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If you're getting this message, we have just added a guaranteed credit of $1,008 to your account.

It may be worth more. You can use the instant account access tool below to see how much.

And then you have until Wednesday, March 21st to claim it:

Dear Agora Financial Subscriber,

I'm contacting you today for a rather unusual reason.

You see, thanks to a recent major upgrade of our subscriber management software, it's come to our attention that you have a rather large upgrade credit on your subscriber account.

As of right now, that amount is at least $1,008.

That's guaranteed.

In fact, we have already added this $1,008 upgrade credit to your account. Please consider this a gift from us, in exchange for your help on a special test we're conducting today.

In addition to that gift credit, however, your credit may be even larger.

How much? That's why I'm contacting you now.

See, thanks to a change we made to our business over five years ago, it turns out that several of our best subscribers have been adding large credit amounts in their accounts.

These are dollar-for-dollar credits good only for membership upgrades.

But most of these subscribers had no way of knowing that these credit balances even exist.

The only solution we could come up with was to give them a private, direct way to access our database and look up their own account credit amounts. That's what you'll see here today.

It's very easy to use.

Even though it wasn't easy at all to create. In fact, we had to pay a digital developer, 2 graphic designers and even a legal assistant to make the required system upgrade.

Today, exactly 11 months and 13 days later, it's nearly ready to go live.

There's just one more step. We need to run a special "beta test" to make sure we've got all the nuts and bolts screwed down tight. This is where you come in.

We're asking Agora Financial subscribers like you to help us by simply trying out this new system upgrade early, so we can make sure it works as planned.

To thank you for your help, we've added an automatic $1,008 credit to your account. This is yours to claim, on top of any other unclaimed account credits you might have coming to you.

There's one catch -- we need to hear from you by Wednesday, March 21st.

That way, we get the most accurate test before we go public with this upgrade.

So what is your total credit amount, including your $1,008 "tester" credit?

Here's how to find out.

At the bottom of this page, you'll see what looks like a box for an email addresses. All you need to do is enter the address you use to get messages from us already. Then click the button that says “retrieve my unclaimed credit amount.”

Our new system will match your email address with the one we already have on file for you. Moments later, your personalized account credit total will appear on screen.

This is 100% private and secure.

Only you can see the actual credit due that appears on the screen. You'll also notice that your en-tire $1,008 "tester" credit is automatically included in your total.

Once you have your number, all you need to do to claim the credit is call the phone number provided. This is a direct line to our VIP care team. They're already expecting your call.

They have access to the same system and should see the same credit amount on their screens.

They'll show you how to cash in your credits toward the first-year cost of either of our elite membership upgrades, the Agora Financial Reserve or the Agora Equity Reserve.

Depending on which Agora Financial products you already receive, you might already have enough credit in your account to wipe out these initial upgrade costs.

In fact, some of our readers have very substantial upgrade credits on file.

Take, reader Charles Lawson, a retired professor in Stratham, N.H. Charles is one of our most active subscribers. So we'll reward Charles with a $4,751.80 credit when he calls in.

We’ll give out another $5,125.51 credit to subscriber Patricia Hopkins of Casper, WY.

And we've got a $5,760 credit waiting for Dr. John Moore of Bloomsburg, PA.,, just as soon as he calls the number you'll find below.

The list goes on...

David White of Colorado has a $4,221.76 waiting on his account. Pam Keaton can look forward to upgrade credits of $5,252.60. And Mike Montogomery is looking at a credit worth $4,727.88.

All any one of them has to do is call the VIP number you see below.

Within minutes, they can apply those credits to either elite "reserve" membership program that we offer. And with each upgrade, that means a lifetime of elite benefits.

For instance, let's say Charles or Patricia above used their credits for an upgrade to the Agora Equity Reserve. Our Equity Reserve is new entry-level elite lifetime service.

It comes with lifetime subscriptions to 9 "core" stock research newsletters...

- Outstanding Investments
- Penny Stock Fortunes
- Capital & Crisis
- Apogee Advisory
- Lifetime Income Report
- Technology Profits Confidential
- Energy & Scarcity Investor
- Mayer’s Special Situations
- Breakthrough Technology Report

As an elite Equity Reserve member, you would get the complete stock market research provided by all nine of these services for life, without every getting another renewal notice.

Once you've covered the initial upgrade charge, the only thing left is the annual $99 membership fee that we charge to cover the rising costs of mailing and research.

Usually, it costs $5,000 up front to join our prestigious Equity Reserve.

But with credits, a reader like Charles could use his credits to wipe out all but $248.20 of his initial upgrade fee. And Patricia would have enough to wipe out the initial fee entirely.

Or let's say that someone like Dr. Moore took his big credit balance and applied it to our highest membership upgrade, the Agora Financial Reserve.

This is easily our best and most popular elite membership option. It's like getting lifetime access to the VIP room at a club or automatic first-class seating on any airplane.

