply vanishes.

The patient is free and clear.

Then, doctors give the patient a few more shots, and whatever organ or system in the body that was harmed by the disease repairs itself.

Just like new.

Better yet, after the disease disappears, the shots given to the patient could turn damaged organs or systems into those of a stout 29-year old person.

For example, let’s take a retired gentleman who has a heart attack.

This man receives a series of shots that rebuild his heart — make it young again — giving him the heart and vascular tree of a healthy, vibrant 29-year old.

I know that sounds strange — but then again, as recently as 25 years ago, so did computers.

And so did the idea of a continent-spanning railroad.

Smart Money and Big Brains Combine to Speed Up Research

“With a $10-million gift from Bill Gross, co-founder of PIMCO, an investment management company, UC Irvine was able to attract a $27.2-million grant…. The rest of the institute's $80-million cost came from private funding and the UC system.” The Los Angeles Times

And you know that no one thought every home in America would ever have a mass-produced, safe and efficient car… but it happened.

People just like you became incredibly wealthy along the way. If they moved fast…

What I’m describing could stop the growth and spread of cancer — wherever it may occur.

Imagine giving sight to the blind.

Memory and vitality back to those with Alzheimer’s. Cures for Parkinson’s… Type II diabetes… the list of potential cures is endless… unstoppable… this work could be a batch of true miracles…

Like this one…

The Obese Could Lose Weight — And You Could Collect Historic Profits… This Is in Testing RIGHT NOW

One company in Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies is close to a way to help people lose weight.

I’m talking about a way to make a body lose weight safely — quickly — and efficiently.

TENS OF BILLIONS of dollars each year are poured into weight loss “solutions.” Most of these are quackery. They simply don’t work.

This one tiny company could end all that… by gobbling up most of that cash itself…

While potentially eliminating obesity and making you richer than you ever imagined…

In fact, in a recent study — the average weight loss was 8% of body weight. If you weigh 200 pounds, that’s 16 pounds of easy weight loss.

How it works is simple — this company could have figured out how to make your brain tell your body that you’re not hungry. You simply eat less. You lose weight.

Just imagine the potential. Diabetes. Heart attacks. Strokes. Think how many of these could be prevented.

This could all break into mainstream awareness very, very soon.

When that happens… your epic wealth chance disappears. This could ignite a bull rush to end all rushes.

For a chance to make the biggest profits, you must act today. You must get in fast while this story is still a secret. But there’s more…

This Could Turn the Fastest-Movers Into Tycoons

A few of these potential cures are even pills or shots. That’s it.

Simple. Safe. Quick. Revolutionary. Profitable.

And all are potentially a way to repair and rebuild the human body.

The idea is more powerful than if you had told a friend in 1980 that within 25 years, just about every home in America would have a personal computer.
Or if in 1990 someone in-the-know had pulled you aside and said that within 20 years, nearly everyone would carry a tiny mobile phone with Internet power that was smaller than a wallet.

That’s just how important these treatments could be. Although it’s unimaginable to many right now, they could potentially eliminate nearly every disease you can think of — and give you unstoppable wealth… overnight.

How much could this work be worth? The mind staggers. And I’m ready to break this whole “miracle” industry wide open for you…

The potential you have right now could MAKE YOU RICH — from just a $500 or $1,000 or $2,500 starting stake…

I’m talking about giving 70-year olds the organs of people half their age — making 70 the new 40. And repairing spinal cord injuries, letting the paralyzed walk again.

Increasing healthy, vigorous, productive lifespan of the heart, maybe even by decades. In the blink of an eye.

Curing small children of horrible afflictions so they can get a fair shake at a full life. Just imagine it. The implications.

And just a few tiny companies stand behind much of this work.

I’ll tell you about all four of these amazing tiny companies in my latest report, Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies.

I will send you this report for FREE. You can start reading it just minutes from now. You can then stake your potentially life-changing positions…

REMEMBER, my research and sources tell me that one of these companies could soon release some news that might shake the markets and the press to their core.

That’s precisely why you need to be on the inside before it happens.

I’ll give you all the details on what news I expect in just a moment…

First — I ask you to consider the unavoidable investment possibility this new field of research represents — even if you don’t believe the story I’m revealing here…

Before these disease solutions land at a hospital or clinic near you, millions in profits could rest in the accounts of those who take action now and get in front of the story.

What I’m revealing today could allow you to leave a staggering amount of money behind for future generations of your family.

In fact, you might still be around to enjoy your fortune with your future generations…

Because you could make so much money you wouldn’t think twice about paying what it will cost at first to receive any cures that might succeed.

Unlimited Benefits…
Unlimited Profit Potential

“[These] cells can be used to repair damage or rejuvenate tissues and organs. For example, [these cells] could be used to reconstitute and rejuvenate the human immune system.” Reason Magazine November, 2009

The cost would be nothing compared to the value of a healthy, new heart and arteries… and nothing compared to the fortune you could soon control…

Please let me show you some more. Dig deeper into the work the four companies in Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies currently have underway.

And explain to you why these miraculous advances are still so hush-hush. Well, at least they were until today…

Your Incredible Wealth Could Start With a News Revelation Very, Very Soon

The speed at which this emerging field is coming together is unprecedented.

That incredible speed keeps many people, including the press, way behind the cutting edge of these advances. And, sadly, there’s a bit of ignorance and press skepticism too.

This is why you haven’t heard about all of these breakthroughs until now.

But all of this is set to change any day now.

That’s because one company in the FREE report I want to send you could be about to release some news related to tests of their disease solutions.

I can’t reveal the major Universities doing these tests in this letter. 

Very shortly… those who are “in front of the story” could be millionaires. Or more.

And everyone else who catches on will be stuck with the scraps.

Because people like you could have already made the early money… the big money… the truly life-changing money.

In 3 Minutes, You’ll Make One of the Most Important Decisions You’ve Ever Made

By now you can see why it’s so urgent for you to accept my newest full report, Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies.

Inside you’ll get the complete scoop on all FOUR companies I’m describing in this quick note. Business plans. Full breakdowns on work, testing, research, and future ideas.

For now, I can give you this basic info: All these companies trade on exchanges right here in the U.S.

Each one of these firms has shocking work underway — and taken together, they could be the only four you need to grow incredibly wealthy. Now here’s the best part.

As I’m writing this letter to you — about $9.00 buys you a share in all four companies.

A measly $90.00 is ten shares of each. And just $900 secures 100 shares of each.

What I’m saying is as little as $900 could make you a millionaire. It could make your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren millionaires.

$900 is a tiny amount for a life-changing fortune that could start for you just a few days from today… here’s why…

Testing Underway, Breaking News, And Your Unstoppable Wealth Creation Potential…

Another company in Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies is researching ways to destroy viruses.

The flu, HIV, herpes — if it’s a dangerous virus, this company’s unique platform could someday be able to destroy it.

In fact, this revolutionary little company just signed on with a well-known research institute in the Midwest for studies on some of their most impressive work.

Also, just a few days ago, this company announced a research agreement with scientists at a major university in California. The goal is to see if this company’s virus destroying platform holds up.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH), has recognized this university as a key testing ground for virus studies.

In short, this company’s work is about to be evaluated by the best of the best.

This bit is breaking news… it just became public in the last few days.

In fact, my research and sources lead me to believe this tiny company could be on the verge of a news release that rockets it to the top of every “hot list” on Wall Street.

Shocking Work, Amazing Potential

“Four drugs used to treat [disease] can inhibit a retrovirus recently linked to prostate cancer and chronic fatigue syndrome, researchers at Emory University/Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center and the University of Utah have shown.” ScienceDaily April 2010

The point is, this company is close. Close to a potentially groundbreaking announcement.

Now, I’ve talked to the CEO. I’ve interviewed the leading researchers at this company.

I know all there is to know — and far more than any “expert” Wall Street analyst types at one of the big houses. Just imagine if in the future there was no more flu virus. Ever.

The profit potential — both short-term and long-term? It’s off the charts.

It’s astounding. It could make tycoons and kings out of the fastest movers — out of folks just like you — out of folks who respond to this letter TODAY. I’ll explain why below…

The Chance to Cure Cancer… Give Sight to the Blind… These Are the Companies With Amazing Patents ALREADY LOCKED UP!

One company I’ll tell you about in Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies could cure some types of blindness.

In Asia right now, for example, over four million people suffer blindness due to lack of cornea transplants.

This one company could fix that problem. Forever. Four million blind people — and countless cornea-related eyesight sufferers here at home — how much is it worth for a chance to give them all sight?

$50 billion? $150 billion? The profit potential is light years in its scope…

This company either controls or has applied for over 128 international patents.

If their research pans out in the future, and if another company wants to harness this potential, the fees alone could make you rich.

Another company I’ll tell you all about in Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies has research underway that could someday radically increase how well cancer drugs work.

The same base technology this company is working on has enormous implications for the possible eradication of many different types of cancers…

This company is swimming in patents and patent applications too.

They’re locking up all their best ideas — so if this technology finally breaks wide open — they’ll be in position to potentially turn into the next Cisco… or more…

I can’t give you all the details in this quick letter, even though I’d love to.

Just get your hands on my latest full report, Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies, and you’ll have the FULL STORY right at your fingertips.

If the Markets Catch on to This Amazing Work, the Bull Rush Could Sweep You to Huge Riches…

The technologies to defeat some diseases already work in tests.