With the Agora Financial Reserve, not only do you get all of our stock and income newsletters...

You'll also get most of our other high-end services, including...

- Total Income Alert
- Strategic Short Report
- Fear & Greed Trader
- Options Hotline
- Penny Momentum Trader

This would usually cost $6,995 up front with a $149 annual maintenance fee.

But if someone like reader Dr. John Moore applied his $5,790 credits to the Agora Financial Reserve, initial first-class membership upgrade would cost him just $1,205.

In return, he'll continue to get all the research and money-making this upgrade provides, forever, with just his annual maintenance fee. But he'll never pay another subscription renewal fee for any of them.

I think you'll agree, that's quite a deal.

Plus, as our newest elite members, they would also get annual invitations to our Investment Symposium we host in Vancouver every year.

And we would send each of them "investment vacation" invitations to the events we host at a Pacific Coast resort.

You could be entitled to these benefits too, even if you're brand-new to Agora Financial.

How so?

Let's say you've just signed up for Outstanding Investments. If you check below, you'll see that we already owe you at least $1,047 in credits.

That includes the special $1,008 "tester" credit we've already added to your account. Plus, the credits you received the moment you signed on for your subscription.

Of course, the same is true if you just signed up for our Lifetime Income Report or Technology Profits Confidential or any of our other monthly newsletters.

And all you need to do is call in to claim your credits before the March 21st deadline.

Even better, let's say you recently signed up for one of our more-advanced services.

In that case, your credit total will run even higher.

For instance, if you just started getting Breakthrough Technology Alert, you could have at least $1,458 available to spend.

To get the exact amount from your own account, just enter your email address in the box at the end of this page. Then click the button and you'll see the full personalized amount appear on your screen:

Again, you'll enter the email address we already have on file.

So you don't need to worry about giving anything away.

Plus, it's free to check your amount.

Just as soon as we find an instant match in the database, your dollar credit amount will appear on this screen. It's that easy. And then you just call our VIP care team at (866) 361-7662.

This is our in-house team, on location here at our headquarters. We've personally trained them to help you claim your credits. And they're already waiting for your call.

Again, you're finding out about this well before we "officially" announce this to everybody on Wednesday, March 21st. That's why I'm comping you with your $1,008 "tester" credit.

It's also why you must claim your credit before that deadline.

After that, we have to remove the extra $1,008 from your credit account.

So I encourage you to enter your email address in the box below.

You'll see an amount appear instantly.

The next step is to simply call the VIP number, (866) 361-7662.

You'll speak live to a member of our team who can show you how to claim the full amount.

By the way, we expect this to be pretty popular, even in this testing phase.

So I encourage you to call as soon as possible. If you don't get through the first time or if you have to call after hours, you can leave a message. Our VIP team will get back to you.

I'm confident you'll find them very helpful when you call.

Just remember that we need you to try this out before our "official" launch on March 21st.

As long as we hear from you in time, you've got nothing to lose... and quite a bit to gain.

Plus, you'll be helping us test our new system.

And that's an opportunity we don't want to pass up either.

Once you've followed through on the whole process, we'll ask for your feedback.

Again, you'll get the $1,008 bonus credit as your reward.

And we'll know that the months we put into this have finally paid off.

It's that simple.

It doesn't cost you to find out your unclaimed credit balance.

Simply use the email box below to check.

If you like what you see — and I'm not sure how you couldn't — then all you need to do is call John's team at (866) 361-7662 and they'll help you with the rest. It's that easy.

Once more, they need to hear from you by Wednesday, March 21st if you want us to include your "tester" credit in your total. Because after that, this $1,008 bonus amount goes away.

This is a "use it or lose it" situation.

Simply enter your the email address into the box and then call our VIP care team at (866) 361-7662 for more information.

Enter your e-mail address to see how much
unclaimed account credit you have:


Notice Date: April 20 2018

Account Email:

Your Personal Upgrade Credit is:

Your Additional Beta-test Credit is + $1,008

Your Total Available Upgrade Credit is:

You must contact us prior to Wednesday, March 21st to claim your credit, good only toward the initial upgrade value of either of our elite membership services, the Agora Financial Reserve or the Agora Equity Reserve.

To claim your credit before expiration, please call our in-house VIP care team at (866) 361-7662


Notice Date: April 20 2018

Your Personal Upgrade Credit is: $0

Your Additional Beta-test Credit is + $1,008

Your Total Available Upgrade Credit is: $1,008

You must contact us prior to Wednesday, March 21st to claim your credit, good only toward the initial upgrade value of either of our elite membership services, the Agora Financial Reserve or the Agora Equity Reserve.

To claim your credit before expiration, please call our in-house VIP care team at (866) 361-7662

Remember, if you can't get through or you have to call after hours, please stay on the line for a special message and then leave your contact information. A VIP care person will call you back.

I hope we'll hear from you soon.


Joseph Schriefer
Publisher, Agora Financial


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