That’s why the virus-destroying company in Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies just submitted all their work to the university scientists in Ohio and California.
The company that could cure some types of blindness? Their initial tests show promise. That promise could be enough to ignite a huge wave of investment… and profits…
The company that could make the obese thin again? They’re blazing through clinical trials as I write to you today.
The companies that could rebuild hearts and other organs? They’re testing. They’re building international partnerships. They’re locking up their patents.

It’s all coming together. The story is building. And today is the day you must act. The ground floor could be a distant memory very, very soon.

The science behind some of these breakthroughs is Nobel Prize solid.

Work Is Progressing at Shocking Speed

““The discovery over a decade ago that [technique] can be used as gene silencers… garnered a Nobel prize in 2006. Now, for the first time, [technique] has been proven effective against a human disease — a common respiratory virus.” NewScientist April 2010

And the companies I just told you about own rafts of critical patents, which means any other firms that want to do this must pay an incredible premium.

Big pharm players are salivating too. Pfizer, Merck, Astra-Zeneca, GlaxoSmithKline — they’re all involved.

In fact, Bristol-Myers Squibb recently bought one of the companies I recommended to my readers. The move was good for up to 235% gains in just seven months…

That’s pocket change compared to the long-term wealth potential you have today…

That’s because only the very rich could afford any procedures that might come to market at first. In time, prices could come down and any breakthroughs that succeed could become universal — just like what happened with computers and cell phones…

Even a Buyout Bonanza
Could Make You Rich

"[Pfizer's new division called] Pfizer Regenerative Medicine, will include a fair bit of deal making — always interesting when you're talking about a company sitting on billions of dollars in cash. GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Roche and Novartis have [also] launched partnerships…[with] companies developing [cures]". The Wall Street Journal

After all — how much will the already rich pay… FOR MORE LIFE?

So by the time any of this work does hit the market you could be out skiing with your great-grandkids. But there’s more…

The Most Potentially Lucrative Market in World History Is Open to You… But Not for Long

One death in three worldwide is due to heart attacks, or another heart disease.

Now imagine the flood of profits from the technology that could end heart attacks…

These breakthroughs could give 70-year olds strong, healthy, robust, young hearts.

How much is that worth? If YOU were valuing the advances that made it all possible, what price tag would you stick on it?

Analysts today are “conservatively” valuing this giant step forward, if cures like these succeed, at $1 trillion.

Profit From Fast-Moving Research Like This

““[Company’s] vaccine trains the immune system to fight tumors. It's called a "vaccine" even though it treats disease rather than prevents it.” MSNBC April 2010

How much would you pay to get the names of the companies that do all this amazing work… before many other people even knew they existed?

All you have to do is agree to receive Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies and you could be on your way to raking in legacy-style money on the biggest wealth creation in the history of the world.

Yes, I know I’ve thrown a ton of info your way in the past few moments…

So let me slow down for a minute and tell you all about myself.

Then, I promise I’ll get right back to the simple step you need to take for your chance to become incredibly wealthy from what could be the market revelation of a lifetime…

I’ve Built a 25 Year Career on “In Front of the Story” Ideas — This Is Bigger Than Anything I’ve Ever Seen…

My name is Patrick Cox. I'm Editor of the cutting-edge technology research service called Breakthrough Technology Alert.

Maybe you've seen me on ABC's Nightline or CNN's Crossfire. Or maybe you've read my articles in The Wall Street Journal or The Los Angeles Times.

I'm one of the most sought-after technology writers in America.

For example, I've written over 200 editorials for USA Today.

Now, I'm not trying to brag. In fact, besides writing about "in front of the story" ideas for over 25 years, I've also been in on the ground floor of quite a few.

My results? Well... you be the judge.

As publisher and editor of PC-SIG Magazine I wrote about topics like open-source and user-supported software, in 1987.

Most people outside the industry didn't even know what "software" was at the time.

Today, Microsoft alone makes $78 billion per year selling software. The industry overall sells hundreds of billions each year.

Later, I wrote presentations and speeches for the CEO of Netscape in the mid-1990s.

This was when Netscape was revolutionizing what it meant to "search the web."

And in 2000 and 2001, I wrote for an early example of what we now call "blogs."

This was for a site called Tom's Hardware Guide — the second-most visited PC hardware review site.

In just the last nine years, blogging has become it's own billion dollar industry.

By the time I moved on, my section of Tom's Hardware Guide had over one million visitors every day.

I helped increase annual revenues for the site by 500% — more than doubling traffic during my time there.

I've also consulted for countless other companies through the years — on topics ranging from Technology Development to Public Relations and Governmental Affairs.

I've seen a lot of money change hands. I've met many interesting people.

And I've made a nice living by being inside these trends of extreme wealth creation.

What I'm telling you now could be more lucrative than any story I’ve ever covered.

Not only could it be lucrative — it’s timely. I expect the shares of at least one of these companies could rocket skyward if their upcoming news is good. So you must act quickly.

Simply agree to receive my latest report, Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies from me at the end of this letter, and you could be ahead of 99.9% of the rest of the crowd on your path to potentially unending wealth…

The First-Movers Have Already Lined Up to Get Legacy-Rich… And You Can Join Them Right Now

With Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies you get all the upside life-changing profit-potential, while being able to control downside risk because share prices are so low.

Not only could you begin to build a family fortune that will last for generations, you could also lead a new wave of global innovation…

As I’ve shown you, the gains I’ve already delivered BEAT the giants like Cisco today. But I’m not satisfied with 946% gains.

I want you to have a chance to book the new money, the next money…

Starting right now you can be a first-mover — put yourself squarely “in front of the story” — and be ready to profit soon.

I’ve put in the years it takes to learn how to play breakthrough technology for maximum profits — and I’ve never seen anything like this.

In Breakthrough Technology Alert, for example, I recently alerted readers to companies that are up 65%, 96%, 129%, 131%, 184%, 393%, even 946%.

Last year, Bristol-Myers Squibb snatched up one company in the portfolio, a company called Medarex. Total gains for my readers? 235% in just over seven months.

Those gains are nothing compared to the gains that could materialize for you — fast.

The gains I’m after in the pages of Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies are the kind that could make you “legacy” rich.

These are the truly disruptive, transformational potential profits that could build endless wealth.

Like the wealth these readers are building. They’ve already snagged some early cash…

“…[My son’s college fund fell] to about $78,000 a few months ago. That is when I signed up for your reports. Now, the fund is up to about $94,500. The gains on your recommendations have spearheaded the surge.” T. E. Richard, Sarasota FL

 “Of my dozen or so newsletters, yours is the most fun and the most scholarly. I bought 500 [Company] at $4.45 and sold at $15.88 tripling my stake.”  M. Hernandez, Charleston SC

 “I made 255.79%!” Doug Gilman, Chicago IL

“I made about $35,000 in 10 days!” Tom Phillips, Tampa FL

“The $45,000 profit I made…is staying in my portfolio. I’ll…invest in more of your future recommendations.” Mitchell Horner, Austin TX

“I sold too soon and made 400% on [Company]. As a retired physician, I concentrate in biotech investing because I have a slight edge here. Your analyses …have been a great help in my decisions. [Y]our research has been profitable beyond any rational expectation.” Dr. Everett M. Parker, Denver CO

I want to get Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies in your hands as fast as possible, so you can pick up your shares of these “miracle” research companies if you choose to get in on the action.

Remember — 100 shares of each of the four companies in my latest report are only $900.

Before I show you how easy it is… there’s one more thing I need to cover…

These Miracles Could Spread With or Without You…

What I’ve shown you here today could give you a longer life. I’m asking you take your chance to live longer — and richer — with the recommendations I want to give you…

You need your copy of Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies and you need it immediately.

Potentially eliminating all kinds of sickness and diseases, it’s a big story, I know.
In fact, I understand it might even seem preposterous. Well, I’ll say it one more time.

These advances are huge. And the money you could quickly make is preposterous.

Just like how the earliest investors in “hidden” little companies like Cisco, HP, and Microsoft made millions and millions in profits…

But, as you know, it’s bigger than just money. There’s more at stake.

That’s because you have one chance today to take part in a new age of advances. You can do this regardless of your political or religious views.

Because these advances stand to potentially benefit EVERY PERSON on earth.

Speaking of new advances — just consider if you could travel back to Sept. 12, 1962, and hear President Kennedy famously say:

“But if I were to say, my fellow citizens, that we shall send to the moon, 240,000 miles away from the control station in Houston, a giant rocket more than 300 feet tall, the length of this football field, made of new metal alloys, some of which have not yet been invented, capable of standing heat and stresses several times more than have ever been experienced, fitted together with a precision better than the finest watch…”

Placing a man on the moon required unheard of technology. And Kennedy wanted to do it before the 1960s were over.

How many people thought it was a crazy idea that’d never happen?

But — as you and I know — on July 20, 1969 — Neil Armstrong took those famous first steps on the surface of the moon.

It comes down to vision — to the ability to stake a claim on the future.

That’s the potential you have if you act right now.

My point is this: I’m offering you a chance to grab your family’s piece of a new world.

The chance to profit from what could be the biggest breakthroughs in the history of mankind.

The chance to live a fuller, longer life.

Now imagine being incredibly rich on top of everything else I just described.

Your generations of lasting wealth begin as soon as you agree to receive Wealth Revelations 20:10 — A Lifetime of Wealth From Four “Miracle” Research Companies.

I’ve covered the story as best I can in this quick letter to you today. All that’s left is for you to act today. Here’s how easy it is…

All My Latest Reports in Your Hands
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Summer 2010

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